AirPlay Records

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AirPlay Records
Parent company Music Industry
Founded 2010
Founder Music Industry
Distributing label Music Industry (2010 - Present)
Genre Hip hop, pop, R&B
Country of origin USA/Freezeland/Tel Ah Phon/UnitedTerra
Location AirPlay Headquarters
Tel Ah Phon
Childpengu1 Studios
Official Website

AirPlay Records is a record label set up and wholly owned by Music Industry and based in Tel Ah Phon. It's primary aim is to scout new talent in the USA, Freezeland, Tel Ah Phon and the UnitedTerra in 2010. Currently, they have not been active, however there first artists are expected to be signed up in early 2011. AirPlay has so far bought out 'Childpengu1 Records' and integrated them with AirPlay, expanding the business. It accepts hip hop, pop and R&B genre artists although it plans to expand into ska, trip hop, rocksteady, reggae and rock. There is controversy over whether they will actually take in new talent, seeing as they are in negotiation with several established artists.


AirPlay Records is open to new talent although they will officially begin scouting in early 2011. However, they are also in negotiation with established artists such as Beetle and Meaghan. It is possible they may join but they haven't released anything. AirPlay has been sponsored by the Tel Ah Phonian government and AirPlay is based there although they have regional offices in the USA (4), Freezeland (2) Freezeland and UnitedTerra (2), along with several others in Tel Ah Phon (3 plus the official headquarters).


Music Industry wished to make an impact on scouting out new talent to almost gurantee they'd sign up to one of Music Industry's sucessful labels rather then a rival. AirPlay was founded with exactly that goal. They teamed up with Childpengu1 Records (well, when we say bought out we mean bought out and merged into the new company) to establish offices in Tel Ah Phon. Childpengu1 appointed a penguin called Card Twin as managing directo while Childpengu1 took a side role as the company's President. Card Twin, with funding from the Tel Ah Phonian government, was able to establish offices in the USA, the UTR and Freezeland throughout mid 2010 although they established non in Club Penguin since Club Penguin Music Records was perfectly capable of scouting new talent. However for a short time they went inactive while they employed new staff. To attempt to make up for this, they went into negotiations with established artists but this still went ongoing. They were constantly being bailed out by Music Industry and Tel Ah Phon. Finally, in December, they were completely ready for business and by January 2011, will begin talent scouting.

Signed Artists[edit]

Currently none although below is a list of artists they're in negotiations with.




Some has criticised the company, saying that this will bring independent record labels out of business, which are often the starting point for many artists. Music Industry has replied, claiming that "[The] independent record labels will still remain, we just want discovered talent to established their careers with Music Industry". Another criticism is that they won't actually concentrate on the 'new talent' or 'undiscovered independents' but established artists. AirPlay have replied, claiming 'we [AirPlay] can't just concentrate on new talent; we don't where they will go. However with established artists we can keep the success going for the company for the new breed'.


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