Alayne Stark

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Alayne Stark

Alayne as usual.
Born Alayne Stark
October 31, 1998 (1998-10-31) (age 20)
Dragonport, Dragonstone
Gender Female
Nationality DragonstoneFlag.png Dragonstonian
Ethnicity High Penguin
Alma mater Dragonport University
Occupation N/A
Years active 2015-present
Notable works Attempted arrest of Darktan II and successfully proving his guilt after he was pardoned.
Home town Dragonport
Spouse(s) William Lagois
Parents Brandon Stark (father)
Relatives Brandon Stark, William Lagois (husband)

Alayne Stark is a penguin who currently resides in Dragonstone and is currently married to William Lagois.



Journey to the Center of the Realm[edit]

Alayne was involved in the attempted apprehension of Darktan II alongside her husband, William Lagois and his relatives Cheddarbox, Wikipenguino45 and friends Falco Hochstadt and Terry Van Furry during early November in 2016. Alayne ended up travelling alongside them throughout Antarctica, starting in Acadia, through Frostize and the Happyface State, into South Pole City and then stopping shortly in Snow Town, Eastshield before entering the Darktonian Realm only to find Darktan wasn't present and nor were his minions. Wikipenguino X, who was the only minion present fought the team off until Darktan and his minions pulled a surprise attack on Alayne and the rest of the team, severely injuring Alayne before the attack was over. Alayne was comatose when she was transported to hospital but luckily recovered around December 3rd, 2016 and returned to Dragonstone with William shortly after.


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