Agents of the EQF: Operation: Grand Spam

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Agents of the EQF: Operation: Grand Spam
Start July 19, 2014
End July 19, 2014‎
Prerequisites TCPS10K destroys the Mwa Mwa Penguin prison in New Quack City
Location Q City, Moon Island
Crab Lock Island
Rewards The evil plans of The Evil Something are spoiled
Agents of the EQF: The X Crisis Agents of the EQF: Dead penguins don't chat

Chapter 1: Mwa mwa[edit]

In the Q City HQ of the EQF, an agent had just accepted a mission.

Quackerpingu: Thanks for accepting the mission! We have a BIG problem! The Mwa Mwa Penguin Prison in New Quack City has been destroyed by The Club Penguin Shops 10,000 and because the Mwa Mwa Penguins found a bus, they came to Q City! They call it Operation: Grand Spam and they are in Q Mall currently!

The agent: Oh no...

The agent went to a teleporter that teleported him to a secret room with another teleporter in it in Q Mall. The mall was full of spam. The entrance to the secret teleporter room had been vandalised, as well. It had a writing on it. The writing was:

Hwey, thwis iws wa ewntwance two wa secwet agwency, lwet's spwam iwt!

A Mwa Mwa Penguin: MWA MWA!

The agent: No.

The agent sprayed Nummy Cake Spray on the Mwa Mwa, who turned into a normal penguin.

Another Mwa Mwa Penguin: MWA MWA MWA!

The Mwa Mwa threw a Spam Bomb on the agent, but he hid behind a box and didn't get spammed.

At the same time, in the secret HQ of The Evil Something...


Chapter 2:[edit]

Chapter 3:[edit]

Chapter 4:[edit]

The agent waddled into the cave. In there, he saw a huge army of Mwa Mwa Penguins. The Mwa Mwas were singing a stupid song.

The agent: Too many Mwa Mwas...

The agent took the PookieCage 3000 which Quackerpingu had given to him and pressed on the button. The PookieCage 3000 shot cages to above all the Mwa Mwas, including PwookiePwookie, so that the cages fell on the Mwa Mwas, like a cage once fell on Herbert when he was stealing a fake golden puffle.

The agent: Good.

Then, TCPS10K came in.

The agent: What a surprise! I thought you are still at New Quack City!

The Club Penguin Shops 10,000: ...

Then, Quackerpingu and some other EQF agents came in from the cave from where the agent came in before.

Quackerpingu: TCPS10K, you are under arrest.

PwookiePwookie: Mwa mwa!

Quackerpingu: PwookiePwookie, you are under arrest, as well.

PwookiePwookie: Mwa mwa!

Quackerpingu: All the other Mwa Mwa Penguins are also under arrest.

PwookiePwookie: Mwa mwa!

Chapter 5:[edit]