Agents of the EQF: The X Crisis

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Agents of the EQF: The X Crisis
Start May 1, 2013
End May , 2013
Prerequisites Quackerpingu gets infected with the X-Virus.
Rewards The evil plans of QuaXerpingu are spoiled.
Agents of the EQF: Operation: Whiteout Agents of the EQF: Dead penguins don't chat


It was a normal day for all the EPF agents in the EPF HQ. Quackerpingu was talking with G about Norbert G. Bear.

Quackerpingu: So, Norbert is not attacking right now?

G: No. Rookie just saw a cardboard grizzly bear near the Mine Shack and immediately called you. He is stupid.

Quackerpingu: Ok. Goodbye.

Quackerpingu teleported out of the EPF HQ with his EPF Phone.

Quackerpingu appeared next to his igloo, unlocked and opened the door and and waddled in.

Quackerpingu: Rookie is possibly the stupidest penguin in the universe...

Quackerpingu started coughing and sneezed out some black goo that formed into QuaXerpingu.

QuaXerpingu: Get rekt.

Quackerpingu: No.

Quackerpingu took a Spam Bomb and tried to throw it at QuaXerpingu, but QuaXerpingu ran out of the igloo.

Chapter 1:[edit]

Herbert was trying to build a bomb in the LEEPB HQ. Then, someone knocked on the door. Polarkin opened it.

Herbert: Who is that idiot who dares to annoy us?

Polarkin: It's a strange-looking penguin who says that he wants to help us.

Herbert: Last time I tried to do evil things with help from penguins, the plan failed.

Polarkin: He says that he has a better plan.

Chapter 2:[edit]

Chapter 3:[edit]

Chapter 4:[edit]

Chapter 5:[edit]