Air Ternville

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Air Ternville
Founded June 11, 2009
Commenced operations October 18,2009
Hubs Ternville-McFlappingham International Airport
Focus cities South Pole City-Metropolitan International Airport
Frequent flyer program TernPoints
Airline lounge SkyClub
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Fleet 33
Destinations 37
Company slogan You know that we'll take you there
Parent company McFlapp Industries
Headquarters 500 Airport Road, Housing District

Air Ternville is the flag carrier of the city of Ternville. The airline was founded by Sancho Monte Captio, with the supprt of the city of Ternville and the South Pole Council. The airline has 37 destinations and 33 fleet. The airline maintains one main hub at Ternville-McFlappingham International Airport and a focus city at South Pole City-Metropolitan International Airport.


After the founding of Ternville, Sancho Monte Captio wanted to expand air service to Ternville. He asked the South Pole Council, and the SPC agreed, in a vote. Along with public funds, Sancho created a fleet for Air Ternville, and painted the aircraft. Then, the airline began operations at Ternville-McFlappingham International Airport, as it's most predominant character. Sancho handed the position of CEO to Mayor McFlapp on June 12, 2010. The airline is most preferred by terns, and is the only airline to employ terns as flight attendants.The airline is based in Ternville as well. Air Ternville has announced AirTern Cargo, but has cancelled the project due to industry conditions.


  • Snowing 737-800 (9)
  • Airhail A330-300 (9)
  • Snowing 777-200ER (7)
  • Airhail A340-500 (5)
  • Airhail A380-800 (2)



RegalClass is the First/Business class, and is available on all flights. The seats onboard are made of fine leather and have a pitch of 42 inches.Available to RegalClass passengers on Domestic flights are snacks, drinks, and on longer flights,meals. For international flights, three-course meals are available, as well as complementary coffee, tea, snacks and drinks, as well as pillows and blankets. In-flight entertainment on all flights includes on-demand television and music on AVOD screens on the seatback.


EconoClass is the Economy Class, and is available on all flights. Seats on-board are made from polyester and leather, and have a pitch of 38 inchs. Available to passengers in this class are two-course meals, snacks, drinks and as well as coffee and tea on international flights and complementary snacks and drinks and meals for purchase on domestic flights. In-flight entertainment includes on-demand television and music on AVOD screens on the seatback.