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The commander of the Special Intelligence Division himself.
Born Linus Timothy James Tux
January 3, 1985 (1985-01-03) (age 34)
Ice Kingdom
Residence South Pole City
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Other names Tux
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
(Aptenodytes forsteri)
Citizenship USA flag.PNG Antarctican
BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguinite
Education Homeschooled
Alma mater Unknown
Years active 2003 - present
Notable works Participation and leading the Special Intelligence Division in several Antarctic-wide missions such as Operation Blackout and AWOT
Home town South Pole City
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Title Commander of Special Intelligence Division
Spouse(s) None
Partner None
Children None
Parents Timothy Tux (deceased)
Angelina Tux
Relatives Johan Tux (brother)
Military service
Allegiance USA flag.PNG USA (2003 - present)
Service/branch FlagEPF.png EPF (2008 - present)
PSAFlag.png PSA (2005 - 2010)
Antarctica Redesign2.png USA Army (2003 - 2005)
Years of service 2003 - present
Rank Commander
Unit Special Intelligence Division
Elite Squad One (formerly)
Commands Entirety of the Special Intelligence Division
Battles/wars Countless attacks and battles as a member of the Sparrowhawks
Sherby Hoodwounds War
Operation: Blackout
Frosian War
Operation: Puffle
Antarctic War on Terror
Operation Improbable
The Theta Contingency
Project Shadow
The Tightrope Act
Awards Unknown

Not to be confused with XTUX Hun.
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My name is Agent Tux. Remember that.
— Agent Tux

Agent Linus Timothy James Tux, sometimes known as Commander Tux, simply by his surname "Tux", or by the codename "Accipiter" is an elite and highly skilled Antarctican EPF agent who works to stop threats throughout all of Antarctica. Tux is the commander of the Special Intelligence Division and is known for his serious attitude, commitment, and dedication to his job, which he takes quite seriously.

A former elite USA military operative of the Sparrowhawk cell and a PSA agent, Tux is a trained martial artist and team leader, sometimes captaining or commanding teams or groups to take on enemy groups or lead reconnaissance operations and is allied with many other high-ranking or notable agents from the continent's various agencies. He has contributed to and participated in several EPF operations including thwarting Herbert's plan to takeover Club Penguin, a war on Antarctic-wide terrorism and another disastrous war involving over twenty nations and combatants.

Scarred with a war-torn past and the loss of his father, Tux is known to keep most personal details as far as his first name classified, having always preferred to be called by his surname or addressed as either "Agent" or "Commander" Tux. Since becoming an agent of the EPF, he has also acted as a representative and an ambassador to many other agencies and branches internationally.


Tux is extremely reluctant and unwilling to share his past, most of which remains a mystery to many, specifically his chickhood and teenage years. Tux has lived through two decades of a battle-scarred, war-stricken past, having to flee from conflict and endure the loss of his father.

Early Life[edit]

Tux's birth took place took place on January 3, 1985 to Timothy and Angelina Tux within an emperor penguin community (which would eventually become part of the foundation for South Pole City) located in the north-west parts of the Ice Kingdom. Tux lived a reasonably happy, normal and peaceful first few years of life with both parents and his older brother, being mostly undisturbed by the formation of Colonial Antarctica, helping out and making friends with other chicks in the colony and wanting to keep others safe. Tux and his older brother were both homeschooled by their mother, who often had to take care of them for long periods of time while Tux's father went off to do military duties. Despite often having to attend the military, Tux's father was a very large part of Tux's life, often very supportive of Tux, advising and teaching him as much as he knew from a very young age. By the age of 7, Tux already knew some survival tactics, exactly what to do and where to go during disasters or military invasions, and even a few words in other languages that his father learned on overseas missions. Tux and his father would often communicate by landline whenever Tux's father had the chance. It was also around this time that he fostered a disliking for clowns, after attending the birthday party of a friend.

