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Piri Tania D. Perez
Title Special Agent
Gender Female
Race Finipino
Faction Good Gal
Health Excellent
Status Alive
Location Mabila Finipines and Sub Zero Avenue
Birth date June 12, 1998 (1998-06-12) (age 19)
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Explosives (IEDs to be more precise), sniping, espionage etc.
Friends EPF agents, Rogue Tvarkov, etc.
Enemies Herbert, terrorists, etc.
Archetype Protagonist

Piri Tania D. Perez, codenamed Agent Talon is an Anti-Terrorism agent. A young Finipina that ranked 2nd in class, she started her career as an agent when she was around 10.

Theme Song[edit]

Normal Theme Battle theme


Perez was born to a dominant family. With at least several of her aunts and uncles in the military and the government, she was trained in the age of three how to defend herself, and was privately tutored in her igloo rather than sent to school. At the age of ten, she started living by herself, since it was family tradition to do so to train the young. She decided to go to Club Penguin, where she stays to this day.


When her plane landed in the USA, she decided to catch the 7'o clock ferry where she made friends with a stranger who was exactly her age back then. When ferry ported in Club Penguin, both parted ways. She began making IEDs out of boredom that explode powder as a security alarm. Agent Clinton found this suspicious and decided to recruit her into the PSA. She sent her to The Academy, and that's where she began training.

Career As A PSA Agent[edit]

As a PSA agent, she excelled in many fields and often worked with Rogue. She assisted Gary on defusing the popcorn bomb, and failed. After the Popcorn Explosion, she was accepted into the EPF.

Career As An EPF Agent[edit]

After taking a crash course after the month of construction, she began taking missions. It was only after Operation Blackout was she assigned to a division, which is the Anti-Terrorism Division. Rising through the ranks, she finally landed in Special Agent and became commander of ATD Squad 12, where is to this day. Her current mission partner is Katy Hunter.


Agent Piri is a light blue penguin with long, brown hair and cheerful, brown eyes that glints in the sun or moon's light.


She has been involved in many operations. Unnoticeable, but very efficient. In important missions such as Operation: Puffle, she was the one who does the inside work, the surveillance, etc.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Smiling- Piri smiles the most disarming smile.
  • Explosives- No wonder she's the Explosives teacher in The Academy, no?



  • Back when she was still studying at the Academy, the school had to repeatedly repair their science laboratories after she repeatedly exploded them.
  • Her favorite class happened to be Explosives class.
  • So far, she is one of the people who knows exactly how to annoy Katy Hunter.


Solo Quotes[edit]

  • "Just aim...then that's when you should start worrying if you wouldn't be able to kill the enemy."
  • (to cadets of The Academy) "Why are you here? Simple, YOU'RE HERE TO SERVE."
  • "IED, oh IED, your beauty can explode things...literally."

Conversational Quotes[edit]

  • Rogue:"Piri? Piri Tania."
Rogue:"You took my cream soda again, didn't you?"
Piri:"What? It's delicious!"
Rogue:(smirking) "Of course, Ruscan and Russian products always taste good."

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