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Rihanna "Agent Meltie" Meltissimo
Born September 20, 1990 (1990-09-20) (age 29)
Residence A small apartment in the cul-de-sac of Resisty Circle, South Pole City
Gender Female
Nationality Freezelandian-Japalandese
Other names Agent Meltie, A.M., Agent, Rih, Rihanna, Rocket Slug's sister
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship Freezelandian
Education Penguin Academy, Puffington Academy (until it was demolished by a puffle stampede), Penguinton High School, L. Faust Community College
Alma mater Penguin Academy
Occupation Fry cook at McDoodle's
Years active 2010-present
Employer McDoodle's in Resisty Circle Mall
Home town South Pole City
Salary 12 coins per hour
Net worth More than enough, but less than too much.
Height 3'2
Weight 16 lb.
Known for Her dark nature, her daring attitude, her secret love for saving the world
Title French Fryer Extraordinaire, Adventurer, Enemy, Puffle Scouts Troop-Leader-in-Training, Rocket Slug's sister
Opponent(s) Any Puffle Scouts who haven't warmed up to her.
Parents Martha Meltissimo, 登山者 (Mountain Climber), 愛 (Ai, Rocketta's dead mother, a Japalandese peasant)
Relatives Phineas (brother);
Rocket Slug (stepsister);
Metalmanager (crush);
James the Pseudocidal Maniac;
James Crow (boyfriend in present, husband in future);
Sye (friend)
A bad character gone good.
Are you seeking the future of this character? If so, please visit Agent Meltie/Future.

Agent Meltie, real name Rihanna Meltissimo-Slugster is a softcore Emoguin, but after an sudden and unexpected deletion and her return, she decided not to act as depressed, because life is what you can make of it. However, she can't ditch her key color, black, even in small doses. Agent loves herself a grand adventure and enjoys being an apathetic jerk, just for the lulz.


Hatched in Freezeland in 1990, Rihanna had a good chickhood, and was spoiled quite a bit. Over the years she became a bit of Jerk and an Emoguin, but she was happy. She also looked up to a certain penguin commando quartet. However, when she was seventeen something happened that would change her life. She was just walking to work, not even noticing the creatures of lower quality being deleted all around her. She barely dodged the blow of an incoming Deletion Missile. Her injured arm was deleted for five minutes. When it was restored, the rest of her body was suddenly deleted, her left arm still intact. Through her efforts to come back to Earth, she finally made it back with the help of some kindly sky programmers. Since then, she has been much kinder and less depressed. She also became a secret agent, "Agent Meltie".

She is best friends with Metalmanager and fights on his army. She has a tendency to shop, as many girls do.


  • Random acts of kindness are something she does on the occasion. If a short penguin can't reach something, she'll help them. She is almost as tall as Aunt Arctic (quite tall for an Adelie Penguin).
  • She also sells cookies in the senior branch of the Puffle Scouts. She rarely wears her uniform, except to meetings.
  • She tends to hang out with Metalmanager and hug him a lot, as they are best friends. Her phone also comes in handy for texting when they're far away from each other.


  • She still wears black all the time, with little variation but still some.
  • Her hatred of Mwa Mwa Penguins grows larger by the minute.
  • For some strange reason, she is deathly afraid of Xet.
  • She respects Dara greatly, especially after she got away with destroying most of her sister's possessions.
  • Agent accidentally dyed Maria's hair red.
    • Agent also dyed her own hair red for "a new look". It worked pretty well, because all of her friends and family didn't recognize her for a week.

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