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Roleplay.jpg Agent Rogue Tvarkov involves Role-Play; leave a message on its talk page to talk with it!
The main difference between EPF and military is that your enemies don't wear uniforms.
— Rogue Tvarkov in EPF Mission in Batavia.
Agent Rogue Tvarkov
Rogue Tvarkov, awaiting news with slight anxiety.
Title General
Gender Female
Race Northern Penguin
Faction Good Gal
Health Excellent
Level General and Royalty
Location Muscovgrad, Rusca and Altitude Street, CP Isle
Birth date May 15, 1997 (1997-05-15) (age 19), Rusca
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Espionage, history, geography, foreign languages etc.
Friends EPF agents, Hochstadts etc.
Enemies Terrorists, Herbert, Klutzy etc.
Archetype Protagonist
Agent Rogue Tvarkov

Military service
Allegiance Club Penguin, Rusca
Service/branch EPF, NRR
Years of service March 2007-
Rank General of Anti-Terrorism
Battles/wars War on Terrorism
General of Anti-Terrorism (EPF) December 2012-
Chief Analyst of International Affairs June 2011-December 2012
Ambassador of the EPF to the NRR June 2008-
Field Agent of the PSA, EPF March 2007-

Were you looking for me?

Rogue Alyssa T. Tvarkov is the real name of Agent Rogue Bloodshedder. She is one of the top agents of the EPF. A highly skilled, yet highly dangerous operative of the EPF and the PSA, she is currently 18 years old.

Rogue's Theme Song[edit]


Her history was filled with terror, loss, and action. Based on various tests, its been confirmed to have affected her health psychologically.

Early History (1997-2006)[edit]

She was born in the woods of Rusca. She grew up with her family for a few months. Her growth speeded, and her body age was 3 years old when tragedy struck. Their home in Rusca was set on fire, leading to her separation from her parents. She was with her sister, who led them to a different part of the forest. She and her sister went through months with only their clothing, regularly hunted for food, and their memories. They had to split up at one point due to a security breach. In the hectic attempt to run away, she tripped and soon lost collection of any of her memories. From there, she had completely false memories of being chased and such. She thought herself to push away thinking and use pure instinct. She grew distant, cold, and merciless.

Recruitment (2006-2007)[edit]

Following her arrival in Club Penguin Island, she has been suspicioned on by the PSA. She had been found to be quick in thinking, and had a mysterious way to obtain money. Many considered pickpocketing, but after questioning, it was confirmed that she had help. She was recruited and sent to the Academy by Agent Prisma.

Based on records of the Academy, she excelled mostly in subjects such as Self Defense, Tactical Techniques, and Intelligence Analysis. She graduated as one of the top students.

Career as a PSA Agent (2007-2010)[edit]

Rogue was immediately stationed in the Island, where she was placed in Squad 14. She acted as not only the weapons specialist of the team, but also the intelligence analyst. She, along with the squad, worked on several missions. Occasionally, she would be pulled out of the squad for special operations, such as criminal capture operations, party security operations, etc. At one point, she was attacked by different syndicates. Due to this, she was transferred to Austiceia in order to work there as a full-time intelligence analyst.

She, along with several other squads, were part of a major operation which caused the demise of the PSA. She was injured, yes, but she eventually recovered.

Career as an EPF Agent(2010-)[edit]

She assisted in the cleanup and the construction. She worked for the Field Division for the first few months before being deployed to Rusca. There, she commandeered the Field Division as an Elitist First Class. From there, she had a lot of missions before transferring to the International Affairs division. She worked as the Chief Analyst, earning Officer status.

Sometime through the years, she was called into several operations; examples of which are Hibernation and Blackout. She was nominated into being the General of the new Anti-Terrorism Division, which she accepted.

Rogue now commandeers the Anti-Terrorism Division, most of the time doing paperwork, but going on missions as well. She occassionally teaches in the Academy, usually Intelligence Analysis and Marksmanship.


Rogue Tvarkov would be married to Agent Jason Crash, and would be Deputy Director of the NRR, right behind her mother, who still looks young despite her old age. She would have twins named Vladimir and Natalya. Vladimir would be Lieutenant General of Reconnaissance and Natalya of Anti-Terrorism.


