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Ajax Kwiksilver, also known as King Ajax I, was a soldier and King of the Ice Kingdom, who defeated Opacus during the War of Olde Antarctica and STINC during the Colonial-STINC War. His accomplices and friends included Explorer X and Nikostratos Devecter. It is unknown is Ajax is alive, dead or in some state of afterlife, as his funeral was carried out in secret and the Board of Fiction have refused access to the Chronicles of Ajax Kwiksilver; Ajax officially died in 1990, although this has been disputed.


Early Life

Ajax was one of Marcus' descendants; a Great Great Great Great Grandson to be specific, and was born to a line of Vampenguin pure blood Valnorian High Penguins. He was born in 1730 officially to his parents Jacob and Alice Kwiksilver and was the older brother to Elizabeth and Edward Kwiksilver. Unlike other Vampenguins, who hunted penguins, Ajax's family hunted predators to penguins such as Leopard Seals, Sharks and Orcas, wishing to live in the community, rather than be shamed as outsiders. He attended school from 1634 until 1646 when he joined the High Penguin Army and trained at Ard Mhacha for four years. He passed training with results comparable to Marcus Kwiksilver, his ancestor.

As a soldier, Ajax was sent to fight the increasing Demon raids, where he was eyed by the Senior Officers of the High Penguin Army. After three years of service, he was a Captain and was in command of an average-sized battalion of 900 penguins. When the Demons were finally expelled to PreTerra, Ajax was finally able to enjoy a period of peace, during which he had several relationships and eventually married to an Emperor Penguin, who hasn't been recorded, which would had been one of the earliest of inter-species marriage between High and 'Normal' penguin.

Abduction by Nightmare

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Nightmare had perfected the X-Virus and had poisoned her hometown, 100s of years before Ajax was born. She had several minions at her disposal however she feared the fighting skills of Marcus Kwiksilver. In order to balance it out, Nightmare sent a time traveler to kidnap Ajax in his sleep, after discovering that Ajax's genes have the 'memory' of Marcus' fighting skills. The next day, Ajax found himself in the year 1111, when Nightmare began attacking settlements. Nightmare brainwashed Ajax rather then waste time with a clone copy and put into his head he would serve Nightmare no matter the cost. Despite Ajax's importance, Nightmare only made him a Fine Minion, in fear that having him at an higher rank would most likely cause rebellion against Nightmare, as the brainwashing wasn't guaranteed to work. Nightmare sent Ajax on missions for her and also did the general plundering of settlements along with other X-antibodies. Nightmare was able to activate Ajax's memory of Marcus' fighting skills after a long period of study and gave him his final mission; to kill Marcus Kwiksilver.

Ajax ambushed Marcus, who was alone in the forest, although Marcus was expecting this and pulled out his sword on time. Despite the fact he had the fighting skills equivalent to Marcus, the fight went in favour of Marcus, who captured after his soldiers arrived. He was imprisoned, however he was rescued by a 'penguin in a Kwiksilver'.


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The penguin in the beanie cap took him to a small wooden shack, where he spent a month of convincing him to return to the side of Justice. Ajax ran away, wishing for revenge on Nightmare, however his assassination attempt failed and Ajax was pursued, only to be saved by a penguin called Willy, another time traveler. He was taught how to use the Vortex Manipulator (a bit clumsily though) by Willy. After he learned how to use it, he met Kwiksilver once again, who was the penguin in the beanie cap, the Master of Willy and another time traveler. He was briefly an accomplice for the two time travelers and together they protected the multiverse however Kwiksilver was only testing him. He was told that he would defeat a 'great evil' in Olde Antarctica. Unaware with what it meant, Kwiksilver teleported Ajax to the beginning Khanzhem, where he was stranded without anyway of getting out of the time period.

He found himself in the recruitment line for conscription into the Resistance, with forged documents, allowing him to join as a Captain, his former rank. Ajax was armed and sent into battle against the Naughtzees. Due to his military experience, Ajax rose quickly through the ranks, right the way up to General, upon personal recommendation of Triskelle Waterdouse. At the end of the war, he was only 29. He lead the Resistance to great victories and was there at the downfall of Khanzhem. Peace for him wouldn't last long though and the Snowman Empire was formed and took over the High Penguin Confederation. Despite Ajax's victories against the Snowmans, they kept on coming and eventually, Ajax retreated into 'barbarian lands'.

In 1935, now 46, he was one of the 'barbarian' Warlords who invaded the Snowman Empire and destroyed them. Olde Antarctica was formed after he and others sacked Snowme, the capital of the Snowman Empire.

Olde Antarctica

With Olde Antarctica, Ajax became a soldier of the Ice Kingdom.


Rebelling against STINC



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