Almighty Tomato Gun

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Almighty Tomato Gun
Behold the Almighty Tomato Gun!
Type Mythical Weapon
Effects Transforms ordinary tomatoes into rock hard projectiles, then blasts them out at an extraordinary speed towards the target.
Source Finwe's tomato sandwich
Location Stored near the Three Fruits of Happiness
Cost to buy Impossible to buy
Cost to sell Worth far more then mortals can comprehend

The Almighty Tomato Gun is an immensely powerful gun that uses tomatoes as projectiles and happens to resemble a blue toilet. Made accidentally by Finwe, the Almighty Tomato Gun has been the subject of many myths and legends over the years, but its mysterious allure was increased during the events that took place during Expedition 3FR00TS.


The Almighty Tomato Gun looks like your average blue toilet, but its unique function sets it apart from all other toilets. It operate it one must insert a tomato into the bowl and close the lid. The Almighty Tomato Gun automatically injects an undefined chemical into the tomato that hardens it, then a small microchip is embedded into the tomato. To fire it, the operator picks up the toilet, the closed toilet lid facing his chest and what would be the bottom of a normal toilet facing his target. After aiming (which is extremely hard, as the gun has no sights), the operator fires it by pulling on the "flush" lever, which shoots the tomato out of the "bottom" of the Almighty Tomato Gun towards its target.

Once it nears its target the tomato explodes violently, causing massive damage (especially to giant enemy crabs), but if it misses its target by more then two feet the tomato will automatically detonate upon hitting the ground.


Many years ago Finwe was eating a tomato sandwich, trying not to think about The Game Mission when suddenly, his sandwich exploded. He had inserted epic pickles and jerky into his sandwich, a dangerous combination (even though epic pickles are dangerous by themselves) and when he put the tomatoes into his sandwich, it started a dangerous chemical reaction from rotten jerky meat and tomato juice coming into contact with the awesome volatility of the epic pickles, which was like a time bomb ticking. After a few seconds of munching (Finwe's saliva also adding to the reaction), the sandwich exploded in a ball of flame, and Finwe was frightened out of his wits. Finwe, in an effort to "save" himself from the harmless explosion cast a random High Penguin spell on the ball of flame, transforming it into what appeared to be a blue toilet.

Finwe laughed at the strange turn of events and an impish desire arose from deep within him to drop a tomato into the toilet. He quickly grabbed one from one of his cupboards and dropped it into the bowl. A strange gurgling sound arose from the toilet and Finwe was filled with glee. He pulled the "toilet's" lever and suddenly another explosion rocked the room. Frightened, Finwe threw it out the window and ran into his bedroom, which he stayed in for the rest of the day.

Meanwhile the toilet landed on a otherwise unimportant passerby who noticed the toilet and ran over to it. He picked it up and out of a chickish desire he pulled the lever.


Thankfully it has no tomato inside it or else that would've been the end of that passerby, but the passerby had an idea and took back with him to his home. Once inside his bedroom, he inserted various substances into the toilet and fired it, with varying results. You see, the penguin wished to make a weapon out of the toilet and sell it to a major company, where they could mass-produce it. But without tomatoes, the toilet only made a loud explosion and didn't fire anything, and eventually the penguin grew desperate. Looking through his fridge, he found a box of tomatoes that were close to expiring. Having no other use for them, he inserted a tomato into the toilet and mounted it on a table, its bowl facing towards him and the bottom facing the wall.

He pressed the lever.


The tomato was shot out of the toilet with incredible speed and crashed through the walls of his house, his neighbor's house and their neighbor's house. In fact, it crashed trough a straight city block of walls! Seeing its amazing power, the penguin swore that it must never get in the hands of evil and he spent the rest of his life, finding a suitable location in which to hide the "Almighty Tomato Gun", as he called it. Eventually after traveling the entire continent, the penguin finally collapsed from exhaustion in an unknown location and died, holding the gun in his flippers.

The authorities eventually found his body (without disclosing the location) but the Almighty Tomato Gun was gone, and to this day its location has remained a mystery.


Pretty soon after the disappearance of the passerby rumors began to spring up everywhere about his amazing weapon (and the incredible amount of noise that it made) and what happened to him. This of course was to be expected, but once he was confirmed dead, then the stories were given renewed interest. Penguins began speculating that the gun contained some incredible secret that should not be known by penguins, and others began saying that they saw his ghost, wandering the continent in search of a place to store his gun. Though the majority laughed at these stories, there were some that could not be explained rationally. The police were often plagued by entire neighborhoods reporting that they heard an identical sound as to that of the gun sometimes on otherwise quiet nights, which would disturb their sleep, but the "Tomato gun frenzy" was not yet at its peak.

When Ocapus himself expressed an interest in the gun and sent out troops to search for it, panic heightened. Penguins built pathetic shelters to hide themselves in from the Almighty Tomato Gun, and schools held classes on what to do if you saw someone carrying the weapon. But when Ocapus's troops came back exhausted, having not found anything, the penguins seemed to forget about the Almighty Tomato Gun and the fear it inspired, but its legend lived on.


  • The gun is infamous for its tremendous recoil when fired and slow loading time. In fact, these particular issues can make it almost as dangerous to its operator as to the enemy, as one is quite vulnerable while reloading or after firing.