Agent H

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Agent H
Agent H image.PNG
Agent H next to her civilian look.
Title Agent H
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction PSA
Health Alive
Level Top level
Location Confidential
Occupation Agent
Interests Unknown
Friends All that are good
Enemies All that are evil
Archetype Good

Hope339 otherwise known as Agent H was an evil Dark Penguin who wanted to kill every living thing on Earth. She soon became good when she found the light in her heart and gave up on evil. Now, she is an agent of the Elite Penguin Force. She enjoys helping her fellow penguins and going on missions as well as redeeming herself for what she did.


Hope was born on March 12, 1999 in a dark place called The Realm of Darkness in Club Penguin. Her mom (she didn't have a dad to raise her since he went missing) taught her everything about evil and how she was going to kill every living thing on Earth. Hope's mom died in 2008 and Hope promised her that she would kill everyone. She then went to the USA and tried to kill everyone living in it. But the light in her heart killed the darkness in her heart and she became good. She didn't know who she was and she didn't remember her past. She then went to Club Penguin and tried to live a normal life.


A few months after she came to Club Penguin, she started to remember her past. She felt very mad at herself for being evil and wanted to do something to make it up. She found out about the EPF and joined. She became a top agent a week after she joined. She loves the EPF, but there is one thing she hates about it, Rookie. She is also one of the top agents EPF. When she was 7 she learned how to read penguin's minds. This helped a lot. When she turned 8 she became a Ninja. At age 9 she got a elite puffle, Flare. It never leaves her side now. When she turned 10 she stared looking for Herbert and still is today.


  • Her saying is I AM NINJA OF NINJA.
  • She loves flying her jet pack.
  • Her elite puffle never leaves her side.
  • She strongly dislikes Herbert.

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