Tux was 14 when the Colonial Antarctic War started in 1999, forcing his father to leave the family once more to fight in the army. A few months passed with communication between Tux and his father being almost impossible. All while this happened, Tux and his family began to struggle for living their lives as the battles reached South Pole City. Some weeks before the war ended, Tux and his family received heartbreaking news that his father had died fighting in the Colonial War after being knocked off from a dangerous height, putting Tux in a state of deep sadness. Though Tux eventually recovered after taking almost a year, Tux's personality permanently changed greatly turning him into a more serious person. Despite the many attempts to change him and the many months that passed, Tux still remained a changed person, having never been able to heal the wound of losing his father.

The War of 2002 prompted Tux and his family to escape South Pole City from the advancing soldiers and relocate, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire. The family packed as much as they could carry and fled westwards along with some of their neighbors and other citizens who wanted to avoid the war. Due to airports being mostly unaccessible due to the war and countless penguins attempting to flee, Tux and his family made a long journey to traverse the mainland, having to switch from bus to car to waddling on foot and finally by ferry. Eventually making it to a pier in Trans-Antarctica, Tux's family sailed across the Sub-Antarctic towards the Ninja Archipelago eventually arriving at Awesome, Frankterre along with some of their neighbors, who spoke French. Tux's mother and brother found difficulty trying to communicate in French without help from others except for Tux, who surprisingly picked up the language quite quickly. When the war ended and the USA was properly reorganized and recovered a year later, Tux and his family moved back to the capital, South Pole City, which was left almost completely devastated by the fire.

Military Years[edit]

A few months after the War of 2002, Tux enlisted himself in the country's military, wanting to help prevent or fight against similar threats and protect the country. He became a soldier in the military's infantry and after a few weeks of intense training, was deployed to aid other soldiers stationed in MAI in the fight against Sherby Hoodwounds during the Sherby Hoodwounds War. Tux was assigned to an infiltration group which was tasked with secretly getting across the sea by boat into Sherby Hoodwounds territory at midnight. When it was time for the mission, Tux's group sailed across the ocean, protected by nightfall and landed at their destination. A few minutes after stealthily creeping through the Sherbian jungle, the group was ambushed by Sherbian forces. Three quarters of Tux's team was captured by the Sherbian soldiers while the remainder, including Tux, fled deeper into the jungle. All alone and far from help, Tux and the soldiers were trapped in the forest for two days, living off supplies and constantly moving from place to place, as not to be caught. At one point, they found a lead to their captured teammates. Wanting to rescue them, Tux and the soldiers organized what resources they had and formed a plan to rescue the captives, using distractions and what training they had learned. Tux's abilities proved themselves to be useful in both the planning and executing, as they managed to free the captives and distract the soldiers long enough to escape. As soon as they were far away enough from the island, they were rescued by Antarctican soldiers. Tux and his team were congratulated for their efforts and bravery in rescuing the captives, despite having failed the original mission.

Tux very early into his PSA career as a rookie agent, circa early 2006.

The team of heroes would come together again to form their own elite combat group known as the "Sparrowhawks" and continue fighting in the war until the start of its end. Tux's time as a Sparrowhawk would also give him the codename "Accipiter". After the Sherbian War, the Sparrowhawks continued to operate mostly abroad, conducting special operations in other wars and sometimes even advising newer military groups. The team eventually disbanded around mid-2005 as their members transferred to other branches or units abroad.

Becoming a Secret Agent[edit]

In late 2005, Tux moved out of South Pole City and after taking a plane to King George's Island, arrived on the newly reconstructed Club Penguin Island by ferry. Though his original intentions were to become an officer at the Club Penguin Police Department, his background in the military and the newly formed PSA's need for more recruits brought their attention to Tux. Believing that he had the qualities needed, Tux was approached by Gary and invited into the agency. Seeing it as a much better option, Tux accepted his position in the agency and started his training. Tux's previous military training also proved to be useful skills during his time as an agent, as well as his knowledge in some other languages and near-accurate aim with ranged weapons (which also came from training). Tux continued to prove himself as a valuable member of the agency, and was sometimes assigned as the leader during team missions. Around the Christmas season in 2008, Tux was invited to join the project to create a special backup group of elite agents, should the PSA ever be destroyed or disbanded. Tux was often tasked with finding new recruits for the agency, and was appointed as a commander. This new group would eventually succeed the PSA and grow to become the Elite Penguin Force, and continued to serve under the PSA as a child agency until the Popcorn Explosion.

