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this is the Japalandese version of its Ainu name, Atkor Kamuy
Title “I shall swallow the whale and ship, empty the sea, and appear in red when you are cursed." ~~Akkorokamui
Race Penguin-cephalapod hybrid
Birth date 720 A.D

The Akkorokamui (アッコロカムイ) is a large-yokai octopus that lives in Puchiura Bay in Mokkaido, Japaland. Although it described by many as just a large red octopus, it's true appearance is of that of a penguin, with long dripping hair, but has the tentacles of an octopus.


The Akkorokamui, is a penguinoid-octopi creature from the waters of Japaland, and has been sighted in several other locations including Joseon for centuries, in which it's first appearance and mentioned is 720 A.D. Its name can be translated as “string-holding kamuy.” String-holding likely refers to the octopus’s string-like tentacles, while kamuy is an Ainu term for a divine being—similar to the Japalandese term kami. In folklore, Akkorokamui is both revered and feared as a water deity, specifically as the lord of Puchiura Bay. But many

Characteristics in Folklore[edit]

According to Pinto mythology, the creature is human-like and contains a bright red color. The 19th-century account by John Snowlor confirms this. His book, the Ainu and their Folklore, provides many details of the creature. It states that the creature was 120 meters in length. The book specifies that the red color of the Akkorokamui a striking red, seemingly “likened to the color of the reflection of the setting sun upon the water”.

Possible explanations[edit]

many say it is just any old undiscovered octopus, but many beg to differ. See, in the past, many giant octopi have been seen around Japaland, and many contribute it to the Akkorokamui, but in reality no one knows.


About 110 meters in length


Fish, penguins, sea animals, puffles, etc.



Physical Characteristics[edit]

Akkorokamui is a gigantic octopus god which resides in Mokkaido’s Puchiura Bay. When it extends its legs, its body stretches over one hectare in area. It is so big that it can swallow boats and even whales in a single gulp. Its entire body is red. It is so large that when it appears the sea and even the sky reflect its color, turning a deep red.