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Agent Luna Jessica Myers(LJM)
Agent LJM image1.PNG
Agent LJM in Normal and Agent form
Title Agent LJM
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction ..
Health Health
Level Level
Status Top Agent
Location LEEPB HQ (spying)

Agent Luna Jessica Myers, or Agent LJM or LJM is a top agent that is skilled at disguises.She is very smart and persuasive which makes her a good agent.She currently lives in her igloo with her many puffles.


She was born on a small island that was incredibly dull and boring.She waddled her way to a beach where she found a large piece of wood and floated away.She arrived about a year later at club penguin and to her delight saw it was colorful and exciting.She later joined the PSA and is a Top Agent.Normally she is easy going and funny but sometimes on a very serious mission she's strict and uptight.


She is one of the first agents G calls when there is trouble.She has also assisted G in some of his inventions.The only time she did something mean was when she was very little pushed her sister into the water on the little island she grew up on


*She sees G's Cheese 3000

"G, honestly you need a vacation"

*After her yellow puffle spills paint on the screens at the PSA's Bring Your Puffle to Work Day


*Somebody shows her a picture of Mabel "Gee thanks for giving me nightmares"

* Rookie walks by

Person: Ugh! Grooosshe touched me!

LJM: aww don't be mean he's kinda cute


  • She is one of the few penguin that can't be hypnotized by Mary P. Bear
  • Her favorite pizza is Spicy Shrimp

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