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Habanero De Maple

Who's that
Born Habanero
November 31, 1989 (1989-11-31) (age 30)
Died September 18, 2025 (35)
Gender Male
Nationality Amatarian
Other names Ami, Amigo, Gopen, Idiot
Occupation Engineer, one time DJ
Years active at least 9 years
Home town Montreal
Height 163cm
Weight 76kg
Known for Ruling Amataria
Title That one Engineer
Parents Jalapeño De Maple (Mother), Blueberry De Maple (Father)
This article is about a character, Amigopen. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.

Habanero De Maple, known by his pen name, Amigopen, is an engineer-born Northern Penguin and the current king of Amataria.


Before and during Chickhood

His parents, Jalapeño and Blueberry De Maple, liked to travel far and wide through the Americas, and they always brought Amigopen as an egg around with them. When they weren't travelling, they lived their lives in their cosy family home in Montreal. Some time in 1989, Amigopen's egg hatched, and much to his parents' surprise, his feathers were neither his parents' colors, instead bearing a striking orange color. His mother wanted to give him the name "Habanero", as he was as bright and orange as a habanero.

Amigopen, as a chick, he loved to play video games. He also liked to tinker around with all sorts of objects, although most of those objects had blown apart into his face. However, this was no problem with him. He had grown to eventually gain an interest in the art of robotics.

Nightmare Epic

Amigopen fought in the final battle of the Nightmare Epic against his own X-Antibodies Xgopen and AmigoX, who were being controlled by Nightmare. Both were in very aggressive states and tried to kill him, but Amigopen saved himself by leading them to the closest grocery store full of waffles, taking them and chucking them everywhere throughout the battlefield.



  • The FLAM ("Fire! Literally, that's All, Man.") Hammer, formerly known the BAN ("Bye! Aurevoir, Noob.") Hammer, is a heavily modified warhammer which had recently been given a modification to flame up and hit people with the power of a meteor. The modification was to add up a little flair to his combat if required.
  • Etc.

Antarctican Idol

Amigopen is set to appear as an auditionist for Antarctican Idol, to get more tourists for Amataria.


Amigopen, while sometimes treating people with sweet and kindness, he also seems to have a diabolical way of treating people, especially around unknown strangers. He will even go as far as to use living beings as test subjects for his dangerous creations.


Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Amigopen cries when he gets tickled. It is unknown why this happens.
  • Amigopen can't get up when he falls on his back.
    • This is a refrence to Chiyo Mihama's penguin costume. When she falls down, she can't get back up.
  • Amigopen is probably one of the dumbest penguins on earth, and at the same time one of the smartest. No one knows how that works, but he manages to have that title.
  • Amigopen is an engineer.
  • Amigopen is blind. He was blind at birth, which is why his eyes are different from other penguins.
  • Amigopen formerly had an ability where he could go in and out of Amataria as he pleases to other places, even the north pole.
    • Due to the teleportation to Antarctica, he no longer has this ability.
      • Amigopen could only teleport to another place when he is in Amataria. When he teleports outside of Amataria, the only choice he has is to go to Amataria.
  • Amigopen can call out Xgopen and AmigoX anytime, as it instantly forces them to pop up near him. It annoys the X antibodies when they are doing something important or are doing something they enjoy.


  • "No!"
  • "Hmm, what about waffles?"
  • Penguin: Hey amigopen, nice, costume...
    • Amigopen: ಠ_ಠ
    • Penguin: o_o
    • Amigopen: ಠ_ಠ
    • Penguin: o_o, OH CRAP!
    • -PUNCH!-
  • "crappypants..."
  • "oWo"
  • Someone: "I found your son!"
    • Amigopen: "Who are you, and who is this??"
    • Someone: "Oh, Amigopen~!"
    • Amigopen: "Shut up, I don't even know you."


Amigopen discography

Behold, Amigopen.
Studio albums 1
Singles 4
Music videos 4

Amigopen's music is categorized as techno-rap, pop and hip hop. He independently released his first studio album in early 2012, "A Bad Way to Start", and 4 singles from the album were released throughout 2011. The 4 singles are titled "Brain Damage", "Outta My Way!", "D-" and "*Gasp*". As of July 2011 none of Amigopen's material has charted yet, but might in the future.

In support of his singles, Amigopen has 4 music videos that were directed by himself at a low budget. It is unknown if Amigopen is only releasing this one album, or if he will continue a music career in the future. No major collaborations are planned to be making a guest appearance on "A Bad Way to Start", but it is rumoured that TurtleShroom will be making an appearance on a song. According to reports, some promotion will be carried out for the singles and album. No more than 4 singles will be released from the album.

Studio albums

Year Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
2011 A Bad Way to Start _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • _
  • _
  • _
  • _
  • _
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or receive certification.


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2011 "Brain Damage" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A Bad Way to Start
"Outta My Way!" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
"D-" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
"*Gasp*" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  • He usually takes on games VERY seriously.
  • Amigopen was once in the music company, be he only made one album.
  • He can nearly do every dance, such as this.
  • Mainly, eating Amigopen's waffles makes him angry
  • Amigopen is shockingly very heavy for a penguin, as he is the only super heavyweight penguin in Super Smash Mates Brawl.
  • Amigopen's food chain is pretty much everything edible.
  • Amigopen seems to be extremely dangerous to Club Penguin. He has attempted to nuke the island, but has only made the island reboot.
  • Amigopen is the only character in The Fanon Character Gang who despises the EPF.
  • Amigopen is related to Agent Rogue Tvarkov.
    • Both are nice cousins to each other even if the EPF regularly interrogates Rogue to tell them Amigo's location. She hasn't told them, though.
  • Amigopen openly admits to watching Anime and reading manga.

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