Agent X

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Agent X
Title X antibody of Agent A
Gender Male
Race X Creaturs
Faction Darktan's Army
Health well.....
Level 12
Status Working with WishFlyX to destroy Flywish and Agent A
Location WishFlyx's hideout at the Darktonian Realm

Agent X is the evil X Antibody of Agent A. He is best friends with WishFly.


WishFlyX is the whole reason he came free. It happened exactly how Xinston happened. He bit Agent A so he could be on his wanted list and keep running away. He also wanted revenge on A so he could get the Treacherous Trio out of jail. The second Agent X was born he tagged along with WishFlyX and they both went back to WishFlyX's home in the Darktonian Realm. He got into Darktan's Army as a greater minion thanks to WishFlyX.


He has wings that can fly and he has fangs that are infected with Ditto and X-Virus just like his best friend WishFlyx.


  • Xorai hates him because he claims that Agent X is "stealing his best friend away"
  • Flywish wishes to avenge what happened to Agent A by destroying both X Creatures.
  • He has a crush on Maddieworld X too.
  • WishFlyX and him are a little army to the dismay of Xorai who wishes WishFlyX would join his army.
  • Agent A when asked resposne "Sorry I cannot awnser that, but he is INDEED my X-antibody, im currently chasing him to arrest him." and he runs off.
    • Xorai useally fly sin after that and saids "I'm helping" and follows.
      • Xorai and Agent A work together to get Agent X 0_0.

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