Although her appearance always changes due to the Tvarkov Serum, she usually calls one of her appearances "Rogue Classic." She would have black hair pulled back into a small ponytail, and black eyes. She is also a yellow penguin. She wears a white polo with black shoulder loops bearing her rank. She wears military medals with her polo. She also wears a black necktie. She wears a black business skirt and black high heels. She also wears a black and white military cap with golden olive leaves and the EPF badge. With her usual uniform, she wears a headset which almost never goes away from her person. The headset is often used for her to communicate to different people and at the same time, control traffic in the ATD Main Office. She often has her hair in a black ponytail.


The following are Rogue's aliases:

  • Agent Redline- a known nickname as a member of the Red Alphas team in the Academy.
  • GRT- in the EPF, an acronym of "General Rogue Tvarkov"
  • Veronica Willows- in Puffle'and
  • Agent Bloodshedder- in the EPF.
  • Tina Frostnight- in the USA.


Rogue is a feisty, energetic, serious, boyish, and very focus in her work. To some people, she is a tomboy, which is semi-true, since she is very boyish. Though when she sings, she is a whole different penguin, she has a voice for pop, rock and other types of music. She has a fiery temper, which could ignite easily. She is also a rare softy, meaning she doesn't get emotional. She is very smart, like many other Northern Penguins.

Her attitude changes all the time. But the usual one would be her serious, no-funny-business attitude. When in a crisis, mission or major operations, Rogue would be in her bad girl, no care for property mode. But her most dangerous mode would be a destructive, killing machine. That is where she got the nickname "Rogue Bloodshedder".

Her choice of vocabulary and expression also makes this penguin unique. She has a tendency of being sarcastic, and usually uses sharp and smart words. When she is in a good mood, she would joke around with the others. Often it would be about missions or feelings. An example of such is when she is asked to describe pain. She describes it as "A beautiful rainbow after a shower of knives."


From genetic code, she has the traits, smarts and abilities of an agent and of a militant. Making her an automatic super soldier. Many in her abnormalities include changing of eye color, hair color and eyebrow color in certain times. Many also are enhanced senses and strength. She also has quick reflexes, which also results to an attitude that always bring fear to many. An attitude wherein when she fights, she takes ordinary things out of nowhere and use it as weapons, and she gets these things in less then a few seconds.


  • The full Tvarkov Serum- enough was said.
  • Quick Recovery- she can recover from injuries in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on the seriousness of the injury
  • Disappearing Power- no one knows how she does this, but many refer to it as a power.


  • Migraine- only comes out during Level 9 and above duties, it is also possible that she gets used to it
  • Cats- even if they are in the human world, it is her weakness for it's cuteness
  • Cheese- she enjoys cheese, and is very obsessed with it.



Let's Turn the Lights Out:

She is the first character in the story. Although she is the character mostly focused on, she doesn't seem to do much in the first chapters. She was proclaimed the temporary agent-in-charge here. In the middle of the story is where her participation and skills are shown. Like in the chapter wherein Herbert had a fancy party, she was able to sneak in as a guest. In the end, she knew the Director's identity but payed the price for it. She ended up with a scratch on her right cheek and a cut on her left eye, unfortunately, a small amount of Herbert's claws were stuck on the scratch and the cut, making it nearly impossible for her to heal unless she gets an operation. But the operation would cause her left eye never to see again, so she declined the offer. It did heal, strangely, but a dark mark remains. A raid occurs and it requires her to climb a mountain in Rusca along with a team of agents. In the end, a new division called the Anti-Terrorism Division was created, and the Director gives Rogue the division, making her agent general. Her name is now prolonged, now Agent General Rogue Alyssa T. Tvarkov.

Operation Anti-Terrorism

Now the head of the Anti-Terrorism division of the EPF, a case thrown at her nearly killed her. As ordered to kill or capture terrorists from the group TTNM, one of the most wanted in her division's wanted list, she is challenged. A sudden order to move from country to another, leaving a trail of dead terrorists, cleansing to the last terrorist from each country, she is worried about how everything will be cleaned up. To assist her, the Director sends her some agents to assist her, ranging from agents like her, leaders of divisions, to top agents from the different agencies Antarctica has, to generals from the local military. Will she do this? Or will she end up killed herself?

