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Shockingly in the Club Penguin Fan Universe, there are billions of different Amigopens, all made by Amigopen.

List of Variants[edit]

Variant Parody? Languages Description Several?
Yukkuri Amigopen Yes Japanese, Engrish Yukkuri Amigopen is a lazy variant of Amigopen that is shown to be an alive head. It usually speaks Robotic-Japanese but it can also speak Robotic-English, just not that good... Yes
Amiigopen No English Main Article:Amiigopen No
Amigopen Magicaster Loosely based English Main Article:Amigopen Magicaster No
Japanese Amigopen Yes Japanese, Engrish Japanese Amigopen is a Japanese variant of Amigopen. He seems to look like this and is usually called "Japaland" for some unknown reason. A similar Japaland is seen in Hetaguria, but is not the same as Japanese Amigopen. No
Amigopen2687 No English Main Article:Amigopen2687 No
Amigopen30000000000089 No English, Spanish Amigopen30000000000089 is the original Amigopen's cousin's brother's, grandmother's uncle's, son's cousin's, grandfather's brother's, daughter's husband's, brother's sister's, grandson. No
Batgopens Yes English The Batgopen trio are three Amigopens that look like Batman. One is a slacker Batgopen that eats nachos, another is an angry Batgopen that usually tells Batgopen 1 "Batgopen does not eat nachos!" and the last one is a scientist Batgopen. Yes
LITO Yes English, Polish L.I.T.O (Like Totally) is an Amigopen that looks like this, has a polish accent and acts like a 14 year old girl. That means talking like this: "Like totally, I would paint my house Wicked Hipster Pink!" Poleland from Hetaguria is most likely based on this varient No