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Club Penguin Amazement Park
The official park map from 2014. Clockwise from bottom left- Pirate Park, Tumbleweed Town, Galaxy Park, Lake (not part of the park), park entrance.
Key details
Location South Club Penguin Island
Inhabitants None

The Amazement Park, also known as Puff Flags: Amazement Park, was an amusement park in Club Penguin, USA. It hosted The Fair in 2014 and 2015. Like past Fairs, the best rides and prizes were restricted for Members-only.


Due to popular demand by citizens, Club Penguin's Party Development Center decided that The Fair would return to the island in February 2014. However, it needed some new inspiration, as 2012's party was rated as "boring" and "plain". So, the committee told Rookie to change things up.

Since Puff Flags is Rookie's favorite amusement park company, he decided to hire them to build a new, temporary park across Club Penguin's servers. However, being the "rookie" he is, he forgot to sign the government contract with them until the end of December, 2013. Using a blank check from the PDC, Puff Flags went all out to build the park in time for the party in February (which is an unheard of build time for a site like that). The park was built to the East of the Dock, towards the wilderness explored during the Wilderness Expedition in 2011.

The park was officially announced to the public in early February, and was completed on February 16th, 2014. The park had a rough opening on February 19th, for members and US dignitaries. It was opened to everyone the next day, officially starting "The Fair 2014". Unlike past Fairs, which were spread across the island, The Fair 2014 took place entirely in the Amazement Park. Puff Flags handled everything, from the parks across the servers, to prizes and beyond. The PDC had given Puff Flags permission to use past Fair games and equipment in the park, so classic fair games were recycled and used around the parks's themed areas, "Pirate Park", "Tumbleweed Town", and "Galaxy Park".

Despite being a very expensive project for the PDC, The Fair 2014 was ultimately a success, and rated better than many of their parties post-2012. Puff Flags would be hired to rebuild the park in 2015 for another Fair, and they also added a fourth themed area, "Ye Olde Castle". It was again torn down after The Fair, with the original Fair games going back to the PDC, and Puff Flags being able to keep the rides and equipment they had built, as well as leftover prizes.



Galaxy Park[edit]

Pirate Park[edit]

Tumbleweed Town[edit]

Ye Olde Castle[edit]

Rides, games and activities[edit]

Balloon Pop -

Members Only Buccaneer Boats -

Members Only Bullseye - Bullseye is a game located inside of Tumbleweed Town. Players must hit the Herbert and Klutzy targets in order to win tickets. Only members can play it, unless a non-member wins a Silver Ticket at the Daily Spin.

Daily Spin - The Daily Spin is a cool feature that can be found near the entrance of the park. Everyone can spin it once a day (hence the name) to win a prize. The prizes include pins, tickets, coins, and "Silver Tickets". Silver tickets are like free passes for non-members to access a members-only feature, such as The Space Squid roller coaster, The Wagon Wheel ferris wheel and the Bullseye target game.

Digital World - Digital World is the name of a rebooted 8-bit game in Galaxy Park. Using the old red arcade machine (from the Dance Lounge), players must waddle around and collect food to earn tickets. Some of the food includes Fish Dogs, apples, and coffee.

Feed-A-Puffle -

Lunar Launch - Lunar Launch is a classic test-your-strength game located in Galaxy Park. It is very similar to the original Fair game "Ring the Bell".

Members Only Medieval Monsters -

Puffle Paddle -

Puffle Shuffle -

Puffle Soaker -

Members Only The Space Squid - The Space Squid is a roller coaster located in Galaxy Park. It has an initial drop height of 75.4 ft, and a max speed of 47 mph. Only members can ride it, unless a non-member wins a Silver Ticket at the Daily Spin.

Members Only Wagon Wheel - The Wagon Wheel is a three-story tall Ferris Wheel located in Tumbleweed Town. As the entire park is different from any other Amazement Park in the world, there are no other ferris wheels like this in any other parks. Only members can ride it, unless a non-member wins a Silver Ticket at the Daily Spin.


Many controversies surrounded The Fair 2014, and thus the Amazement Park. The past Fairs had taken place around the entire island, while in 2014 and 2015 they were entirely within the Amazement Park, which upset some Club Penguinites. Another common complaint among Non-members was that the best prizes and rides were for members only, though that is a tradition that had been passed on from past Fairs.

No Fair in the past had required a paid fee to participate, as they were island-wide government run events. However, Non-members had to pay a 100 coin admission fee to enter the Amazement Park. Though 100 coins isn't a lot, this outraged many non-members and non-member activists, stating that it was prohibiting those without coins from being able to participate in The Fair at all. They also said that since the fee exists, members should have had to pay for it as well. Meanwhile, EBUL stated that the admission fee was a way to counter the large cost of the park, and members already contributed to that by paying for a membership.


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