Project Infinite: The Beginning

As the technical mother of the disastrous experiment, she is challenged to kill her technical kids. When she heads to Rusca because of the sudden population of Infinitists in the area, she is soon under the custody of her family. As she explores her family and the country, her mission makes her blow her cover and soon, the public knows about this accident. In the attempts to erase all of this from the media, the sudden ambushes strikes the heart of the Tvarkovs. She is soon running for her life as she is chased by Infinitists in their attempt to kill her back. It ends with her in the safe house (aka Tvarkov Base) in the hands of her family.

Project Infinite: This is War

After the turn of events in Rusca, Rogue finally returns to Club Penguin only to find out when she lands that another hacking is taking place. Later she learns that an Infinitist mole is within the ranks of the EPF which sends her suspicious on every agent she sees. Attack after attack did the Infinitists land on then, and were always one step ahead. As the agency wages into a war with the Infinitists, a fellow agent gets kidnapped and she is sent to rescue them. When she sneaks in to a rebel lair, she finds out that they are reproducing the serum and enlarging their army. In the end her agent who she was supposed to extract from the lair was killed, leaving her with the agent's child. She, in pain with the loss of the agent, ordered to look for the mole, and to kill them. When she later learns who was the mole, she tells Jet who was with the mole, but he didn't reply to her. She in return went to the area and killed the mole, thus the Infinitst rebels didn't know what would happen. The EPF launched air raids on the base until the rebels were driven out. In the funeral of the agent, she sees the girl and somehow imprints on the girl. She promises to protect her and carries her off to her house, where the story ends.

Project Infinite: The Legacy

Operation Anti-Terrorism 2.0: War Against Terrorism

Allies, Enemies and Family[edit]




  • Ezra
  • Amigopen
  • Green Berets General Ivan Tvarkov
  • and many, many more!


The following are her pets:

  • Frost- a white puffle, Frost is an Anti-Terrorism Elite Puffle, and serves her master at times of distress.
  • Rock- a black puffle, Rock is close friends with Flare, the black Elite Puffle. He serves his master in cooking when she wants to. He is also an Elite Puffle.
  • Snap- a yellow puffle, Snap is a close friend of Chirp, and both are mischievous. Both like pranking the other agents. She often serves Rogue as her disguise artist.
  • Fire- a red puffle, he is friends of both Yarr and Blast. He often helps Rogue in navigation.
  • Flyby- a green puffle, he is friends with Flit. He helps his master in aviation.
  • Terrence- a brown puffle, he likes fixing Rogue's phone whenever she breaks it during a mission.
  • Carey- a pink puffle, she is the athletics expert of Rogue. She is in charge of her eating habits and exercising periods.
  • Dulce- a blue puffle, she is Rouge's baker at times.
  • Jazz- her purple puffle, Jazz is Rogue's dancing puffle who entertains her.
  • Cornelius- her orange puffle, he likes chewing nearly all of Rogue's boots (except her electronic shock boots).
  • Tackler- her rainbow puffle, she called him 'Tackler' because she was only guarding the Cloud Forest when the puffle who chooses her tackles her to the ground (or in the cloud's case, cloud).
  • Ethan- her crimson puffle, Ethan helps her lay out plans at her igloo, and he accompanies Rogue in her work. He is an Anti-Terrorism Elite Puffle and is by technical the leader of the whole ATEP.
  • Honor- her golden puffle, Honor is a very quick puffle who is often the pride and honor of Rogue.


