Alexander Yeager

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Alexander Yeager
Anne's bug-eyed, younger brother.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Status Alive and Annoying
Birth date September 7, 1997
Place of birth South Pole City

Alexander Henry Yeager, or Little Bug-eyed Bother by his sister and Xander or Alex by his friends, is a student at Antarctic Academy. His best "friend" is Raymond Jade and he spends most of his time bullying him and making him look bad in the most good-natured way possible. After finishing school, he hopes to go to the University of South Pole City with his sister so he can continue tormenting her where he left off. The 17 year-old penguin spends most of his time playing sports and teasing losers.

He doesn't have any Jerk Penguin blood, but certainly acts like one.


Early Life[edit]

Alex was born on to two parents who were lucky enough to have a second chick and to a not-so pleased sister, Anne Yeager. At four years old, Alex's sister despised him. Anne always made fun of his big eyes, so the only thing he could think of to do was tease her back. Since then, the two were rivals; always making a snappy insult or trying to get the other one in trouble. Deep down inside, Alex truly did love his sister and just wanted her to appreciate him. On her twelfth birthday, he made her a fuzzy green pen, hoping to get at least a speck of respect out of his sister. What he didn't expect was for her to hug him, which was exactly what she did. He had achieved his goal.

Growing Up[edit]

Alex loved school. And not for the teachers or education or anything–— he was one of the most popular kids in school! He was amazing at sports, especially football. Majority of the cool kids in school respected him and most the girls loved him. Like most of the cool guys in school, they hated anyone different or uncool. They bullied kids like nerds, less athletic penguins, Gothguins and Emoguins. Anybody who would try to retaliate against Alex would get socked hard in the beak- especially if it were an insult about his eyes.

The reason Alex grew up to be such a harsh bully was due to the fact in his first grade class, the penguins called him "bug-eyes" and "bug-boy". This made Alex so sad, he decided to tease them back. Therefore, the bullies accepted him and this was how he grew up from then on out.

While bullying, Alex met a certain little boy who didn't cry or get offended at all. His name was Raymond Jade. Raymond just simply sighed and turned his back, confusing Alex. "What's wrong with you?" Alex would ask every time he sighed and ignored him, but Raymond just would sigh again or complain that nobody understands him. Due to the way Alex grew up, he thought Raymond was cool for not getting offended. Even then, Alex would "noogie" Raymond, snatch his hat and wear it and imitate him or mimic him every day to try to get a reaction to no avail.

Teenage Years[edit]

As Alex grew up, he met Anne's best friend, Victoria. He immediately fell in love with her. Victoria thought it was cute and simply laughed it off, but Alex was serious. This bothered Anne a lot, so Alex kept joking about it. Even while Alex was in the eighth grade, he still loved to tick off his sister by snatching her diary and attempting to read it every so often. One of Alex's favorite hobbies was making his sister mad.

Alex would often meet up with Raymond and go to the movies with him, although they tended to argue about which movies to see. Alex enjoyed going to the movies Raymond liked to play and joking about them, insulting them and laughing obnoxiously at the most important parts to him. During one of his favorite Vampenguin vs movies, Alex constantly complained about how dramatic the main character was being, how bad the CGI effects were or even how silly the names were, much to the Raymond's dismay. "Alex, hush! Ella is just experiencing confusion on whether she should date Drawde or Bacoj! And it's not about the CGI, it's the quality of the movie! And the names, just... Just go with it!" Raymond would scowl with far more emotion than usual.

When it came time for his tenth grade prom, all the girls wanted to go with him. To play hard to get, he declined each and every one of them. He begged Anne to go to the prom with Victoria instead. Anne said a resounding no, making Alex plead more and more 'til two days before the prom when Anne finally shouted yes. "As long as you shut up about Vicky and stay away from my diary!" she shouted and slammed her bedroom door.

Alex went to Victoria and asked her out. However by this time, she was tired of his pining and thought that he went from cute to annoying and a little creepy. She asked him what he found attractive in her, and all he could state was that he thought she was hot, and that he's attracted to how she's hard to get like him, as she didn't date any guys before. This made Victoria upset and she told him that he didn't really love her, and only focused on superficial details. After Alex challenged her to tell him what real love is, Victoria angrily explained how it is actually caring about someone, and what they do and like. Unfortunately Victoria gave away details about her feelings for Anne, and Alex managed to connect the dots to find out she had a crush on his sister. Using this information as leverage, Alex promised not to tell his sister if Victoria would go to the prom with him. Victoria reluctantly accepted, not wanting to risk damaging her relationship with Anne.

Score! was all Alex could think.

On the day of the prom, Victoria came dressed in a shimmering blue dress.


  • "Bluh bluh, I'm sad, nobody understands me, bluh bluh, I'm such emo trash, bluh bluh."
  • "Hey, babe. If we were in a fight, you'd be victorious."
  • "Shut it, skull-hat. Let the master figure this one out."


  • Alexander still has an attraction to Victoria.
  • Alex doesn't really hate Anne.
  • Alex secretly likes Raymond's fashion and style.

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