Tux was outside the PSA HQ secretly watching over the Beach when the Popcorn Explosion occurred, prompting him to return upon hearing the loud noise and the crowd it attracted. Already being a member of the once small PSA sub-group, Tux was automatically transferred into the official EPF agency as one of it's agents alongside all the other former PSA agents. His status as commander also remained with him and he was given the responsibility of supervising and leading Division Delta. As the EPF began to grow internationally and the Specialist Divisions introduced the Special Intelligence Division, Tux found himself working with other top agents after being hand-picked to serve the new branch. Eventually, Tux worked his way through the division, earning himself the title and position of the branch's commander.

Commander of the SID[edit]

As the newly promoted commander, he would go on to shape and guide the division as best as he could, often accompanying agents on infiltration tasks the first dozen or so missions before switching to doing work for the division mainly behind the scenes. Tux and the division would supply the EPF with as much data and evidence as could be found during the events of Operation Blackout and Operation Puffle. Tux would also lead them through the events of the Frosian War and the Antarctic War on Terror, both on the side of the allies against the axis powers.


Tux showing off his EPF badge for verification while on a mission.

Tux has had plenty of involvement during his life. Taking part in several missions of different classes and levels of importance on behalf of the EPF, establishing relations with secret and government agencies around the continent and fighting for the USA's military are all examples. He has also participated in several events and military operations as both USA military soldier and EPF agent to combat threats and other notorious criminal organizations or groups such as during the Sherby Hoodwounds War, Operation: Blackout, Operation: Puffle, the Frosian War, the Antarctic War on Terror and numerous other special operations and battles.

When he's working, Tux consistently strolls around whichever base he's currently stationed at, keeping up with other agents and branches and delivering information. He may also travel to any other nearby bases. Tux usually travels at least once every two to three months to visit other agencies the EPF is partnered with as an ambassador.

USA Military[edit]

Tux's devotion to the military during his time as a soldier made him slightly more well known among his fellow teammates and even in some other branches. Tux had joined the USA's newly established military in the early 2000's order to fight for justice and defend his homeland from any more wars or conflicts. Tux and his teammates' successful rescue of captured soldiers during the Sherby Hoodwounds War led them to form the Sparrowhawks, an elite combat group which Tux would dedicate himself heavily to. Under the Sparrowhawks, Tux and his team would often be successful in achieving their goals, perform highly dangerous tasks for the military.

As a Sparrowhawk, Tux and his team operated internationally, and after the successful defeat of Sherbian forces in the Sherbian War, journeyed around the continent to the Ninja Archipelago, the Asiapelago and the Yowien Sea to perform international operations such as capturing certain targets and obtaining information. Tux captained the group once every couple of missions, with his leadership and planning contributing a fair amount to the efficiency and effectiveness of the group altogether.

Special Intelligence Division[edit]

Tux joined the Special Intelligence Division around September 2010, a week or so after the division's creation when Tux was acting as commander of the Delta Division. Prior to the creation of the division's Commander position, the SID was temporarily headed by The Director, who believed Tux made a great candidate for the position due to the time, attention and dedication he gave up to both the division and the agency. Tux would do his best to follow orders and stay as vigilant as possible during the many missions he volunteered and participated in. For as long as Tux has been Commander of the Special Intelligence Division, he has spearheaded an onslaught of undercover operations and taken extensive action against opponents to find out everything and anything about them. Due to his and the SID's efforts, other EPF agents are often well informed of the current situation and brought up-to-date on any new findings.

