Akiza Atlus

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Akiza Atlus

Akiza live in the TBC radio station.
Born February 14, 1995 (1995-02-14) (age 24)
Gender Female
Nationality Terrain
Other names DJ kEZA
Occupation Radio Presenter, TBC
Home town New Club Penguin
Known for Radio presenter, A&R, television host
Spouse(s) DJ Crow (engaged)

Akiza Atlus, also known as DJ kEZA, is the top television, radio presenter and non-artist musical personality in UnitedTerra. She is best known for working for the Terrain Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) for her daily radio show on which she plays the most well-known hits. She also presents and announces the Terrain Singles and Albums Charts on behalf of Penguin Official Music Charts every week. Akiza is also known for her affiliation with DJ Crow, who she is engaged to. At the age of 14 she was hired after playing a DJ set on the streets of Club Penguin. Akiza resides in Neo Domino City but frequently travels all across UnitedTerra to host festivals, television programs, talk shows and other media events.

Since her rise to radio prominence, Akiza has gone on to become a musical scout and A&R, therefore it is her personality to find up and coming artists. Multiple artists she has discovered have been signed to Club Penguin Music Records and have gone on to have successful careers. Atlus also manages several artists and is currently the manager of Cadence and Nevim. In addition to these roles Akiza has served as a songwriter from time to time.


Akiza was born on February 14, 1995 in an unknown location in PreTerra times. She was raised by her own parents throughout the years. She had fairly wealthy parents. Her dad was a famous business man and her mother was a scientist. Akiza had a natural talent of talking like a grown-up. She always thought of hosting her own television show when she was 1, but it never took off. Akiza was always describe as a "cute, little chick". Sometimes she didn't like that. After when she grew up, she got jobs as presenting small ceremonies in the town when she was 5. Then near her age of 8, when she started to grow up, her parents started getting jobs abroad, and was left all by herself. It was every week her parents got events out of the country, and Akiza complained to them after a year. As a "We're sorry!" present, her parents gave Akiza her own music room, where she could record anything she wanted too. After some more neglectful feelings from her parents, she packed her studio and moved away to Club Penguin Island, where she would start a new life. She would perform in busy places, and got about 100 coins at the end of the day. After a few months of performing on the streets, DJ Crow saw her performing up in the Dance Lounge. She gave him a card & a map to go to UnitedTerra to make a real living and get a proper job. When she got a first-class ticket on an aeroplane to UnitedTerra, she was only just 13. She showed the card she got to Ninjinian. Though she couldn't see him because the room was too dark. He pointed to the map, to a place in Neo Domino City, and told Akiza to go the Penguin Official Music Charts. She did, and got a job as a radio presenter. Her dream was complete.

She currently is the top radio presenter alive, and works for the "Terrain Broadcasting Corporation" (TBC).

TBC Radio 1[edit]

Akiza first joined TBC in 2009, hosting a small, late-night hour-long slot on TBC Radio 2 from 10–11 PM. After gaining an underground profile her her bubbly personality and unique presenting, she was promoted to the main broadcasting channel, TBC Radio 1, and served a two-year afternoon slot from 3–5 PM on Mondays to Thursdays. She then took over as the presenter for The Chart Countdown, a weekly segment that takes place every Friday to announce the week's top singles and albums in the country. Akiza has been hosting the show ever since.

A&R and managing[edit]

In 2014, Akiza became the manager of Cadence, the most successful female act in Antarctica.

Personal life[edit]

Akiza was never very close to her family. She has only known her parents, and only met the rest of her family when she was just a little one, and doesn't remember anything. Akiza is the only child in her family. She has a personal interest in video games aswell, though she does not show it. She has many other personal interests in the her life rather than presenting. She has her own profile on the TBC Radio 1 website, but a very short one. It says that she likes skate-boarding, and she doesn't eat that much chocolate.

In 2014, Akiza met DJ Crow during a musical festival, and are now engaged.


Due to her radio, television and musical involvement, Akiza is well known in the music business and is heavily sought after for managing artists and finding new talent.


  • Akiza is the only character on the Fanon Wiki who is solely a presenter.

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