Agent C

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Agent C
Agent C2.png
Agent C, Undercover.
Title Gem of the EPF
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction EPF
Health Cybertronic Attachments
Level EPF Elite Team Leader
Status Investigating Underwater Ruins
Location Under Club Penguin Island

Agent C, Otherwise known as Cyber C, is an record holder and high member of the EPF. He is the leader of Elite Team #15, and the team is used to dangerous missions. C is loaded with technological advancements in weapons,most famous of them being his "Laser Gun" which comes out of his left flipper. Another famous cyber weapon of his is the "Cyber Sword", which transforms the tip of his right flipper into a futuristic sword. A list of his weapons could be found below.


Nothing is known about his history before his enter into the EPF. He doesn't remember something either, not even his name. He participated in several missions before he met Gary. Gary gave him the title 'C', and right after that he was promoted into Agent. It was the mission "Mystery behind the Dojo" which changed his life.

Mystery behind the Dojo[edit]

C was partnered with Jet Pack Guy for the mission. Strange signals were coming from behind the Dojo Courtyard, from a mountain cave. Even inside it, they found nothing. And then it happened, the mountain blew up. The two were separated but escaped in time. While Jet Pack Guy went west, C went south towards the Dojo. Then C saw a shadow coming right at him, but when he realized it, it was too late. The Shadow creature destroyed parts of his body and then escaped into the wilderness. He then crashed into the Fire Dojo, from where the ninjas took him to Gary. G, with a Doctor, Cured him and fitted him with his weapons. Agent C then continued his missions, finally being promoted into an Elite. Then he was further promoted into Elite Leader, One of the highest ranks a EPF member can get.

Current Missions[edit]

Here are the Current Missions of Agent C listed.

Investigation of the Underwater Ruins[edit]

The Elite Team is investigating the newly found Underwater Ruins under CP.

Tech Advancements[edit]

The Following the about the clothing he wears in Undercover (Picture Above)

  • 1: Sunglasses give information about what he sees.
  • 2: Earphones connected to EPF Command.
  • 3: Shirt has many useful objects in inside pockets.
  • 4: Shoes have Rocket boosters activated by Voice Command.

These are the Tech inside his body, created by Gary. All of these can be controlled manually or by Thinking.

  • 1: Back has Jetpack inside it.
  • 2: Left Flipper has a Laser Gun which comes out when needed.
  • 3: Right Flipper has its tip transformed into a Futuristic Sword at will which can turn into any element C Wishes.
  • 4: The Palms of both of his flippers, when needed, will Throw Flame, Water or Ice at will.
  • 5: Arms can extend to atleast 6 feet long, while the feet can only 4 feet.
  • 6: Can transform his Left Flipper's tip into a futuristic No need to load Machine Gun.
  • 7: Ability to transform Solar energy (Solar panels come out from shoulders) into any Food or Drink wanted, as well as fuel for the Jetpack.
  • 8: Glider's wings come out of his sides if Jetpack Fuel runs out.


  • He's very dangerous to be near to in mission.
  • His Elite Team is very fast and do missions in less then an hour.
    • Also, They are impossible to outrun.
  • His team has a flying jet, that can also transform into a ship, a futuristic car, Ship and Submarine.
    • The Team has it as their Home and HQ.
  • He doesn't like the Shadow Creature which attacked him, but yet he helps the creatures.
  • He very intelligent and has a record of wiping out a floor full of 250 enemies in 3 minutes.
  • He has a Red Elite puffle, trained to create fire, surf, and jump high.

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