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Alexander Gan
Born Alexander Gan
August 8, 1998 (1998-08-08) (age 21)
Margatia, Margate
Residence Margatia, Margate
Gender Male
Nationality Margatian
Other names Alex12345a
Ethnicity Tropical
Citizenship Margatian
Education Degree for Ideological Studies
Alma mater National University of Margate
Occupation Politician, businessman
Years active 2011 - , 2008 -
Salary MAR$1 (see Trivia)
Net worth MAR$5 billion (Q3 2012)
Height 1.8m
Weight 65kg
Known for Seat in Margatian Parliament
Title Member of Parliament without Constituency / Minister for the High Cabinet
Term 2011 - 2016
Predecessor Incumbent
Successor Incumbent
Political party Independent
Opponent(s) None
Board member of High Cabinet
Relatives Half-brother, forty-five times removed to John
Call-sign Minister
Awards Entrepreneurship Awards 2011 - Runner-up for Up and Coming Entrepreneur
Alex indicated a salary of $1 for himself but secondary income amounts up to $1 billion monthly
Dunno.. misc?

Alexander Gan, colloquially Alex12345a and nicknamed Alex (August 8, 1998 -), is an inventor, businessman and politician living in Margatia, Margate that is most notable for his inventions, ideologies and philanthropical acts. He is the CEO of the Margate Group, is a Member of Parliament without Constituency and founder of the Mabel Mongrel Klan.

Alex is a centre-left populist that is not part of any political party. He is known for supporting civil rights and criticising censorship, discrimination and supposed "New World Order" organisations. He is also a studyholic and skilled in mathematics, general knowledge and political science. He has developed several websites in collaboration with others.

Alex is notorious for his OCD, although he claims he is a "mix of autistic, schizophrenic and compulsive traits leading to general hallucinations." He is socially awkward and a frequent faux pas committer, as well as a possible Mary Sue (although he tries to deny it as best as he could, which ironically, further worsens the situation). Apart from that, he has interests in travel and sciences. He aims to develop new technologies in future.


CEO (2008 - )[edit]

Politician (2011 - )[edit]

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  • He is also a Bureau of Fiction wannabe, although unable to break the fourth wall without much effort. However, his attempts had failed time and again. He does not help the Bureau of Entropy, though, as dislikes evil. Therefore, he created the Not So Bureau of No Goozack, which the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature tries to revert every time.
  • Despite being a Mabel fan, he is not really hated by the public, much less attacked intentionally by one. Even as the Headmaster of the Klan, he has never once been in a situation with a Mabel hater other than Explorer. In a statement, he said, "Yes, I love Mabel. But there are many other things to do other than love Mabel. My job as a writer may be a leading factor for this."
  • Alex12345a is a ninja, along with his sisters, but wears a white belt as a disguise for other penguins. He rarely visits the Dojo, probably because of his work. He wears the white belt to work everyday, which causes partial humiliation for the business-penguin. Either way, he is not as good a ninja, but still considerably okay.
    • He is also an agent but is not called on by G often. He simply helps out with few missions every once in a while. He is considered a lousy agent.

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