Club Penguin[edit]

Though usually undercover or going mostly unnoticed, Tux has helped out and participated in several of Club Penguin's parties and events. Though on behalf of the EPF, he has often acted as a member of security during parties and events mostly prior to his induction and promotion in the Special Intelligence Division. As a "security guard" or "police officer" that he normally claimed to be whenever asked, Tux would look out for any criminal activity, namely Herbert or Klutzy and help any unprotected citizens while he was at it.

Frosian War[edit]

Tux is known to have been involved in the war somehow, though exactly what he did remains unclear. Tux is known to have support the EPF against the Axis and work for ages to restore its systems once the EPF went into a mode of panic following the mainframe being taken down.

Operation Blackout[edit]

Tux was an active supporter of the anti-Herbert resistance that was created as a result of the Everyday Phoning Facility being destroyed and the EPF being rendered temporarily disorganized from the damage without a main base. Tux would often stay off the radar, making use of the tunnels and underground networks to get around the island and making sure to stay out of sight or go undercover when going above the surface. Tux and the SID worked for several hours finding out anything and everything they could about Herbert's lair while attempting to salvage any remaining tech or data from the destroyed base that could be of use. Tux would also organize teams to try and track Herbert and attempt to search for the missing agents at the time or any possible backup plans that he may have had.


Tux has a very busy career, hardly ever remaining stationed somewhere for too long and travelling quite often to solve problems, defend against threats or wherever help is required. Since 2003, Tux has been a very active member of first the military, then the PSA and later the EPF, always working around the clock to prevent trouble and protect Antarctica and prove his commitment to his job. During his time as an agent in both agencies, he has partaken in countless missions of various types all around the continent and risen through the ranks to become a commander.

His years in the military, meanwhile, involved him waking up very early and often training at military camps. After fighting in the Sherby Hoodwounds War, Tux would become a member of the "Sparrowhawks", an elite team of special operatives who travelled around the continent. Though the group didn't last for long, they conducted and completed numerous assaults, raids and attacks outside of the USA, capturing highly dangerous subjects of all kinds including escaped high-security prisoners, enemies of the state and military spies.

Penguin Secret Agency[edit]

Tux made the decision to become part of the PSA after being recruited by Gary, accepting the job over becoming an officer at the Club Penguin Police Department. From late 2005 to 2010, Tux worked for the PSA primarily as one of its spies, frequently offering to seek out information by disguising himself and surveilling public areas to look for anything useful. Eventually, after proving his leadership skills by captaining teams of agents with as much efficiency as he could manage, Tux was assigned the position of commander. Contrary to his role as commander in the EPF, Tux and the teams he led would often be out on the field, searching as a party and doing undercover missions together. Tux and his team would also spread out around the island most of the time, keeping in contact via Spy Phones and often watching over crowds from cleverly concealed hiding places.

Elite Penguin Force[edit]

Ever since the creation of the EPF as a sub-group of elite agents back in 2008, Tux has faithfully served the agency for almost a decade. Tux is normally on duty on weekdays, sometimes active on weekends and usually only takes the day off if he's injured, if his help is not needed anywhere or if the EPF is managing everything fine and there are hardly any threats present.

Being the commander of the SID, his job involves leading reconnaissance and undercover operations to obtain information, as well as handle interrogations and inquisitions for the EPF. Tux sometimes oversees and supervises these interrogations and in some cases, may even join in or start one himself.

Alongside managing and organizing the Special Intelligence Division, Tux does several other tasks for the EPF, often acting as a messenger, a supervisor and an ambassador to other secret, government and/or espionage agencies around the continent. As an ambassador, Tux also pays visits to these other agencies either to help or deliver messages or certain items on behalf of the EPF. Tux may also sometimes patrol certain areas or scenes blocked off by the EPF to investigate or ward off civilians, such as when the Everyday Phoning Facility was on fire back in Operation Blackout.

