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So terrifying that it would break the COC to have an image of him!
Title King of Evil, Lord of Darkness, Saint of Shadow
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Evil!
Health Immortally Evil!
Level OVER 9000!
Status Evil!
Location Silmaril Void

Malcur was once the Dark Lord, and was the creator of the Shadow Amulet. He and Opacus ate The Two Trees, and killed Finwë. Legends say that he is "the creator of evil". Before he turned evil, he was known as Bauglir Beleri in Arda and Antarctica.

Originally the brightest, most handsome, most powerful first chick, he fell through jealousy, pride and hatred of others until he became evil, who spent himself in wasteful wrath and in effort to gain complete domination over the very substance of the New World.

He was slain once and for all by Amdir during Twilight and Shadow, who wielded Finwë's Spear.


Malcur was the first Dark Lord and, even as a first chick (one of the first high penguins hatched), he was filled with pride and malice, bringing a discord to the music of peace.

During the creation and shaping of the city of Arda, Malcur thwarted the efforts of the other First Chicks, doing his best to inhibit the construction of the realm.

His evil enticed the "lower Penguins" who lived in various unorganized tribes on the mainland, and he sadly corrupted many of the other High Penguin chicks.

Malcur and his small leigon of evil traveled deep into the mainland of Antarctica and built their top secret headquarters, dubbed Utmonsa. From there, he created the Shadow Amulet and created a MASSIVE army to destroy the world of good.

He was eventually defeated around 740, and sent to the Silmaril void, an empty universe of vast darkness. He returned in 1916, and ate The Two Trees with a former follower of his, Opacus, and together they slew Finwë. After that, they were sent back to the void.

Amluc Riam[edit]

He and Opacus somehow escaped the Silmaril void once the door to it weakened, and took new identities, Amluc Riam and Iscapus O'Real. Amluc won the 2009 Freezelandian Elections and became the Prime Minister of Freezeland, though his controversial policies and the instatement of three central banks in the country, caused it to plunge into the largest financial recession in Freezeland's history, prompting Snowzerland to invade in 2010. Despite this, he was still re-elected as Prime Minister of Freezeland due to penguins being brought under his control through hidden spells in his speeches. He went on to coup Triskelle and declare himself the leader of Freezeland, as well as declare the nation itself the New Antarctic Order. With many Freezelandians under his control, he declared war on much of Antarctica, causing Twilight and Shadow, and revealing himself as Malcur.

The war ended once Malcur was slain by Finwë's Spear by Amdir, breaking his spells and freeing the Freezelandians. Malcur was no more.


The Curse of Finwë[edit]

Malcur is well known for Finwë capture in 739, during the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. There, after a nightmare of chained torment in his chambers, Finwë still refused to utter where the Silmarils lay. There, Malcur broke into the chamber and uttered a curse on Finwë and High Penguins alike.

Behold! The Shadow of my thought shall lie upon them (High Penguins) wherever they go, and my hate shall pursue them to the ends of the world.

Then continuing his curse, roared:
But all whom you love my thought shall weigh as a cloud of Doom, and it shall bring them down into darkness and despair. Wherever they go, evil shall arise. Wherever they speak, their words shall bring ill counsel. Whatsoever they do shall turn against them. They shall perish without hope, cursing both life and death.

And so Finwë was chained atop the highest tower, and watched his lands and people fall under the shadow of Malcur until he finally broke out and defeated him in 740, and thus the curse remains unfulfilled.

It is believed Finwë uttered a counter-curse, or that it wore off when he was sent to the Silmaril void. If the second one is the case, it would be fulfilled if he was to return.

Other notable curses[edit]

In addition to his major curse, Malcur instilled many negative prophecies in the world, here are just a few samples.

  • And among the Lowers shall arise a leader, a leader who will shun you and your ways, causing an exile and mass takeover, demeaning you to just another penguin...
  • And lo, a fungus shall sprout in the third millineum, one which shall cause more trouble in your courts than a dozen warriors... and his name shall be evil in foreign tongues...
  • Pastries shall be the end of the mother of a close friend.
    • Status: Fulfilled, death of Triskelle's mother, Khanzem.
  • A penguin born in the months of the midnight sun and one month before the summer solstice shall die in a climactic event. For every song must end, so shall the song of this bird, who is active in chronology and dons a red cap at frequent intervals. I see death in his future.
  • And so the featherbag of those who descend from the noocratic empire will wage war against the furball of evil heritage. Ampersands will fly and coathangers will be drawn, until the furball is exiled from his faction and a new one comes to replace him.
    • Status: Partly fulfilled. Mayor McFlapp (the featherbag) and Director Benny (the furball) are currently locked in a fierce rivalry, but the last part of the prophecy doesn't make much sense.... might Director Benny be couped?

Slaying of Finwë[edit]

Acts as "Amluc Riam"[edit]

Amluc Riam promised financial security, and for Frezeland to enter "a golden age of wealth and prosperity". Throughout late 2009, this was the case. The penguins of Freezeland went on a carefree spending spre, trusting Prime Minister Riam. However, betwen Boxing Day and January 3rd, 2010, the economy went through the worst crash ever. The recovering and booming western economy crumbled almost overnight, causing one of the worst wars sice the Khanzem.

He largely done in by an economic crisis brought on by banks offering easy credit while benefiting from little or no central regulation. Or at least, that's all we can tell you.

The Prime Minister's extravagant lifestyle made him an easy scapegoat for opponents, and the ensuing economic crisis overshadowed his deft handling of early sectional tensions. He prosmised recovery, blaming it on Antarctica.

Soon after, he renounced the ways of the monarchy, also blaming the royalty and the Montasje. Triskelle resigned, and fled, and he Montsje and anyone who opposed Amluc "silenced".

Promising once again, this time he revealed files exposing the existence of High Penguins. He promised a new empire, where both normal and High Penguins can live free. In actuality, he secretly corrupted many High Penguins, because, in fact, most were happy with old Freezeland.


Initially, Malcur could take on any form he chose. The First chicks took on forms reflective of their moods. Malcur, in his arrogance, malice and desire to be bigger and better than all his brethren, took on a form recorded in an old scroll as:

"...a mountain that wades in the sea, and has its head above the clouds, and is clad with ice and crowned with smoke and fire, and the light of the eyes of Malcur was like a flame that withers with heat and pierces with a deadly cold."

Although details are not given, it is likely his feathers were black as coal, and his eyes were said to be able to daunt anyone into doing his will.

This fallen, diminished spirit, Malcur, took the form of an exceedingly tall, majestic Dark Lord whose very presence invoked terror and fear. As he squandered his power in domination and the sending forth of his will to do evil deeds making him less powerful for every creature he gave some his great spirit to, this is shown by the fact that he was able to injure what was originally the most powerful of all the first chicks, he became bound to this form.


  • He has his own steed named Ralar.
  • He could only be defeated by the Blade of Light or Finwë's Spear.

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