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You know, I try to avoid the bureaucracy part of my job. I like moving around more than sitting still and letting others do the heavy lifting for me.
— Jason Laurenson in a statement.

Agent Jason Crash
Born Jason Antonio T. Laurenson
March 17, 1992 (1992-03-17) (age 27)
South Pole City, USA
Residence Gemini City, USA
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Jasie (nickname)
Ant (nickname)
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Flag of Castilla.png Castillan
Education Bachelor of Science in Criminology
Alma mater The Academy on the Art of Espionage
South Booklin Middle School
Years active 2009 -
Home town Booklin, South Pole City, USA
Height 1.80 m
Title Commander of the Delta Division
Spouse(s) Rogue Alyssa Tvarkov (m. 2022)
Children Viktor Laurenson
Valkyrie Laurenson
Parents Jeremy Laurenson
Isabella Laurenson
Military service
Allegiance USA flag.PNG USA
Service/branch FlagEPF.png EPF (2010 - present)
PSAFlag.png PSA (2009 - 2010)
Years of service 2009 - present
Rank Commander
Unit Delta Division
Commands Entire Eastshield region of the EPF
Battles/wars Operation: Blackout
Project Infinite: This is War
Project Infinite: The Legacy
Antarctic War on Terror
The Theta Contingency
The Tightrope Act
Awards Force Star

Jason Antonio T. Laurenson, better known as Agent Crash, is the incumbent EPF Commander of the Delta Division. Hailing from the USA, he is best known as a hands-on commander, often seen going around his division offices to make sure everything is going well. He is a flexible leader who tries to personally speak to his subordinates whenever he has the time and avoids being cooped up in his office. An action man, he is constantly seen leading teams in field missions and is often exclusively tapped by the Director for anything that needs his expertise in working at the scene. Jason is described by many to be benevolent, charismatic, and easy-going.



Jason was born in South Pole City to Jeremy and Isabella Laurenson. Jeremy was the sheriff of one of the nearby police stations, whereas Isabella was a stay at home mother who tended to their only child. Jason grew up with a mother who always told him to stand his ground and a father who taught him how to be kind to everyone he meets. Jason held close relations with his extended maternal family that lived in suburban Booklin, notably visiting his grandmother every week by taking a bike to her home. He was also close to the police officers who worked in his father's station, often kidded as the "younger Sheriff Laurenson." When he visits the precinct, he often carries with him boxes of doughnuts or coffee from the nearby cafes.

In school, Jason can be described to be a perfect blend between a boy scout and a jock. He managed to maintain above average grades while keeping up his extracurriculars in the football team. He was the star player of his school, with the potential of becoming the future quarterback. He readily helps in school projects such as bake sales, book drives, and fun runs in any way he can. With this, he's become a familiar face during events that adults can turn to whenever they need a helping hand. Jason was reasonably popular as he steadily went through his education.

Though he had his eyes on joining the police force, the PSA would later approach him to invite him into their special accelerated program in the Academy on the Art of Espionage, the Heracles Program.

Academy Cadet[edit]

Jason was part of Batch 207, which is known for its high percentage of Heracles cadets. Alongside the standard academic and tradecraft units, he also took separate units in Ninja Archipelago Culture, Dance, and Spanish in order to go back to his Castillan roots. Adjusting to the accelerated classes and hectic pacing of the program was not as difficult as Jason had assumed, and he soon found himself in the first placements of the batch rankings. He was a social butterfly who got to know almost everyone and the poster student, easily distinguishing himself as a potential candidate for PSA leadership. Due to this, his classes were shifted to focus more on fieldwork, leadership, and martial arts.

He graduated from the Heracles program a year later as the class salutatorian.

PSA Special Agent of the Alpha Corps[edit]

He was stationed in Club Penguin, where he lived in PSA-provided housing within the Residential Servers. As a reward for passing the Heracles program, Jason was given a squad to commandeer. His work ethic can be described by many to be optimistic and resourceful and was often prone to giving pep talks to individual team members whenever needed. He has been in the forefront of smuggling ring crackdowns and criminal investigations, working hand in hand with analysts like Rogue Tvarkov. Jason is joked to be the agency's "friendly neighborhood PSA agent", and often appeared in recruitment posters.

Several times, Jason was approached by the EPF for special training under the elite agency. He declined all chances of joining the agency until the Popcorn Explosion.

