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All Gems.png
An Amulet with all the gems.
Type Gem
Effects Supreme Ninja powers.
Source Senseis
Location Antarctica
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell Illegal

Not to be confused with the Elemental Amulets.

The Amulet is an item that all ninjas and to-be, or inherited, ninjas own, as a proof of their ninja status. Given for free by Sensei and part of Ninja heritage, it is illegal to sell. This item can also be proof that the possessor is a Fire, Water, or Snow Ninja. It is the key for ninjas to continue their journey.


It was first created by the The Three Masters, and the three elements (Fire, Water, Snow) were crushed into gems. The gems were placed into the Amulet, and using their powers they duplicated the Amulet so each master could own one. The three Amulets were than duplicated by Gung Hao, to 55 in numbers. Each generation of Sensei duplicated the amulets more, until there were 50 million Amulets! Then it became a tradition to have every Ninja own a Amulet. Amulets became an important role in the world of ninjas, and most of Antarctica.

However, non-ninja villains have tried to steal the Amulets, and use the powers for evil. What the villains didn't know is that you needed to be a ninja to control an Amulet, and play Card-Jitsu Fire, Water and Snow to use the other powers. When Whoot Smackler Whoot got a hold of two million Amulets, he tried to use them. He learned that they were completely useless, so destroyed all his stolen Amulets.

There was one Amulet left, so The Five Senseis had to duplicate the Amulet again. They created 2 billion Amulets after the Khanzem Period, which was around the same time many wanted to become ninjas. Now the Amulet is an openly known object, and few are ignorant about it.



  • Sensei has a complete Amulet, finishing: Fire, Water, and Snow.
  • One doesn't need to earn all the gems in their Amulet, unless they're a dedicated ninja.

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