Agent Convoar

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Agent Convoar
Title Sophia Miranda Young
Gender Female
Race Castillan
Faction Good Gal
Health Excellent
Level Lieutenant
Location Chocolate Street, CP Isle
Birth date Castilla
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Dogfighting, aviation etc.
Friends EPF agents, Rogue etc.
Enemies Herbert, Klutzy etc.
Archetype Protagonist

Sophia Miranda Young, real name of Agent Convoar, is an EPF agent. A junior tactical agent and former partner of Agent Rogue Bloodshedder, she is currently 17 years old.


Early History[edit]

Miranda was born to a rich family from Castilla. Soon after her birth, her family moved to Club Penguin. As a young girl, she would help the elderly cross the street, pick up the litter and help carry packages and stuff. Back in her school, she was a penguin scout, and always tries to get a patch everyday, and by the end of the semester, she got every patch except one, the Find an Agent patch, which was very hard and only one scout got it. She continued to search for an agent, and would always fail.


By Grade 6, she haven't found an agent, until the mid terms exams. She was just going home when an agent passed her by. It was Rogue, who was running to a certain call of emergency from the certain place. She followed her stealthily, she saw the agent, and followed her to the Iceberg.

She watched how Rogue tried to stop the Iceberg from sinking, and even heard her yell "Egad! Why did you even TRY to tip the ICEBERG!!!" in her thick Russian accent. She even saw the girl fiddling with her phone and disappeared. She even saw the girl come back with a huge cork, and sticking it to the hole. She then watched and eavesdropped on the agent's conversation on the phone, and found out that she was talking to Gary. She saw the girl fiddling with her phone again, she thought it was a good time to drag Rogue with her to school. Just a few feet from her did Rogue tell her "Bravo, you were spying on me. Bravo." while turning around. Miranda froze and stared at the agent, "Come on, Miranda! I've been asked to recruit you to the agency! Lets go!" Rogue even mentioned. Miranda then went into the PSA and accepted the job. She has a partner, Rogue.

PSA Career[edit]

She was an excellent agent and succeeded to do every mission and solve any case thrown at her and ended up with an Agent of the Year award. She was partnered with Rogue once in Mission 11: Veggie Villain where Rogue was the one who tracked down the signal that was in the Corn Fields near the Mine. After the Popcorn Explosion, she agreed to join the EPF.

EPF Career[edit]

After taking a week long crash course to fit into the new requirements of the EPF, she passed to take on the International Affairs division. As she rose through the ranks, she was partnered with Rogue Tvarkov permanently. After disastrous and endless cases and missions, she ended up with a Colonel rank. Up to the present she is still excelling in aviation.

Physical Description[edit]

Miranda is a peach colored Adelie penguin, with a blonde bob. She often wears an olive green dress with gold trimming, and an EPF pin on her collars.


During the time of her recruitment, Miranda was initially described to be "naive, childish" with a constant want to do her best in missions. Although ambitious, her lack of finesse often caused a failure in executing simple missions.


She went through all the missions with and without Rogue, and helped her with G's disappearance during Operation Blackout.


  • She has her former mentor on speed dial for unknown reasons.
  • She has awesome jet flying skills.
  • Her codename, Convoar, means soaring convoy, because as a tactical agent, she bodyguards celebrities and VIP's in convoys and is good at flying jets.
  • She is right-handed.
  • She is afraid of clowns, like Rookie.
  • She might be related to Rookie.