Alxeedoo Spammer

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Alxeedo Spammer
Alxeedoo Spammer image.PNG
The fool about to spam Alxeedoo1010 with a Spam Bomb.
Title Alxeedo Spammer, I Hate that Alxeedoo, ACPguy, SanityOne, The Idiot
Gender Asexual
Race Unknown
Faction Str00del Force
Health 10
Level Level
Status Trying to bomb Alxeedoo1010.
Location Geek Empire

Alxeedoo Spammer is a Str00del force robot in the Str00del Force trying to destroy Alxeedoo1010. He created the Spam Bomb. He is very weak because all he knows how to do is throw Spam Bombs.


He first was ACPguy, and was an innocent "Penguin". Then he attacked Explorer 767. Alxeedoo1010 jumped in front of Explorer, and somehow got Mabel to attack him (and then she attacked Explorer and Alxeedoo). His account was Banned. Then he made a new account, but instantly became a Str00del when he threw a Spam Bomb at Alxeedoo. He exploded and was rushed to the Hospital. He had serious injuries. Alxeedoo Spammer was Banned. Then he made another account called SanityOne and once again, spammed Alxeedoo. He was Banned again.


He attacks Alxeedoo1010. With Spam Bombs. That's really all. He does it all day. That's how stupid he is.


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