EPF Officer of the Delta Division[edit]

Jason was on medical leave at the time of the explosion. He was among those who helped in the clearing operation, going in day in and day out leading teams to clear the popcorn mess that was left by Herbert. When the EPF approached him once more, this time with a position as an officer within the Delta Division, he was more than ready to accept their offer. He was sent back to the Academy to take on advanced units in team formations and strategy and was stationed in South Pole City upon completion of his course. With a bigger group of agents to be responsible over, Jason personally oversaw division operations by doing personal runs and checks around the station. This would catch the attention of then incumbent commander, Agent Tux.

He made it clear early on that he much preferred to be constantly moving rather than stick to one office. With this, Tux had given the go signal to constantly move around the Eastshield bases so long as he keeps him posted on issues concerning the divisions. Jason soon became a familiar face in the stations, where agents would be willing to approach him about anything they think could be used to improve the division.

Commander of the Delta Division[edit]

With the creation of the Special Intelligence Division, Tux was chosen to lead the new specialist division, and someone needed to run Delta. Of the many candidates, Jason was picked to be the most suitable agent for the job, due to his natural charisma and a keen eye towards agent morale and performance.

As the division commander, he picked Gemini City to be his main base of operations, mainly because he found it to be one of the more modern and technologically up-to-date rather than other Eastshield bases.


Jason is remarked to have dark brown hair and eyes, with his hair an upwards fringe. He is an Adelie Penguin with red feathers and an athletic frame. Unlike many EPF agents, Jason is rarely seen wearing the standard suit and tie, opting instead to be in a compression shirt and cargo pants. Whenever he steps out of the office, he throws on a jacket or hoodie over his shirt, depending on whatever he has in his office. He wears light, running sneakers for when he has to run around the Gemini station to check up on his division offices. He usually keeps his EPF phone in a special band on his right arm, with earbuds connected to it for him to keep track of communication channels while on the go. He has a smart wristwatch that is used to keep track of his vitals, track his steps, and switch between channels.

On his body, he can keep a pistol inside his inner jacket pockets or in his waistband. There's a special setting in his wristwatch that can activate a tracker and distress signal, should the incident come up needing someone to look for him. In civilian settings, he is known to be lax with his style and usually wears whatever he can find in his closet. Not much is different between his civilian and office attire, besides the lack of band on his arm.



Relationship with Other Penguins[edit]

  • Rogue Tvarkov
    • Rogue and Jason met in the Academy as cadets under the Heracles program. In contrast to her reluctance to socially interact with anyone, Jason had tried his hardest to get her to open up and interact with the rest of the student body. Their friendship would further bud as they work together in the PSA, where her intellect and his skill were a deadly combination in the field. While they were separated in the EPF, the Director still tapped them for individual missions that needed their abilities as a team. Their fondness and closeness with each other is often the open secret of the agency, where bets are often placed on when the two will finally get over their hesitancy and go on a date.
As of The Tightrope Act, they are in a long distance relationship. Jason has yet to introduce her to his family.
  • Agent Tux
    • As his former superior, Tux and Jason maintained a steady working relationship while he was still the Delta Division Commander. While they maintain similar opinions when it comes to running the division, their approaches vary and oftentimes contrast each other. When Jason prefers to be up close and personal with those who work within the division, Tux prefers to pull the strings from the bird's eye view and keep a constant stream of information come in. It's given that Tux is the one who recommended him as his successor, seeing as he thought highly of Jason's skills and abilities in leading and working for the agency. They currently keep a light, friendly relationship that sometimes has room for small talk in between cases.


  • It's said that he picked up his leadership methods from his own father, Jeremy Laurenson.
  • Jason took up archery in the AAE for fun and currently does it as a hobby.
  • He is constantly kidded by many to be a "mama's boy."
  • He can speak English, Spanish, Dutch, and German.
  • He does not like paperwork, but begrudgingly puts up with it.


  • "I can't really do my job without knowing the tiny details."
  • "I preferred to stick with the PSA because I was good with what I had. No need to go any further with the EPF until I was sure I can take on the next level."
  • "I never really did like making long reports."
  • "Eyes up, we got company!"
  • "I'm a... what's that called? A busy bee?"
  • "My mother would call me meticulous, but I'd beg to differ."

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