Alicia Hochstadt

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Alicia Hochstadt
Title Alicia Hochstadt, Alicia Chambord
Gender Female
Race Viking Penguin
Health Still Good.
Status Retired
Location Parie, Frankterre
Birth date 1945, Parie, Frankterre
Occupation Retired
Friends Hochstadt Family
Archetype Protagonist

Alicia Hochstadt, born as Alicia Chambord, is the wife of Yilk Hochstadt and the mother of Jock Hochstadt, Warning von Brown, Red River 2, Bonjie, and Fuut-Ga. She is the grandmother of Swiss Ninja, Corai, Clovis, Fisch, Gaston, and Fuut Ga's twins, Fidelio and Regalia.


Alicia Hochstadt was born as Alicia Chambord to the aristocratic parents, Pierre II and Margaret Chambord in the late part of of 1945 in the city of Parie, Frankterre. Back then, the monarchy was still in power of the country, and there were still nobility and rich aristocrats. Her parents were wealthy bankers who had both been of Aristocratic roots. Back in those days, women of aristocratic class were to be trained to be a proper, courteous lady at the age of eight. Aristocratic parents expected Alicia to marry another male penguin of aristocracy to combine the two families wealth together. Alicia was destined for this, and at age eight, she had to be taught manners, courtship, music, and education like reading and doing math. Alicia learned all of this from her personal tutor until she was 17. Then, she was arranged by her parents to marry the son of parents who were in control of a large fleet of Viking Trading ships. Alicia was not pleased to marry this penguin because he was a big snob and bragger, more so than herself. Thus, she ran away from Frankterre and made refuge as a poor house cleaning maid in Castilla. She continued to live there for five years, until she was able to get enough money to immigrate to Club Penguin. There was where she met one of her former servants from her parents' home. Sadly, she learned that her parents were robbed and lost their money, and they died hungry and homeless. She was very heartbroken and distressed, for she could not get over the loss for a month. During her misery, in the year of 1967, she went to the Dock to sit and reflect her life's mistakes when suddenly, a sailor who returned from duty in the Navy came to see why she was sad. This compassionate, understanding sailor was named Yilk Hochstadt, and the two eventually got to know each other, fell in love, and got married in the Summer of December 1967. Sometime in 1973, Alicia layed her first egg, who would be Red River 2. A week later, Alicia layed Bonjie's egg. The day after that, Yilk was banned, captured, and had disappeared. Alicia, who believed that her husband was still alive. Thus, she decided to go on a quest to find him. Before she did, Alicia gave the two eggs of Red River 2 and Bonjie to Yilk's younger brother, Dave Hochstadt. After a dreary search, she found Yilk at Ban Island. She was allowed to visit him from behind his bars by the warden, and she stayed over a week with him. At the end of it, Yilk and Alicia decided to have another child, so Alicia returned to CP and laid the egg of Fuut-Ga. To the wishes of Yilk, Fuut Ga was to be raised by his great-grandfather Sensei Hung at the age of four to begin his ninja training. Thus, Alicia raised Fuut Ga until he was four and then gave him to Sensei Hung to begin training. Alicia believed that she would not have any more children, so she decided to move back to Frankterre to escape the memories she had with Yilk on Club Penguin Island. Unlike her childhood, Alicia lived in a small, lone apartment and worked as a cook in a small Pariesian café. Several years later, in the year of 1988, Alicia met Yilk for the last time. Yilk told her that he was to die, and that he wanted to have one last child with her. She was very distressed, but Yilk reassured her that she will move on. Thus, Alicia left Yilk, and returned to Club Penguin. There, she gave birth to her last child, Jock Hochstadt. When Jock was still very young, Alicia came across the snobby Penguin she was supposed to marry many years before. However, this time, the penguin had drastically reformed from his snobbish ways, and was now an admiral of a large viking ship fleet. Even after all these years, he still was not married, and he wanted to marry Alicia still. Alicia wad still loyal to Yilk, and went back to his jail cell to see him again to find out from the jail warden that he was killed. Alicia, distressed, decided to marry the Admiral, but she vowed to keep her last name Hochstadt and did not have any children with him. After they married, they moved with Jock to a small village near the Antarctic mainland city of Frostize. Since Alicia and the Admiral were both Viking Penguins, they agreed to raise Jock as a Viking Warrior. After Jock moved out of the house as an adult, Alicia lived a peaceful, happy life with the Admiral until the Great Snowzerland War I, when the Admiral went to battle in Snowzerland and was killed in action. Alicia was alone again, but she was still visited by Jock often, and Fuut Ga also visited her on some occations. Later on, when she found out that Yilk was alive and rescued, the two reunited and moved back to Frankterre, where they bought Alicia's childhood mansion with the money from the King of Castilla and Swiss Ninja. Today, she lives with her husband Yilk in happiness.


Alicia is responsible for giving birth to Red River 2, the father of Swiss Ninja and Clovis, Bonjie Hochstadt, the mother of Corai Unki, Fuut Ga, the father of Regalia and Fidelio Hochstadt, and for raising Jock Hochstadt into adulthood. Today, Alicia accompanies her husband, Yilk, in Frankterre where they live together in peace and happiness as they continue to age.


  • Alicia has only one sister, named Jeanette, who was born in 1953. Jeanette Chambord also married a Hochstadt, a young man named Friedrich from Alemania. Jeanette had two sons, Gottfried and Bernard, thus making them maternal cousins with Fuut Ga, Jock, Red River 2, and Bonjie.

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