Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of Antarctica

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Amendments to the Constitution of Antarctica

An Amendment, rolled up and bound.
Government Papers of the United States of Antarctica
Author Various
Country United States of Antarctica
Language English
Genre Political law
Publisher South Pole Council
Media type Parchment/Manuscript
Preceded by Constitution of the United States of Antarctica
Followed by (See below)

Following its initial draft, several Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of Antarctica have been drafted, submitted, and ratified. These, along with the original document and lawsuits brought to court, outline the supreme law of the land.


Listed in order of ratification.

Amendment One

All laws passed within the South Pole Council apply solely to the United States of Antarctica.

Amendment Two

The Chief Justice can only be a male penguin.

Amendment Three

If an appointment to the Executive Cabinet is contested by another, they must face off in an election that cumulates in five months, maximum.

Amendment Four

Main article: Polarian SAD Amendment

The Polarian SAD Amendment established autonomous district that covered the liberal, corrupt City of Polaris and its suburbs. It laid down the degrees of autonomy, defined its territory, and granted it greater freedom and immunity from the United States of Antarctica. The amendment's text is very long and certainly not fit to be stuffed here, when it is already at Polarian SAD Amendment.

Amendment Five

Marriage shall consist solely of the union between one male and one female creature, unless the creature reproduces with only one parent. The regulation of Hetrogamy creatures shall be prescribed in a manner seen fit by the judges and legislatures of this land. Dictoyostelium amoeba conditions vary too as do Rhizopus fungi and similar species, and therefore shall be subject to the regulations and precedents set forth by lawmakers.

Amendment Six

Section 1: Amendments Two and Five are hereby repealed.

Section 2: No job position private or public shall be restricted by one's gender.

Section 3: Marriage can consist of two creatures of any gender. None authorizing marriage can restrict marriage based on the genders of participants.


  • There is also a UnitedTerra version of this document, but is modified and was declared to favor the states more.