Prior to becoming the commander of his own division, Tux was formerly the commander of the EPF's Delta Division. As commander of Delta Division, Tux was primarily occupied with commanding teams out on the field and usually joined the teams himself. A lot of the time, these teams would venture around the Antarctic mainland but were almost all of the time limited to Eastshield and nearby USA territories.


Tux's usual attire, though without his black sunglasses.

Tux is a black feathered penguin with equally dark eyes. He normally wears standard EPF agent attire - a dark suit with a white shirt complete with a black necktie and a fedora with a cream-colour band. Alongside this, he typically wears matching black shades with a dark grey frame. He may also sometimes have a wired communicator attached to one of his shoulders trailing into either of his suit pockets, allowing for quick, easy access to communication channels, especially over long distances. Tux doesn't normally wear shoes, but depending on the situation (rocky terrain, heavy rain, having his photograph taken) he may sometimes wear special black sneakers made for his division's members.

Tux does not have hair and prefers not to wear wigs. Though he's slightly taller than the regular Emperor Penguin, his physical appearance could be considered average for his kind.

Outside of the EPF, Tux doesn't really wear anything too different other than his usual attire. Despite this, he may sometimes wear coats or a black jacket and may sometimes not don his fedora. Tux also has a variety of different disguises and outfits that he uses when working as an undercover agent especially to infiltrate locations and to blend in with everyone else there and to avoid suspicion.

Prior to mid-2008, during his earlier years as a PSA agent, Tux used to wear a black bow tie instead of a necktie. He also never used to wear sneakers and never sported his black sunglasses as often, but began to don the latter more frequently towards the end of the PSA.


Tux is multilingual and can speak English, as most penguins do, as well as French, Spanish, Dutch and Terrisian. Sometime after becoming an agent for the PSA, he learned different forms of martial arts and other fighting techniques as part of his training and because of this, can be deemed a considerable threat to inexperienced enemies.

He has experience with different types of firearms, a compulsory part of his training after enlisting in the military. Tux is able to use rifles, shotguns and pistols, but normally prefers to use pistols as his weapon of choice. Tux also knows how to use close-ranged melee weapons such as batons and even has some skill in using a sword.

Because he is an EPF agent, Tux has a decent understanding of a majority of the agency's tools and gadgets, knowing how to use them and what they're for. Naturally, like most penguins, Tux can also swim quite well, and is a rather fast swimmer. He's also very agile, which has been proven on a majority of his missions which he mostly successfully avoids danger by taking advantage of his surroundings and diving behind suitable objects and dodging enemy fire. Being the leader of the Special Intelligence Division and often captaining attacking teams, Tux is an effective planner and leader, often planning ahead with backup plans and responding quickly to any changes in plans.

Another notable trait is his keen eye for spotting and singling out certain things from others as well as his vigilance and observability. Tux is often very watchful of activity within the vicinity and his surroundings, paying attention to everything down to the very last detail, be it the way a person walks or acts, or sometimes even the slightest whisper of a nearby conversation. In his time as both an agent and a soldier of the military, this ability has proven to be very useful to both Tux and his team members, with Tux often using this to occasionally point out hidden traps or concealed entrances.


Tux is dedicated to helping and serving the Elite Penguin Force and protecting Antarctica from anything or anyone that dares to threaten or destabilize it. He has proven his loyalty and trust in The Director countless times, taking and never disobeying any order that the Director may issue and doing his best to prove himself reliant and trustworthy in their eyes. He is also allegiant to the USA and has also fought bravely for it as a member of the military. Tux was known among his teammates in the military for being very devout and committed, doing his best to help his country and his branch in any way he could. Formerly a PSA Agent, Tux is familiar with other notable former agents such as G, Jet Pack Guy and Dot and still considers himself to be on their side. As an ambassador of the EPF to other agencies, Tux has made several visits to other agencies and other non-EPF agents who also work against criminal organizations, terrorists and syndicates and done his best to build strong ties and friendships with them. Tux strongly opposes the actions of these syndicates, notorious groups, oppressive rulers and other infamous individuals such as Darktan, Herbert, S.H.A.R.K., Darktan's Army, the TaliBEAN and countless others who look to torment or take the continent by force.