  • She rarely uses an accent for talking. She usually uses an accent when it's for a mission cover.
  • She occasionally visits Rusca, since it is her homeland... technically.
  • She is terrified of her aunt when she is very mad.
    • Other than her aunt, a handful of terrorists can send shivers down her spine.
  • Rogue is left-handed.
    • Like many other penguins, she often spells her name wrong. The most common mistake she makes is switching g and u in Rogue.
  • She likes treating Agent Mike like a father, since he was the one who brought her to the agency, she usually tells him where she is.
  • Don't ever give her Mysterious Pork. Ever. And don't ask.
  • She doesn't get insulted that easily.
  • She is very fluent in English, Russian, German and Spanish.
    • She speaks in Russian when disappointed or tensed.
  • She is a mixture of a Viking Penguin and a Russian Nord, since her mother is the Viking Penguin and her father a Russian Nord. Which explains her personality.
  • Rogue's weapon of choice is a lightweight metal pole used as an Arnis stick.
  • As mentioned in Project Infinite: The Beginning, Rogue accidentally placed five tablespoons of salt into her coffee at one point.
  • Prior her position as General of Anti-Terrorism, she was the Chief Analyst of International Affairs.
    • Usually, she is called-in and is not always in the agency. In times like these, she is usually teaching in the Academy.
  • Often, she describes a penguin as "an idiot". This is not used to insult.
  • When she lost her memories, she thought her name was Natalya Felicia Helada. When she hits her head in a different mission, she remembers it to be Rogue Alyssa Tvarkov.
  • She can easily be compared to Lucy from the movie Lucy.
  • Rogue, in the beginning, had a great difficulty in Mathematics.

Rumors About Rogue Tvarkov[edit]

  • She and Jet Pack Guy has a secret affair.
This is false. Both generals do not have a secret affair nor romantic feelings for each other. They only label each other as very friendly co-workers (for Rogue, she says comrade) and that they just work with each other a lot, which explains how they know each other so much.
  • Rogue's involvement in Operation: Takedown is a myth.
This is false. Although she was not in any of the briefings or meetings, she was "Teresita Alovita", the deep cover agent who was acting as a mole for the EPF. She wasn't mentioned by her real name but was mentioned as Agent Elise Sereno, an agent from Castilla. She wasn't ever mentioned by real name because it can cause an uproar in the agency because she is one of the most invaluable agents in the agency and her loss will cause a major impact in the force. Her reason when she was asked where she was during the operation?
That's easy. The NRR requested for my assistance in an operation like Takedown except in Beru, you know how they always need me in things like that.

The reason how the rumor spread was because a high ranking officer accidentally revealed that she was there. But knowing the mission so well, many agents thought that het involvement was a myth and soon everyone believed it was false. Rogue was actually pleased they didn't pry information from her.

  • She has a tattoo of the Tvarkov crest on her neck.
This is true. Though she didn't go anywhere for that to be there, it was said that she, like all her other relatives, got it at young age. That is also true, and that she currently tries to hide it. It was discovered to be true when she was wounded on the back, and Jet requested her to put her hair up so that he could fix her properly.
  • She was the assassin who was codenamed "The Red Scarf" during Operation: Man-hunt.
This is true. She was the assassin of the EPF during Operation: Man-hunt but wasn't the one who killed the target, Alverich Dobrynin. She was working alongside Agent Clinton in Rusca during the op but he was able to get to Alverich first and killed him by spiking his drink. But it was Rogue who gave him the location and the agency the information after persuading it out of Alverich during one point of the mission. When asked where she was during the op, she said.
The NRR wanted me in Camp Stallin, they wanted me to train the recruits for a while. What timing, I missed the operation. So, what happened eh, comrade?

The reason why the rumor spread was because at that time of the operation, it was recruiting season in the NRR.

This is true. True meaning yes, she works there. She is rather an informant nowadays and worked there years ago for a few weeks as an intern. Someone was suspicious of her behavior and followed her home. When he saw her with a blue spy phone, he thought she was a PSA mole. The next day, he confronted her and made her confess that she was a PSA mole. She only explained that she was trying to keep her wits and self in tip-top shape. Being a compassionate one, he allowed her to stay in the army as long as she wants. By the time she resigned due to a mission gone wrong, she was a trusted member of the army. It was discovered by the EPF when she was requested to redo her whole EPF file. The IW is listed under her past occupations, but no one knows in the EPF that she is an IW informant.

