Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes

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Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes
Inspiration(s) Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures
Developer Treats For Don
Publisher Acting Vision
Release dates
Release in the USA
December 18, 2012
Additional info
Genre Action, Adventure
Platform Vii, Vii N, Snowtendo 3DS
Rating Four stars

Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes was a videogame released on December 18, 2012, in the USA. It was developed as the sequel to Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures by Treats For Don, and was published by Acting Vision. The game was available for Vii, Vii N, and Snowtendo 3DS devices. An online version was planned, but was canceled after a lack of sufficient funds. Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes received mixed reviews, with some players complaining that the game's storyline was too short, and that the game was too easy to win. The game received an average of 4 stars, and only received 5 stars three different times.



In the game, Madness (the mainstream villain) returns from his exile to Forgotto. The gameplay is heavily based on Airlanders: Dyro's Adventures, and only has a few differences. The game does have better graphics than the first one, but has slightly worse controls. The game includes many more features than the original; for example, the following: more powerful upgrades, more minigames, and more confusing levels. Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes also has a special feature where the players can decide which difficulty they want to play. The hub of the videogame is solely Nit's (a pilot) newly bought clipper ship, which he modified to fly in the air. As the player completes more levels, the ship gradually enters a better condition. Players can also customize the ship by changing the color, and other specific features.

The storyline begins with a video clip of Madness in Forgotto, reading a book about an ancient civilization of Drow people who built massive warships and took over about 80% of Airlands. Then Madness decides to escape from Forgotto, and return to Airlands to find an ancient emperor's guide to conquering Airlands. When Madness assembles an army of Drow, and burns down a town, the Airlanders are quickly called in to stop him. The player, in the first level, must first find Nit and several other characters from the past game for their aid in stopping Madness in his tracks. After completing the first level, the next five levels the player must find parts for Nit's crumbling ship. On the sixth level, the player must safely pilot and land Nit's ship on a island as the ship runs out of fuel. However, the island is inhabited by evil mafias who work for Madness. The player must travel to the other side of the island, collect a canister of fuel, and go back across the island; all the while being attacked by evil mafia members. After the sixth level is complete, a third video is showed. When Madness learns that the Airlanders are after him, he orders his best general Groartex to lead a centurion of the best Drow soldiers. Through levels seven and eight, the player must battle against these Drow soldiers. After the eighth level, another video is showed. Now Madness orders that a classified Drow war robot be sent to attack the Airlanders. In the ninth level, the player must battle the Drow war robot, until it submits to its superior. In the tenth level, the player encloses on Madness' new military base; however, it is soon made known that the military base is protected by a force field projected by a nearby island. The player must now safely fly Nit's ship over the military base, and land on the nearby island to deactivate the force field. After the eleventh level (when the player deactivates the force field generator), a video is showed of Madness and his Drow army escaping on a massive fleet of Drow airships. After finding the location of the Conquering Guide Book, Madness and his army travel to the other side of Airlands; of course, hiring mafias to attack the trailing Airlanders along the way. For the next four levels, the player must fly through different levels and attempt to defeat evil mafias. Before level sixteen, a video is shown of Madness and a group of Drow discovering the chamber which holds the Conquering Guide Book. Madness grabs it, but just before he can open it a Drow general yanks out of his flippers. The general laughs at Madness' wimpy jump and plea for the book, and explains that HE, not Madness, will rule Airlands. Suddenly the general stabs Madness with a spear, which makes Madness glow a bright yellow and then vanish. The Drow general, Goartex, declares himself king of the Drow people, and demands that all available Drow ships be ordered to the island where they are, and attack the Airlanders in a massive battle. In level sixteen, the last level, the player must battle a fleet of 2,000 Drow ships, and board the flagship. After boarding the flagship, they must find their way through a maze of hallways to the bridge of the ship. On the bridge, they must personally battle Goartex, and a handful of his soldiers. At the end of the level, a video is shown of Goartex bruised and injured lying in the bridge. His mask slips off, and it is surprisingly revealed that he is actually Dumber, Madness' servant. At the last second of the video, Dumber (now known as Goartex) jumps out the window of the bridge, just before the flagship crashes into an island and explodes.

Non-Playable Characters[edit]


The game has a total of 16 levels, which actually disappointed some players. Here is a list of them:

  1. Mustering the Friends
  2. Waiting Room of Doom
  3. Bolt City
  4. Repair Tools Galore
  5. Final Piece
  6. Adventure for Fuel
  7. Attacked by Drow
  8. Counter Attack Alley
  9. Bot Attack
  10. Fly High into the Sky
  11. Sir Bun's Home Security HQ
  12. Invasion of the Glob Gang
  13. Mountain Battle
  14. Invasion of the Snow Tribe
  15. Winter Fight City
  16. The Final Battle



Airlanders: Flight of the Heroes, like the first game, had other versions. The game had a version for the Vii U, and it was not much different from the Vii version. The Vii U version had the same storyline, and gameplay. The Vii version was the bestselling type, and generated the most profit. The Snowtendo 3DS version had a different plot from the Vii and Vii U versions. To make sure that the game would fit on a 3DS, Treats For Don had developers create a shorter version of the game.

Snowtendo 3DS Version[edit]

In the Snowtendo 3DS version, the player must help a group of giants find a bounty of treasure. The treasure is said to have the power heal all wounds, and would make the founder of it a celebrity. However, a mafia called the Green Gangsters learn of the Airlanders' and giants plans. Through 20 levels, the player must unlock puzzles, solve mysteries, and fight evil mafias in order to find the treasure. At the end of the game, a video is shown. In the video, Dyro is running towards a massive pile of multi-colored gems. On top of the pile is the gem that is said to heal all wounds. Just as Dyro is about to grab the gem, a mysterious Drow person propels from the ceiling on a rope, and grabs the gem from Dyro. The Drow vanishes, just after saying "Goartex". Players of both the Vii and 3DS version of the game realize that there is a connection between the two versions. Many fans suppose that the 3DS version is a clue to the third Vii version of the game.


The game received mixed reviews, and many Dyro fans were pleased that Dyro got to play some key role in the game. However, some players didn't like the poor controls, and thought that the game was far too easy to win at. The game received an average of 4 stars.



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