Alfonso Hamilton

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Alfonso Hamilton
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Nobiliare Galateo Accademia
Health Deceased
Status Deceased
Location Frostizian Cemetery for Dead
Birth date March 8, 1840
Occupation Professor
Interests Good manners
Archetype Good

Be ever so polite and own good manners that...YE CRUSH THE BAD MANNER COMMANDER!

Alfonso Hamilton was a Ligurian of Freezelandian descent, and was the twin brother of Dino Hamilton. He and Dino hatched in Freezeland on March 8, 1840, and were given Latin names. They both eventually moved to Liguria to get a better education and work opportunity. Alfonso and his brother both said that they hatched in Cape; however, no village, city, or town is known to have existed in Freezeland. Alfonso died in 1880, the same year as his sister-in-law Luisa Hamilton.


Alfonso Hamilton hatched on March 8, 1840, 10 minutes after his brother hatched. The twins were celebrated among their family, since twin penguins is an extremely rare phenomenon. Much of Alfonso and Dino's early chickhood is unknown, since they didn't keep journals back then.

When the boys turned 16, they raised enough money to move to Frostize. Dino went to art school, while Alfonso went to a etiquette school. Alfonso planned to become a butler, and then eventually a butler trainer. Alfonso made great grades, and was a favorite of his teachers. He really enjoyed his teachers, and was becoming inspired by them to become a professor at the academy. During his years in college, Alfonso worked at a fish stand in the local market. His boss had also wanted to become a butler, but he soon realized the job didn't make a living for him. This encouraged Alfonso even more to become a professor rather than a butler.

When Alfonso turned 19, he finished his years at college. He worked at the fish market for some months, and then he was hired as a professor at his college. He studied for another month before actually starting to work, while still working at the fish market. He was soon hired as a professor, and put to work. The first few weeks of being a professor were difficult for him, but he eventually got his classes to calm down.

When he turned 20, Alfonso met Zita Hamilton. He fell in love with Zita, and started to date her. Alfonso soon learned that Zita came from a family of rich inventors, who primarily created machines that made household chores easily. Alfonso and Zita married the next year, but they never had chicks. The two believed that they wouldn't be able to raise chicks, with Alfonso teaching large classes, and Zita working at her father's company.

Slowly over time, the relation between Alfonso and Zita started to weaken. Their jobs kept them apart for the most part, but they both agreed that their marriage was becoming boring. In 1865, Zita laid a egg. When Zita's egg was laid, she quit her job to watch over it. Now Alfonso was pressured with paying the couple's expenses, and his income barely provided for them after income taxes were calculated. However, in December of 1865, Zita's egg cracked, and the sudden chill of reality killed the young chick. Zita and Alfonso mourned for their last child, but decided to not try again. Shortly after their chick's death, Zita went back to work in a very depressed tone. Alfonso was also deeply depressed, and it was showing to his students and bosses. Alfonso and Zita never got over their chick's death, and they become aloof and depressed.

In 1870, things got even sadder for Alfonso when his brother died of cancer. His brother's death greatly worried him, because now he was worried about having cancer. But as a result, Alfonso's personality completely changed. Realizing that he had an unknown amount of time to live, he began to do all the things he had always wanted to. Alfonso started to do many crazy recreational things with his wife, and they went on many vacations. Alfonso and his wife traveled to Castilla once, Freezeland two times, Rusca four times, and Frankterre once. They enjoyed traveling, but it was very expensive for them.

In 1879, however, the joy came to a sad end. While waddling down a beach in the moonlight together, Alfonso watched in horror as a walrus attacked Zita. The walrus killed an ate Zita in front of Alfonso, and put a horrifying image in his memory for the rest of his life. Alfonso lived in so much depression from that point on, because it seemed like everyone he loved were being killed. Alfonso died because of cancer in 1880 with no regret. He was buried next to his wife and brother in the Frostizian Cemetery for Dead.


Alfonso takes good manners and kindness very seriously. Whenever he sees a penguin putting their elbows on a table, not saying "sir" or "ma'am", or not even waving back at someone he gets very mad. There are accounts of him waddling up to strangers, and scolding them for not being kind and having proper manners. He also speaks old English, but sometimes he randomly shouts odd phrases. He likes Victorian styled things, and tends to buy intricate furniture, famous paintings, and buffs of some of history's best-known penguins. He usually wears dark suits, and top hats.


  • "Ye work so hard to make others' lives better, and ye life be so filled with agony. Where are thee penguins that shall make ye life so much better?"
  • "Ye shall have....THE FINEST FINAL YEARS OF YE LIFE!"


  • Despite him yelling a lot, many are not annoyed by Alfonso's yelling. It just hurts their ears slightly.

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