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Kingdom of Amataria
Flag of Amataria
MottoFrom The Fire We Forge Power
AnthemThe Iron Anthem
Location of Amataria
A map of Amataria
(and largest city)
Mek City
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Various
Species  Various types of penguins
Demonym Amatarian
Government Monarchy
 -  The Man Amigopen
 -   estimate 3,450,000 
Currency Amatarian Coin (AC)
Drives on the right
Calling code 227

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Amataria's theme!

Amataria is a country in Antarctica led by "The Man" Amigopen. Founded in the 1990s on accident and brought into reality per the order of Director Benny, the country is now in a miniaturized civil war between companies looking to monopolize on the country's energy source for their robots: plasma.

A member of the Western Union, a politico-economic union of twelve sovereign states across Antarctica, Amataria remains generally isolated and withdrawn from the world compared to it's other allies, mostly due to their idea of war being different from other countries, primarily due to the preference of robots to fight instead of actual soldiers. Despite this, the country maintains strong ties with their "rival" Munijoch, often calling it their "sister nation" due to Munijoch's investments into the field of AI and robotics for the company DRONE, as well as political alliances between the two countries, despite the geographical distance between the two countries, with Munijoch being on the other side of the continent.

Per an agreement made with Munijoch, Amataria is to become an official ally, and they can request the permission to join The Zeta Connections or any other organization if need be.



Amataria was first discovered by Amigopen when he was a very young child. He first saw it in a dream, and decided that the best way to put the country on the map was to launch an adventure of epic proportions. So, he put together a rag-tag team of explorers and set off into the Asiapelago to find the country of his dream. Months later, he finally found it, albeit smaller than he anticipated, and promptly named it Amataria. Since he found it, he was declared king and established a formal monarchy to cement his rule on the new island nation. He allowed the adventurers to stay and be lords and ladies, establishing a formal kingdom and parliament all on the same day. Having received word of a successful discovery, curious colonists began to pour into the newly established country looking to make a name for themselves. With them came seeds for plants, tree saplings, and fishermen to supply the nation with food.

Pre-Industrial Era[edit]

Prior to industrializing, Amataria mostly grew its economy through mining and agriculture. They imported their crops to other countries and made a decent amount of money doing so. In addition to this, they also made money exporting minerals and ore to other countries. They began to manufacture steel, seeing the potential in doing so. They began one of the earliest factories, a processing plant for steel, and it eventually caught on. With a low tax rate, companies from across Antarctica tried to cash in on the lucrative opportunity to expand their business and pay less taxes. Eventually, the establishment of the capital, Mek City, allowed the companies to create a formal headquarters for their newly established holding firms. While most citizens did not mind this change, as it meant more jobs, several watchdog groups from other countries took note of this, and began to closely watch Amataria.

Corporate Warfare[edit]

Due to Amigopen not knowing how to run a country, he allowed two massive companies to take root on one of the islets in Amataria. Founded at the same time, the two companies initially manufactured different things for different purposes; for example, if one company manufactured a bearing, the other manufactured rails for it to ride on. For a while, these companies existed in tandem with one another, until they found the perfect product: robots. They began to manufacture them en masse until both the companies noticed that they looked remarkably similar to one another. As a result, the companies, now very close rivals, began to wage corporate espionage that continues to this day. This espionage includes patent stealing, sabotaging manufacturing facilities, "pamphlet bombing" advertisements, and rogue code being injected into the robots. Due to the lack of direct oversight, Amigopen did not stop this, and has let it continue reluctantly.

Present Day[edit]

Today, the country is pro-Munijoch due to several contracts awarded by Pulse Holdings for the manufacturing of components, as well as the fact that Amigopen and Joseph Yslenski are best friends. Munijoch has special interest in the country, and has tried to persuade them to leave their current alliance in favor of a better trade agreement in the Zeta Connections or just with the two of them. Amigopen has pondered in this, saying that “it would take war” to make Amataria leave the Western Union. Their alliance is still bolstered by the manufacturing of important components for military weaponry, as well as their collaboration in the experimental Project NAUT, which seeks to map the sea floor in its entirety. Munijoch has also donated vast sums of money to fix the infrastructure of the country, such as building bridges, tunnels, new roads, and train tracks.


Amataria, ever since the over-manufacturing of the military robots has occurred, was once known as one of the most economically advanced countries in the Asiapelago. Amataria mainly got their economy from metal found in their abundant plasma and titanium mines, but they also sold technologically advanced robots to other countries, as well as being one of the leading game-industrial countries. Jobs in Amataria are difficult to find, but are moderately easy to deal with. Today, however, the economy has been reduced due to the corporate warfare going on.

Two of the leading companies in Amataria include A Corp. and Omega Inc., which rival each other in the marketing industry. Their products are vastly similar, but their resemblances are different all together. Their most popular products include their cleaning robots, which are found in most households. Due to this sour "war," the island is often devastated by pamphlet bombings for coupons, corporate espionage, patent infringement, and a lack of copyright protection for anyone that is a scientist or an inventor.

