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The Air Mafias are the sworn enemy of the CP BlackHawks. They, like most other private militaries in Antarctica, combat each other in warfare ranging from snowball fights to all out battles, with real weapons.


The Air Mafias were a small band of UPM rejects that wanted to get mafia promotions they didn't deserve. When they kept asking Bugzy for a promition, he eventually got ticked off to the point that they were kicked out of the mob. They created their own army of sorts after this. They decided their base would be the storage room of the AMOEBA, and that's how they got the name Sky Mafias. (After they were kicked out, they kept the name because it was "cool".)

Notable raids[edit]

  • Hidleburger: A small Snowzerlandian village, and the hatchplace of Angel Kitten. It was completely destroyed, and even though all the penguins got away, their homes were obliterated.
  • Club Penguin City: This time, it was 2011, and the CP BlackHawks were fully formed. The Air Mafias were PWNed!


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