Alxeedo the Awesome

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Alxeedo the Awesome
"Legend has it that his foes were blinded due to overexposure to sheer awesomeness."
Title King of Macradonia
Gender Male
Race Macaroni Penguin
Faction Macradonia
Level ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞
Location Macradonia

Alxeedo the Awesome I
The Imperial Monarch of the Sovereign Kingdom of Macradonia
"Legend has it that his foes were blinded due to overexposure to sheer awesomeness."
Reign 2008 to Present
Predecessor Phily II
Royal House Macradonia, First Line
Royal anthem Keeps Getting Better by Spring Awakening
Royal motto "Legend has it that my foes were blinded due to overexposure to sheer awesomeness."
Father Phily II
Mother Furybet II
The Most Awesome Alxeedo the Awesome
Born He's so awesome that we won't tell!, Dorkugal
Died ZOMG He's too awesome to die!!!!!!, HE'S... TOO... AWESOME!
Considered The Most Awesome in Sparka, Dorkugal, Macradonia
Promoted to The Most Awesome July 31st, 2009, Centriepistula by Cardinal (P. Benzin fainted before he could finish the edict)
Promoted because He is the King of Macradonia, saving nerd territories, being AWESOME.
Controversy Some Geeks question his awesomeness.

Alxeedo the Awesome (title: King Alxeedo the Awesome I of Macradonia) is the current King of Macradonia, a Macaroni Penguin, and a Half-Nerd. Famous for his wars against the Poshian Empire, he's appeared in every single nerdy newspaper. Prepguins are jealous because of his sucess; even a Jerk said he was awesome! Clearly, he's awesome. He's a cousin of Alxeedoo1010.


Alxeedo (the Awesome wasn't part of his name yet) was born to Phily II, and his wife, Furybet II. They raised him up to be the greatest soldier nerd ever. Alxeedo's sucess began when he and his father invaded the Geek Empire. For a while, they had control, but the Geeco-Dorkugeese got angry and banished Phily away. With his father gone, Alxeedo had to seize control of

He then sent a general to check out the Poshian Empire. When Alxeedo heard that his general was given a wet willy, he was furious. He invaded the Poshian Empire, and liberated a few territories. The Poshians responded by taking two others. Awesome added? Yes! The CEO of Dorkugal gave him the title.

Alxeedo the Awesome became the first Half-Nerd to be given any major Dorkugese title. He spent most of his life battling the Poshians.


Alxeedo the Awesome currently rules Macradonia. He's a hero to the nerds, a villain to the preps, and the others don't care.