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All to arms! (Alt til våpen!) is the unofficial anthem of Archet. It was written by an unknown militia soldier during one of the wars between the Archetians and the Valnorians, as it makes reference to "my wife and children dying in a camp" (by this it means one of the first Concentrate Camps). The song maintains relevance as an important rallying song. It is one of the symbols which fosters unity among Archetians, many of whom are scattered and weak. The end of the song makes reference that the nation shall "rise again", which is often thought of as one of the goals of the penguins who support the establishment of this song as a regional anthem by convention. These people are called Archetian (or Bonde) nationalists.

This song is always sung in Penguinian. However, there is an English translation. All verses are usually sung, however sometimes the first is excluded.


På et fjell i natt, i mørke lyver vi og vente.

I blodet og gjørme la jeg kald. Grain sekk og snø klamrer seg til meg.

Mitt hus og min gård, både brent til aske, slik at de kan fange oss.

Men de flammer brenner nå, dypt, dypt inni meg.


Alt til våpen! Alt til våpen! Hvem skal lede bøndene?

Vil du komme og lede bøndene?

Alle mine venner kommer rundt,

som en mann faller vi rundt flagget!

Hør, våre fiender le!

En håndfull av oss mot hele sin store makt.

Våre rygger her mot stupet.

De tror det er over.

Men hjertet av en bonde ligger dypere og bredere!

Dette vil de se.

Med sine bannere flyr, kommer løvene av den vestlige land!


For min kone og mine barn lå i en leir for å dø.

Og blodet til våre fiender strømmer

Over en nasjon som skal stå igjen!

English Lyrics[edit]

On a mountain in night, in darkness we lie and wait.

In the blood and the mud I lay cold. Grain sack and snow cling to me.

My house and my farm, both burned to ashes, so they can catch us.

But those flames now burn, deep, deep inside me.


All to arms! All to arms! Who shall lead the farmers?

Will you come and lead the Bondes?

All my friends come around,

as one man we fall around the flag!

Listen, our enemies laugh!

A handful of us against their entire great might.

Our backs here against the cliff face.

They think it is over.

But the heart of a Bonde lies deeper and wider!

This they will see.

With their banners flying, come the Lions of the Western lands!


For my wife and my children lay in a camp to die.

And the blood of our enemies flows

Over a nation that shall rise again!