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Born Amigopen2687
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Occupation Tour guide, ninja, fire ninja, water ninja, snow ninja
Home town Club Penguin

Amigopen2687 is an artificial clone of Amigopen. Unlike Amigopen, he lives in Club Penguin while Amigopen perfers to destroy it.


Amigopen2687 was created by Amigopen because he wanted to test if he could make clones. Amigopen2687 was created in Amataria but since he got bored of his own country 1 year later, he immigrated to Club Penguin and lived there for the rest of his life. He then became a PSA Agent a few years later. Amigopen2687 became a tour guide 45 days later. In 2008 the dojo re-opened and he wore the sandals he found in one of the boxes. Card-Jitsu was opened and Amigopen2687 became a ninja in 3 years (Lolwut?). He saw the Sports Shop explode with popcorn in 2010 and a few weeks after it exploded with the PSA, he became an EPF agent but rarely did any field ops. He learnt to be a fire ninja and a water ninja until he got both the sandals. After trying to become a ninja, he gave up. A few more years later, he found out that Card-Jitsu Snow was released and decided to actually learn to become a fire ninja and water ninja. He succeeded in both and also successfully became a snow ninja.


Amigopen2687 regularly wears a tour guide hat, a ninja mask, a jacket with a black puffle on fire and wooden sandals. He sometimes holds a black MP3000 in his flipper to listen to music. He also wears a blue bag. As a ninja, he sometimes wears his water ninja suit and amulet to signal others he is, of course, the water ninja. He also wears different types of outfits, including:


  • He has 4 puffles: Shadow the Black Puffle, Kookoo the Orange Puffle, Bloop the Purple Puffle and Boomer the Yellow Puffle.
  • He is usually ordered by Amigopen to do bad things on Club Penguin but he ignores them because he doesn't want to risk himself from banned from Club Penguin.
  • Unlike Amigopen, Amigopen2687 does not suffer from blindness and is somehow as tall as a regular emporer penguin.
  • Amigopen2687 will always wear a Tour Guide hat or a Blue Bag in one of his clothing sets, exceptions are his ninja suits and his pyjamas.


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