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Born May 10, 1980 (1980-05-10) (age 39)
Air Kingdom, Olde Antarctica
Residence Archet
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Occupation Leader of the Archet Rangers, King of Archet
Years active 1999 - Present
Known for Leading the Archet Rangers, being King of Archet

Amdir is the King of Archet as of 2011, when the region was founded as an entity and the leader of the Archet Rangers. He became the leader of the Archet Rangers in 2005 after the death of the old leader at the time, and has led the organization ever since. Before becoming leader of the Archet Rangers, Amdir was a High Penguin warrior and ranger and saw limited action in the Antarctic Revolution, fighting for Freezeland. He is also the first person that an adventurer meets when they begin their adventures in the Archetian quests.

Additionally, Amdir helps them in the Quest: Jail break, and he is also involved in the next four quests. Not much is known about him, as he doesn't say much, and doesn't show up much, except for when he is needed. You can begin your first quest by talking to the unruly looking character who is standing on the Combeway by the road that leads into Combe, one of the major cities in Archet. The character turns out to be a member of the Blackwold Brigand, a gang of bandits, and kidnaps you, but Amdir rescues you and defeats the unruly character.


Amdir was born to a High Penguin family in present day Archet in 1980, in what was then the Air Kingdom in Olde Antarctica. When he was ten, Olde Antarctica fell, and was briefly taken over by STINC, before being overthrown by the Puffish, who created Colonial Antarctica. Over the next few years, Amdir grew up in what was the High Penguin province of Colonial Antarctica at the time. However, these years of war that had lasted through his early life left a mark on the young Amdir, and inspired him to become a warrior later in his life to protect defenseless of Antarctica.

By the time the Antarctic Revolution broke out in 1999, Amdir had already been a High Penguin warrior and ranger for two years as part of the Archet Rangers, a small rebel group that was founded to overthrow the King, but also worked to aid the local citizens of Archet. The Archet Rangers often launched attacks on small groups of Puffish soldiers to disrupt or slow their movements and offensives. Aside from fighting in the Revolution, the Archet Rangers also helped fight crime in the absence of the local Puffish police, who had collapsed during the war.

After the war, the Archet Rangers continued to operate in the area, and had also received recognition from the Freezelandian government who controlled Archet after the revolution. Amdir, as part of the Archet Rangers, also saw action during the War of 2002, fighting against the Antarctican soldiers during the invasion of Archet by the United States of Antarctica. In 2005, after the old leader of the Archet Rangers died due to old age, Amdir was chosen as the new leader by the group due to his fighting and leadership skills, a position he still holds to this day.

Amdir also fought against the new Freezelandian government that had overthrown the old King of Freezeland, Triskelle, in 2010 and 2011, during the events known as Twilight and Shadow. He was one of the leaders of the old Freezelandian resistance, and fought alongside Triskelle as well. Amdir eventually became the King of Archet after the war, even though Archet wasn't an independent country, but is still recognized as so. As the leader of Archet though, he is highly involved in Antarctican politics, and often campaigns for the region's independence in speeches.



Amdir has been a warrior since the age of 17, when he joined the Archet Rangers, and continues to be a warrior despite being the King of Archet, and often participates in training activities alongside Freezelandian soldiers. He is considered a very good fighter with either a bow, gun, or sword, having mastered all three weapons through action in multiple wars in his lifetime. Additionally, Amdir is also a good strategist as well, having helped lead the Freezelandian resistance during Twilight and Shadow, and is also part of the reason he became leader of the Archet Rangers.


Having been made King of Archet, Amdir is highly involved in both the region's politics and the politics of the United States of Antarctica as well since Archet is a region of the USA. He often spends his time between the capital of Archet, Chetwood, and the capital, South Pole City, where he is attempting to get support to get the region a seat on the South Pole Council. Amdir also wants Archet to be an independent country and has campaigned for years for that to happen, but his campaign has little to no recognition from most politicians in Antarctica outside of Archet.




  • Triskelle - The two are good friends, having fought alongside each other as allies during the events of Twilight and Shadow, and Triskelle has also proclaimed his support for Archetians to be given more self determination for themselves. Amdir has also often praised Triskelle's successful leadership of Freezeland as well, and Triskelle has often praised Amdir in return for his leadership of Archet.
  • Brant Esser - An unlikely friendship, due to the two living hundreds of miles away from each other, but Brant and Amdir have met before, mostly during Esser's time as the Acadian ambassador to Freezeland. Brant has also announced his support of Archetians being given independence, and has also voiced his support of Amdir for campaigning to do so, praising him on many occasions, and calling him a patriot.


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