National Involvement[edit]

Amataria has been, up until now, fully participating in the Western Union. That changed on February 18th, 2019, when the legislation necessary to withdraw from the Western Union passed, thus completing the withdrawal process of the country. During the months leading up to this, Amataria was increasingly frustrated by the lack of meaningful research and economic opportunities within the alliance. So, in December, Amataria formally announced their commencement of withdrawal from the Western Union, in order to seek better pastures. Per the agreement made between their legislation and Amigopen, Amataria covered all expenses to withdraw citizens and cease trade deals between the countries, as well as sort out the citizens living within Amataria that were from other countries on a visa.

Soon after this was announced, Munijoch announced that Amataria is to be sponsored by Munijoch in a new collaborative effort of research, economics, and military support through an Axle Powers funded endeavor. The goal is to bolster both the research capabilities, mend the rampant corporate warfare, and to strength Munijoch-Amataria bonds through a common love of science.

Amataria often seeks non-militaristic alliances for the benefit of economic gain. Their main goals are to increase jobs to get taxes to repair infrastructure, and to establish a national research laboratory as opposed to privately funded endeavors. So, they found benefit in allying themselves with powers like Munijoch, who offer outsourced factory work in manufacturing components, fresh income, and fresh ideas



Unlike most armies who use penguins for war, Amataria uses Robots called Robo-Soldiers, thanks to Amigopen. Robo-Soldiers run on wiring inside their storage on their chests. They also store their weapons inside. They usually contain grenades, laser guns and knives. The good thing about them is that their weak spots are the wires. If any gets destroyed it will explode. There are also several other Robots.

Amataria formerly produced an improved version of the original robots used for combat, called Amatarian Military Industrial Droids (AMID), or version 2.0 bots for short. They are more lighter than Robo-Soldiers, which is more cheaper for the economy. Their appearance shows them to be more futuristic and they have an advanced design. Unlike Robo-Soldiers, AMIDs already have a weapon attached to their arm, which allows for quick automatic firing. Despite being an improved version of the Robo-Soldiers, AMIDs have a few negative traits. Their arms and legs have easy-to-locate joints, in which these can be easily destroyed for either one of their arms or legs to come off.

Militarised Kombat Robots[edit]

The Militarised Kombat Robots (or MKR for short) are military vehicle-shaped robots mainly used for war. Most of the MKRs are piloted from long-ranged distances, thanks to the multiple sensors around their chassis. Larger MKRs carry penguins to maintain the robot.

Project NAUT[edit]

Project New AI for Underwater Terrain, or NAUT, is a new project being co-developed with Munijoch to create a massive robot for active deployment in wars where beach invasions are a core component of a strategy. The goal is to create a robot that can both house troops and be controlled by troops, stand at 15 stories tall, and be able to actively damage both enemy troops and the landscape using either PULSE weaponry or a melee weapon. The project, while primarily an experiment, is set to begin trials in 2020.

Land Vehicles[edit]

Thanks to the alliance with Munijoch, Amataria has begun to use MJ based transportation vehicles, such as the MJ-REXXAR tank, along with other military land vehicles. However, active development continues for Amataria to develop in-house solutions for their tanks and other vehicles. Such vehicles include:

  • The MKR Pincher is one of the first MKRs made and also the most abundant MKR that is used.


  • The main population of Amataria are penguins.
  • Robots are a main staple of Amataria, but are not counted in it's population, since they're used for service purposes only.


Amataria’s main culture involves mostly technology-related memes, as well as random bursts of code that, when decrypted, are often jokes. There are no formal traditions on the island besides the weekend, where all work is suspended as per country regulations. Robots typically host dance parties, and other citizens tend to either watch on or try and compete in an endurance dance-off. In addition, self-depracating jokes are common place, although these are mostly shared online. Most of the country has rudimentary art skills, thanks in part to an art class taught by Amigopen, which is part of the required morning programming in the country.


Better Amataria.png


North Amataria[edit]

North Amataria.png

One of the three islands, North Amataria is the most populated island and holds Mek City, the capital city of Amataria.

South Amataria[edit]

South Amataria.png

South Amataria is highly populated, but is outmatched my North Amataria's numbers. It is known as the industrial island to Amatarians and foreigners alike, but it isn't exclusive to industry alone. A quarter of the island is designed to house several penguins in it's residential zone. It is also the home of the two rivalling companies that are also the leading companies of the country, A Corp. and Omega Inc.

NV Island[edit]

NV Island Flag.png

No Value Island, usually abbreviated as NV Island, is the smallest island out of the three. Due to it being rather small, it houses a very small population, with only 6400 penguins living on the island. It is usually considered to be the slum island of Amataria, as it's technology is very outdated compared to the other islands.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Good. - Shops Island and Amataria get along well due to their close proximity to each other. This relationship has grown significantly since Amataria left the Western Union and aligned itself more closely with the Axle Powers.
  • Munijoch.jpg Munijoch - Excellent. Despite being in different powers, Munijoch has been successful in becoming closer and closer to the technological nation, including an offer for them to join the Zeta Connections, officiating an alliance.
  • MAI.png Margate - Good. Despite having left the Western Union, Amataria still enjoys a free trade agreement with the Margatians. In addition, the two countries’ citizens also enjoy visa-free travel to each other.


  • The population of Amataria is very discriminatory towards puffles, and until very recently puffles were completely forbidden from entering and being in Amataria, with Western Union laws forcing this to change. Now that Amataria has exited the Western Union, it is unclear what the state of puffles will be in the near future.

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