Agent Dash

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Agent Dash
Agent Dash
Alias Notta Secretagent
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Secret Agent
Employer Elite Penguin Force
Education The Academy on the Art of Espionage

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Agent Dash is an Elite Penguin Force agent specializing in undercover missions, utilizing various aliases and an assortment of novelty mustaches. He is determined to infiltrate villainous organizations, gather intel on them, and then call in the EPF to take them down when the time is right, as well as secretly sabotage their efforts in the meantime.


Dash as "Notta Secretagent".

At some point prior to June 2013, Dash began using the "Notta Secretagent" alias. A fake personal email for this alias ended up on a list of emails of villains compiled by the Walrus Crime Ring. As a result, he was later invited by Evil Pengy to join the Evilositian Army along with everyone else on the list. After receiving the go-ahead from the Director, Dash made plans to go to the Lair of Evilosity the next day and join. He was put under PSA, who had been assigned the case to recapture Evil Pengy, and reported directly to him throughout the mission.

Dash arrived at the Lair of Evilosity the next day along with the few villains who accepted Evil Pengy's offer, and he joined them in their attempted conquest of Shops Island. Upon arrival in Shops City, they were shot down by the Shopper Intelligence Agency and arrested, although Dash managed to provide his credentials and was not detained. When the rest of the Evilositian Army broke out of the SIA prison and encountered Dash in its hallways, he made the excuse that he was detained somewhere else.

The army escaped to Chill Island, and managed to take over. Tyler arrived to attempt to drive them off the island, allowing Dash to slip away in the chaos and contact PSA, informing him of the whereabouts of Evil Pengy and his army, and that they apparently had no plans to leave. Shortly after, a squadron of EPF agents lead by PSA arrived on Chill Island, and Dash joined them in stopping Evil Pengy and bringing him to justice. Afterwards, the Notta Secretagent alias was retired, as he had blown his cover during the standoff in Chill World.



When undercover, Dash becomes very quiet and reserved, preferring to listen and observe to fulfill his mission. He also does this to avoid accidentally giving the villains he is spying on any good ideas.



  • Evil Pengy - Dash takes great pride in having helped capture one of Antarctica's most wanted criminals. After Evil Pengy escaped, Dash was disappointed and wanted to hunt him down again, but unfortunately somehow forgot the location of the Lair of Evilosity and had already deactivated the Notta Secretagent email.
  • PSA - Since being assigned to him during the infiltration of the Evilositian Army, Dash and PSA have worked together numerous times.


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