Reactions to Certain Penguins[edit]

  • The Director
    • "They are a very skilled penguin, da? They can manage the EPF and at the same time go on with their lives, not knowing the grave danger they are at. I know them in reality, want to know? *chuckles* well, join the EPF.
  • Gary
    • "The gadget guy? *laughs* Ah, G. He mentored me back in the Academy, and couldn't resist yelling out equation after equation to test me. He has been my favorite mentor back then... now, a nice comrade. Even though he pisses me off after destroying his own lab several times, he's friend. "
  • Dot
    • "The disguise gal never ceases to amaze me. Although I met her after the popcorn explosion, she is extremely nice and very secretive. Do you know how many times I caught her eavesdropping in my room? Countless times!"
  • Jet Pack Guy
    • "Ah, Jet. Although he's a pain to work with sometimes, he's a strategic guy and I often find him PWNing some new agents in the gym."
  • Rookie
    • "Heh. The little twerp pranks me in the least expected times. He's troublesome, I tell you. But he is nice and friendly most of the time. But I don't guarantee he'll be like that on April Fools. He's merciless at those times. Pranks everyone and anyone, even the Director. So watch your back during the first of April..."
  • Amigopen
    • "Heh, that's the problem. I do have family ties with him and I see him on weekends. That freaking engineer is a genius at the same time not so sane. He likes me even though I'm in the EPF and most of us know that he's in the Most Wanted List in the force. The problem in daily life is that agents keep on nagging me, and if I'm reported to be seen with him, I'd be interrogated the next day. Sure, it's pain, but hey, that's the way the cookie crumbled. And speaking of cookies... I want a cookie!"
  • Agent Jason Crash
    • "Crash? *chuckles* The guy is nice. I met him back in the Academy and he actually had the guts to ask for my name. He's a good comrade, very trustworthy, I tell you. But do keep peanut butter away from him, he goes into Phreaker Mode when you do show or give him peanut butter."
  • Maria Yslenski
    • "Ah yes, Maria. That happy idiot who married the Munian President. I met her in the Academy. She's nice, but I sometimes underestimate that idiot. Last time, she grounded me in dogfighting. Also, she beat me in martial arts once. Only once. I swear, I will not rest until I can outdo her."


Solo Quotes[edit]

  • "Okay, who took my cocoa?"
  • "Rusca, ahh. Why do you ask?"
  • "I don't know what that is, but for all I know, it ain't pretty."
  • "No sacrifices when you work with me."
  • "The main difference between EPF and military is that your enemies don't wear uniforms."
  • "We just lost 60 seconds thanks to someone who can't tie their shoelaces."
    • "Okay, 120 seconds."

Teacher:"Ms. Tvarkov!"

*Rogue falls off her chair in the Academy, she was asleep.*

Rogue:"What is it, Madame?"

Teacher:"Answer the math problem on the board!"

*Rogue stares at the board. Written on it is 44 x 44 = ?*

Rogue:"Eh uh... I'll pass."

As A RTF Member[edit]

Amigopen:"Hey Rogue, can you please cover for me while I'm gone?"

Rogue:"Uh... sure, comrade..."

(Amigopen leaves the room, Rogue stares at the computer before her and looks through some wiki articles)

Rogue:"Wait a minute! I wanna see my own article!"

(Rogue looks up her name and finds herself. She snickers and adds in more info that is a bit OOC)

Rogue:"Oh yeah I'm done!"

(Rogue submits, but five minutes later... she checks the Recent Changes and finds out that Director Benny reverted her edit.)


Amigopen:"Hey Rogue look at this." (shows her a little bit OOC info in a certain article)

Rogue:"Hey wait a minute... Give me that!" (tackles Amigopen to the ground and rollbacks the edit on the tablet)

To Family Members[edit]

(Amigopen realizes why Ezra ran off) Amigopen: "OH NO YOU DON'T!!!"

(Amigopen panics while Rogue is left confused.) Rogue: "Pardon?"

(Amigopen runs out of the place, Rogue runs after him) Rogue: "Amigo! Amigo wait! Come back you don't understand!"

(Rogue leaves the room, chasing Amigopen.)

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