For starters, Tux isn't so open to talking about personal information, especially if his early personal life or family details are concerned. Tux doesn't have a very large or well-known extended family, and it isn't distantly related to very many other families, making it rather isolated from others in terms of being even remotely related. Tux's father was an only chick while his mother had one brother, though her brother never had any children, meaning Tux never had cousins.

Tux's parents are Angelina and Timothy Tux, the former being born in 1955 and the latter being born in 1952 being killed in action during a dangerous military mission during the Colonial Antarctica War. His father, Timothy, had a family that consisted primarily of Emperor Penguins of Batavian ancestry, with a very small number of Timothy's ancestors on his paternal great-grandmother's mother's side being Snowpriots. Timothy's ancestors would later migrate to Antarctica towards the end of Olde Antarctica, with their descendants becoming part of Emperor Penguin Colony 146. Tux also inherits mainly Puffish, some Frankterran and some Osterrean ancestry from his mother, Angelina. Angelina's ancestors would also undergo a similar journey to Timothy's and sail from the Ninja Archipelago to the northern parts of the Water Kingdom, before travelling south.

The two families would eventually congregate into a small community in the modern-day outskirts of South Pole City. Since the community was already quite small and no larger than a village, most of the people living there would get to know each other quite well due to how very few of them there were. Timothy and Angelina would become somewhat familiar with each other after both of their families met and introduced each other. After several years of knowing each other, the two married in 1980, and had Tux's older brother, Johan two years later.

Tux and Johan are not that close, unlike how Tux was to their father. Johan is also married and still lives in South Pole City along with Tux's mother and uncle.


Tux is known for being highly vulnerable to items such as Doom Weed, and other dark, evil, hazardous substances of similar properties. These kinds of materials tend to weaken his visibility, strength and make him feel nauseous, and more likely to fall unconscious, depending on the quantity and distance. Enough of it can cause him to black out long enough to leave him somewhere unknown, or to escape from his grasp. Consuming Doom Weed could very well be fatal to him. Tux does not own or possess any special abilities, powers, genetics or traits that make him too different from any average penguin, making him vulnerable to ordinary weapons and villains such as Power4U Super Penguins. Fatal, critical or well-placed shots from ranged weapons could send Tux to hospital for varying periods of time depending on the seriousness of the injury and the material used. Ditto is also an effective weapon against Tux as with most penguins, as Tux is usually knocked unconscious with the right amount of dosage. Due to his great care for the lives of others', this could sometimes be used against Tux to force him to do an opponent's bidding if promised that the person's life will be spared. Though this does not always work, Tux will usually be forced to comply if he can't see or think of an alternative quick enough.


Down-to-earth and serious all-around, Tux is well-known by his peers and co-workers for his tough, businesslike attitude, lacking a sense of humour, and for liking things straightforward with no hassle. Despite all this, Tux is generally quite calm, especially during missions, in which he believes a more tranquil and disturbance-free mindset works best. Though seemingly stern and somewhat forbidding, Tux is respectful of others, greeting fellow agents at work upon arrival everyday and is loyal to both his career and superiors, namely the Director. The extent of his faithfulness and devotion to the EPF stretches a long way, as he spends most of his time trying to decipher the latest problems, working well into the night. Every so often, he may resort to more extreme measures to helping the EPF obtain informaiton. Unless a possible backup plan is already in place, he dislikes deviating from or delaying the main task at hand while in charge of missions, which can occasionally make him be seem as impatient by others. Tux takes a dim view of immaturity and silliness, often looking askance at such things.

