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Aloom when exploring.
Title Co-Mayor of Portal Island Chain, Mayor of Lemonus.
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Co-Mayor and Representative/Delegate of Portal Island Chain in South Pole Council.
Health "Awesome!" As quoted by Aloom.
Level 39
Status Since the city is stable, he is currently exploring a volcano in the islands.
Location Portal Island
Occupation Co-Mayor and Representative.
Catchphrase Hell Yah!
Hobbies Pranking, Exploring, Drawing and Managing.
Friends Lecon, Rockhopper, many, many more.
Enemies Pirates, Villainous Teams.
Archetype Good
He may not look like it, but he is the mayor. Click to enlarge.

Aloom is a famous explorer and mayor of Portal Island. He still explores and discovers places all around the USA, but his main goal is to map the gigantic Portal Underground Cave System. He was once a president of Portal Country before merging with the USA. He is also the Delegate/Representative of Portal Island in the South Pole Council.


Aloom was born to a wealthy family, and liked to explore. He ended up being in chick scouts when he was young, and became a famous explorer in Club Penguin Island. He discovered many icebergs and islands around the Sub-Antartic. It is known that when he was a chick, he got lost in the wilderness, but ended up surviving on his own with the help of his new best pal, a green puffle called Hurricane. He spent all of his time when he is lost in an expedition to teach Hurricane how to talk.

Later on, he was called by Rockhopper to explore the dormant volcano on Rockhopper Island. He was on course to Rockhopper Island on his trusty yacht-home, the S.S. Storm Raptor. But when a series of huge storms stuck the seas, he was off course and the Raptor was damaged. All of this is explained in a journal entry (look below) He anchored the ship on the beach of the nearest land, and sent distress signals. It wasn't the first time he was shipwrecked, and he spent all his time repairing the ship's broken parts. He was then rescued by a helicopter, and he continued to explore the island. This island was later named Portal Island. He discovered and explored all of the islands above ground, but he knew of a gigantic cave system underneath. When people settled down, He was elected president of the islands. However when a typhoon damaged the islands, he merged with the USA, becoming mayor, and repaired the island. He then went to become the Representative delegate of the island in South Pole Council. He still explores new places around Antarctica, however his main goal right now is to map and explore the gigantic cave system underneath Portal Island.

Journal-The storm that led to Portal Islands[edit]

It was just one day since I left CP. Rockhopper Island was like, a week away. Rockhopper called me to explore Mt. Shale, a dormant volcano on the island. I was watching the LCD TV in my home aboard my yacht, the Storm Raptor. It was fine until I the loud voice of my green puffle pal Hurricane, who knew how to speak, because I gave him lessons how to. "Aloom, come up!" said Hurricane. I followed him to the top, where I saw a huge storm system approaching the ship. "Ugh. Cane, the sails won't work well in such winds, nor will the motor. You go aboard the crow's nest on the sail, I will steer." I said. The next few hours went good, Cane loosened the sails for full sail and the motor was rapidly spinning. just when rain started and the last bit of sunlight disappeared. Thunder crackled on the horizon as large waves started crashing with the ship. "Cane! Stable the sails, I will steer!" I screamed and tried to steer the ship right ahead to Rockhopper Island, but it was really hard. I eventually gave hope to reaching Rockhopper Island when huge, tsunami like waves were ahead of me. I went wherever there were low waves, and boy was it hard. Cane was barely holding the sails, barely managing to stay inside the crow's nest. I didn't stop until I heard a loud boom from the engine room. I couldn't leave the wheel, so I just took a guess that the motor has stopped working. I was right, the motor was not spinning on the wet computer screen on the dashboard. I was soaking wet, my hat filled with water. The fog was too thick now for me to change the course, before thunder came near the ship. Cane got surprised and fell from the crow's nest, and fainted. I couldn't feel sorry for him because I was busy steering the ship around the icebergs that suddenly kept appearing through the blinding fog and rain. Before I knew, a iceberg collided with the starboard. Damage was minimal, but the impact was too much for me as I fell overboard. I clung to the anchor, in the freezing and rough sea. Icebergs collided with my body, but I forgot that I was bleeding. I was practically frozen. I thought I might get hypothermia, so I took all my remaining strength to climb the anchor into the boat, when I passed out. When I woke up, the storm was still blazing and the ship was leaning left and then suddenly leaning right. I struggled to get on my feet when I saw a huge, tsunami like wave flinging the boat upside down in the air, before I found out the boat was flying right into a huge iceberg. The boat got right side up before the impact. I closed my eyes in reflex as the boat flied right through the peak of the iceberg, breaking the iceberg's peak and then the boat flew into the ocean, landing with a huge splash. I looked in awe at the size of the iceberg and the medium damage at the ship's front, which was amazing. Before I could celebrate in my head, A loud thud knocked me off my feet. When I got up, I realized that the ship wasn't moving. I took a wild guess that the ship collided with a rock in shallow water, but i couldn't see a island because of the fog. I didn't want to risk our lives, so I dropped the anchor, which gave a thud pretty quick, making sure that we were in shallow water. I took Cane and went inside the boat until the storm subsided. I went to see the damage to the ship, but I was amazed to see a tropical island in front of me, which was surely not Rockhopper Island. I was shipwrecked, but I found Portal Island.


Usually blue, he changes his color to black when he is mayor. He never goes anywhere before his signature mp3 and laptop, but he packs them in bag when he is exploring. The laptop helps to map up everything he has explored yet. He has spiky black hair, which get hid by his green ball cap when he explores.


  • Hey Cane, look at this place!
  • Cane, Full sail ahead!
  • We have reached our destination.
  • Hell Yah! We are alive, we made it past the boiling lava!
  • You really sure about that?
  • Oh God.
  • Pack our diving gear, Cane!
  • Cane! We need penguin and puffle sized Heat suits, Cold suits, Oxygen tanks, and that mask that saves us from poisonous gases.
  • Hey Cane, you got the rope? we are climbing down the cave.
  • Hurricane, you are not doing this alone!


  • Afterwards, He DID explore Mt. Shane at Rockhopper Island.
  • He was the one who found out the Iron quantities at Iron Island.