Agent V-E-S

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Agent V-E-S
Gender Male
Nationality Terrain
Education Saint Ninjinian Primary School, Subterrain
Titan-Smith College, Subterrain
Alma mater University of Ard Mhacha, Northfold, Freezeland
Occupation Executive Spy
Notable works Agent V-E-S: Official Guide for TSU Spies
Home town Neo Domino City
Known for Being a TSU Executive Spy
Title Executive Spy

Agent V-E-S is a TSU executive spy and XVTV Vampenguin. He's actually a horcrux of an unknown XVTV Vampenguin RDA mercenary, who created two horcruxes; Agent V-E-S represents his good side while an uncomfirmed one represents his bad side. Agent V-E-S is invincible and can not be killed through normal methods; being an horcrux, he can be killed through the thing that makes him a horcrux and that's his diary (this differs greatly from Shroomsky's horcruxes methods of death). An issue he has is that he always carries his diary around and that someone stepping on it is enough to hurt him badly. Another problem is that Agent V-E-S has a habit of writing down top governmental secrets, often of the highest level, inside them. If that diary fell into the wrong hands, UnitedTerra, Antarctica and possibly the Fourth Wall would be doomed.


Agent V-E-S wasn't born, he was a horcrux placed in another time period (around the 1900s). He is, apparently, the good side of a fourth wall breaking XVTV Vampenguin. He experienced the normal chick phase however and at an early age, was taken in by a rich family, with a Law of Privilege of XVTV Vampenguins who lived in Subterrain, PreTerra. Due to his apparent wealth, he had a set of privileges, which he was taught to use. At 5 years old, he attended an independent preparatory school (Saint Ninjinian's Preparatory School) and at 13, was transfered to a boarding school set up by a Major Hammy, Titan-Smith College.

At 17 is graduated from school, fought in Khanzem as a mercenary for the Good Guys and attended the University of Ard Mhacha at 19 where he did a Bachelor of Economics and Philosophy. However he didn't wish to become a lawyer; his parents, instead, turned him into a XVTV Vampenguin. Since all XVTV Vampenguin's have a X antibody, Agent V-E-S had one called Agent V-E-S-X, who became a close friend of him and along with V-E-S, was one of the original members of the TSU. He and his X antibody became mercenaries and private detectives for hire.

They apparently fought through several wars. In the 1940s, they joined Major Hammy's Army. V-E-S was a loyal soldier but not the best. Major Hammy noticed V-E-S' and V-E-S-X's Vampenguin abillities and called for a Vampenguin branch to be formed, known as the Vampenguin Legionaires. V-E-S and V-E-S-X lead it for a while and continued to serve Major Hammy for a long time. However both Agent V-E-S and Agent V-E-S-X quit when the TSU was being formed. The Major Hammy at the time sent them to join and the two were one of the 20 original spies.

Both of them rose through the ranks and became Executive Spies. Agent V-E-S was then sent on several heavy missions. They included many from gathering intelligence in the Darktonian Realm to spying on dangerous Vampenguin clans (being a Vampenguin, he had an obvious advantage) and much more. What is comfirmed is that he completely the minimum requirement to increase status as an executive spy and was promoted. When this happened is unknown. Another thing that happened is that he was made the Keeper of Peas-Cu, the hummingbird Earthbound Immortal by Ninjinian. His current status is also unknown, although it can be presumed that the TSU are making him do something.


Taken from Conspiracy Theories for Conspiring Creatures:

Ever seen a Vampenguin assassin in UnitedTerra?
Conspiracy Theory #26: Is there really a Terrian Vampenguin spy that exists?
Ninjinian denies it!

There is a conspiracy theory that an anonymous secret agent with Vampenguin origins works for the Terrain Spy Union as an Executive Spy. What he actually does is unknown. Is he a night time assasain, striking at the evils of UnitedTerra? Does he establish relationships with Vampenguin living in Atrocious Terrain? Is he a bodyguard for Titan-Smith Family members? More importantly, is he actually associated with Administrator Kai?

And does he influence the politics of UnitedTerra? Everyone knows that UnitedTerra by nature is Libertarian and largely Individualist. However there is rumor that this Vampenguin spy directly gives advice to President Ninjinian, despite him (Ninjinian) denying this.

There's more. Some say he is an Earthbound Immortal keeper or at least eligible for it. Ninjinian denies this as well. However the possibilities are endless; there are still three unclaimed Earthbound Immortals as of 2009. Maybe this spy is a secret keeper. Who knows? Until Ninjinian tells us the truth.


Agent V-E-S' true appearance is rarely seen. He often uses magic to change his appearance. You're most likely to see him wearing casual like polo shirts or his TSU uniform, depending on the situation, black hair and light blue feather colour. Sometimes he can be seen in a sillhouette form although this hasn't been comfirmed by the TSU to be magic. If this is his true form, he is most likely a Dark Penguin. The sillhouette form is more common when he's in TSU clothing.

Agent V-E-S does take other forms of appearance although a bit less often then the other ways. He is able to adopt the form of a shadow like Shadow the Penguin. Another form is to appear slightly transparent with only a bit seen. He isn't white like a ghost but always in his sillhouette form, just a bit transparent. He can't become fully invisible and Agent V-E-S has no intention of doing so.




Political views[edit]

Agent V-E-S is, naturally, an Individualist. He believes the idea that the moral worth of an individual and likes the idea of an individual being able to promote their own goals. For that reason, he often shows support for the Libertarian wing of the Liberal Party of UnitedTerra. However, he is also a supporter of Anarchy, in particular Anarcho-Capitalist/Free Market Anarchy theories.


  • Whether he is or is not in the Titan-Smith Family is unknown.
  • V-E-S stands for Vampenguin Executive Spy. This is a codename given to him when he joined the TSU.
  • The rules of codenaming apply to him. His official executive spy codename is 'Agent X-7X' although TSU spies often prefer to refer him as Agent V-E-S. This theorises he has a status equal to Agent U-1X.
  • He was one of the original members of the TSU.
  • No one knows what happened to his parents. All that's known is that Agent V-E-S went off to forge a life.
  • It is unknown whether he's a Chatham Island Penguin, a Dark Penguin or even hybrid.
  • For some reason you need an Uber Clearance or be someone Agent V-E-S allows to view his known background. However his actual identity is classified at PWNSOME Clearance.
  • It even has the No Shroomsky/Dan logo on it.
  • Some how he recieved a magic wand and learnt how to use it, technically making Agent V-E-S a sorceror. However he hates the term and prefers to be known as a 'magic user'.
  • He is on the science sphere of the magic using community, however this is strange, seeing that he has no idea of the Fourth Wall.

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