Tux is normally rather vigilant and observant in the case of spies or villians, being quick to notice certain things than others and drawing conclusions from any related evidence previously discovered. This leads him to sometimes trust certain people to a certain degree more than others, with maturity, rank, and how long he has known a person all being factors that affects this, though almost everyone he knows is on the same level of trust. Even with the strictness and apparent rigorousness that Tux leads the Special Intelligence Division, he cares a great deal about the lives of his fellow agents and teammates, advising them from time to time and having confidence in their abilities.

Outside of the EPF, Tux isn't all that different, but is somewhat less stern. The death of his father has had a big impact on his persona, permanently changing him from his happy, curious former self into the more solemn figure he became subsequent to his death.


  • Custom Pistol - Tux almost always carries around a custom ditto pistol with him, and usually keeps it carefully concealed. The pistol contains and utilizes very special needle-like ammunition, which contains a mixture comprising of Ditto A and other flammable objects that can conduct electrical currents. When the pistol is fired, the bullet becomes charged with electricity, making it become inflamed and upon impact, explodes into sparks and may sometimes leave a burn. Anyone that is hit by the bullet receives a short and strong electric shock, stunning in most cases.
  • Phone of the Elite and Privileged Few - Like all EPF agents, Tux was given an upgraded version of the previous spy phone, which he carries around with him at all times. Tux often uses this phone to communicate with other agents mostly from other branches and to keep up with the agency's latest updates. He also uses the phone to teleport, as long as the phone has signal. As commander and a member of the Special Intelligence Division, Tux also has access to other features such as more unique Elite Gear created specifically for Special Intelligence agents and a different set of gadgets.
  • Baton
  • Communicator - Though not used or seen with it often, Tux sometimes has a communicator attached to his suit sleeve for radio access over shorter distances in scenarios where spy phones wouldn't work due to signal issues or other causes.
  • Earpiece



  • Timothy Tux - Tux and his father, Timothy, shared a very close bond, with the latter supporting caring for the former very much, despite what little time he had between doing military tasks and spending time with his family. Whenever the two became separated, Tux would often communicate with his father either by mail or telephone if any were available in his father's current location. While Tux's mother homeschooled Tux and his brother in literature, mathematics and other subjects, Timothy taught Tux a lot of what he learned in the military. Timothy's teachings would play a significant role later in Tux's life, giving him a head start when Tux joined the military and later the EPF. Timothy's death deeply affected Tux, and was mainly responsible for Tux's serious attitude.
  • Wikipenguino45 - He first met Wikipenguino in 2012 during the latter's first time visiting the Command Center, shortly after passing the test. Tux introduced Wikipenguino to several of the agency's agents and gave him a tour. Since then, Tux and Wikipenguino have cooperated every once in a while during missions and often see each other when visiting the EPF. They often communicate with each other via spyphones, especially when either of them are working outside of Club Penguin.
  • Jet Pack Guy - A long time friend of Tux, the two have been friends since the early years of the PSA and then the EPF. Though they don't meet in person too often due to their jobs as agents, they both still keep in touch.
  • Dot
  • PH
  • Gary - Gary was the person who introduced Tux to the PSA after looking for recruits, and the two have since become friends. Gary often helped to train Tux to be an agent, and Tux helped Gary with recruiting other new agents. Both of them often see each other several times a day while in the EPF, mainly due to Tux moving around constantly. Gary is also one of Tux's more trusted allies.
  • Jimmy Blond - Tux was introduced to Jimmy during his trip to the Puffish branch of the EPF in Snowdon and has since been on good terms with him, occasionally meeting him during later trips.
  • Rookie - Tux and Rookie are on good terms, however Tux occasionally finds Rookie's antics and his habit of ruining plans somewhat irritating.
  • The Director - Very faithful to the Director of the EPF, Tux first got to properly know the Director once he was invited to the early EPF, which was a PSA sub-group at the time, and got to work closely with her as well as the other elite agents. Tux never disobeys the Director's orders and often trusts the Director to a very high degree. Tux is well aware of the Director's true identity, but respects her decision to keep it secret to the rest of Club Penguin.
  • Dawson Francis - Francis is the Master Officer of the Special Intelligence Division, and is often considered the second-in-command to Tux, whom he has good relations with. Tux often trusts Dawson to lead the division should he ever be away and the two often communicate on a day-to-day basis.
  • Reuben Stewart - An EPF agent formerly working for the Weaponry Development Division, Reuben often helps Tux as an agent of the Special Intelligence Division. Though initially seeming somewhat harsh towards Reuben at first, Tux saw lots of potential for him and his abilities, having faith that he would make a great agent and seeing him as a person that could be trusted. After proving himself, Reuben accepted a position in the Special Intelligence Division, where he helps Tux and the division with scans and technology-based tasks.
  • Beaky4444 - Tux admires Beaky's achievements as an agent, and his numerous contributions for the PSA.
  • Jeff Xinston - Jeff is one of the few people who actually know Tux's first name, and the two have been very good friends for some time. Tux often approaches Xinston whenever he's looking for certain information due to his knowledge of places around Antarctica and rumours he's overheard in his bar.
  • Chase the Penguin - Though Chase and Tux are both all over the place, they have gotten familiar with each other and know each other fairly well.
  • Agent A



