Almost Over

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"Almost Over"
"Almost Over" cover
Promotional single by Meaghan from the album Electricity
Released July 27, 2010
Format Digital download
Genre Dance-pop
Length 4:35
Label Club Penguin Music Records, Childpengu1 Records
Writer Meaghan Patzemoorah, Childonian Pengu
Producer Meaghan
Meaghan chronology
"Almost Over"
"Color Ur World"

Almost Over is Meaghan's eighth single, and second promotional single since the cancellation of the album Electricity. Meaghan stated that it was a big single, and she produced it only. It is the only promotional single from Meaghan that does not include vocals.


"Almost Over" consists on many synths and an uptempo beat. Meaghan stated that she loved the demo for it, and that she wanted to produce the single for herself, saying to Childpengu1 that he needed some rest. Meaghan said it was planned to feature the song on Electricity, but as it got cancelled, it was turned into a promotional single.


I got the inspiration from getting out of my house and hometown for getting into the music career. Almost Over is about being "almost over" the sadness of being apart your family and friends, but after you become famous, you know that those special people are watching and hearing you.

"Almost Over" is about being almost over the sadness of being apart of the people you love, but then after you become famous you know you're being watched by them.