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Alexander with her bow and crayon.
Title Alexandera
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction drawing
Health okay
Level 3 months
Status drawing
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation drawing
Friends All of G's family
Enemies none yet

Not to be confused with King Alexander, the ruler of Yow Kingdom

Alexandera is the youngest penguin in G's Family.

Early life[edit]

Alexandra ("A" for short) hatched in August 2010. Since she hatched, she loved drawing pictures. One of her first drawings was a EPF spy phone. Once she starts drawing, she does not stop untill she falls asleep.


  • She wants to be an EPF agent when she gets older.
  • She loves drawing.
  • She draws the EPF spy phone a lot.
  • She likes to make fun of Rookie by drawing funny pictures of him.
  • She wants to fly with Jet Pack Guy's jet pack, but she is not allowed.

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