  • Herbert P. Bear - Herbert despises penguinkind and the EPF, both of which Tux is part of. Since the creation of the Special Intelligence Division, Tux and the SID have been heavily involved in attempting to locate Herbert for several years. Tux was also involved in Operation Hibernation, and joined the resistance against Herbert during Operation Blackout.
  • Mabel - No explanation needed.
  • Aurick Meulen - The two could very well be considered sworn arch enemies, and according to Tux, they "both go back a long way". Tux and Muelen both encountered each other way back during Tux's military days in the Sparrowhawks. The Sparrowhawks stormed a building where Meulen and some high-priority criminal targets where trading illegal items. With the rest of his team occupied with capturing the targets, Tux attempted to capture Meulen with the purpose of interrogating him and engaged in a flipper-to-flipper fight. Due to both of them being almost on par with each other in terms of fighting skills and quick thinking, they are never able to beat each other whenever they come face-to-face usually leading to either of them escaping before the other can win. Their bitter rivalry continued on even when Tux left the military, as he met Meulen a second time in a scenario similar to their first encounter, only this time he was an EPF Agent on a mission in Liguria.
  • Swiss Ninja - Tux highly disapproves of the kaiser's decisions and numerous attempts at conquering Antarctica for Snowzerland.


  • The name's Tux. Agent Tux.
  • Come on team, let's pick up the pace.
  • Let's make use of every available second while we still can.
  • Focus. Our top priority is the task at hand.
  • Start immediately. Director's orders.
  • Watch your step. Traps could be hidden anywhere.
  • See what you can get out of them. If they won't talk, make them.
  • Tux, over and out.
  • Alert the rest of the team to the scene. We need this mess wrapped up before civilians get involved.
  • Did the scanners yielded any results of the area?
  • Good luck out there, agents. You may need it.
  • We need all eyes on the target, pronto.
  • Allow me to enlighten you.
  • Indeed, most tedious. I will see what is to be done about it.


  • Hardly anybody knows the rest of his name, especially his middle names.
  • Clowns irritate him immensely.
  • Some penguins say he greatly resembles the former king of Snowiny, Robert Smith.
  • Sometimes, whenever he's not as busy and he's near or currently at Flywish Island, he goes to Jeff Xinston's bar for a drink.
    • He may also go to the bar to find information for missions from Jeff Xinston, whom he knows quite well.
  • Tux rarely smiles.
  • He still keeps his old PSA Spy Phone with him most of the time in his pocket.
  • Tux's favourite flavour is peppermint.
  • Tux has completely memorized the entire Tic-Tac-Code.


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