An Explosive New Year

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This is the First Fanon character New Years Special! After what happened in Christmas 2012, Questisbak has her revenge! Meanwhile, the Fanon Character Gang encounters a giant radioactive puffle, a clumsy secret agent, and a rich old penguin who has a pet shocktopus. What else will happen? You decide!

An Explosive New Year
Start 30th December 2012
End 1st January 2013
Location Club Penguin
Rewards A new year
The War before Christmas Fanon Characters April Fools Special 2013!



"YAY! I'm going to get more dynamite!" Fooly8 said to his friends, after launching a piece of dynamite into the sky, creating a firework-like effect.

Fooly waddled away, towards a shed looking for more dynamite. As he dug around, Zayne Pie waddled over by the Mine Shack. He sat down on a rock, and looked at Fooly dig around.

"Hey! Kid, what are you doing launching rockets in the middle of the day?" Zayne coughed, scaring Fooly.

"Yikes! You nearly scared me, old man. Who are you?" Fooly asked, as he waddled over towards Zayne with flippers full of dynamites.

"I'm Zayne Pie, the grandpa of Feey1 Pie," Zayne explained, almost acting proud of himself.

"Who the "jalapeños" is that?" Fooly asked, as he tripped over a ball of ice that was clearly visible on the ground.

Zayne grumbled, and face palmed. Then he explained to Fooly8 all about his grandson in ten minutes, even though Fooly started loosing focus, and nearly fell asleep at least twenty times. During Zayne's explanation, Fooly had sat down on a log with the sticks of dynamite at his feet.

"Say, kid, why are you lighting dynamite?" Zayne asked, pointing to the pile with his wrinkled flipper.

"I'm celebrating the new year! These dynamite cause a fireworks effect!" Fooly joyfully said, holding a stick in his flippers and staring at it.

"You know nothing about special effects do you? Don't blow up dynamite alone! You should surround it with piles of confetti, and launch them into the air. Hehe! I remember that new year's eve," Zayne giggled, as he stared up into the mountains, rubbing the underside of his beak.

"OoOoHhH! Please tell me more, old fart," Fooly asked.

"Don't call me that! Last time some kids insulted me they were eaten by a bear, that came running out of the woods!" Zayne warned Fooly.

"What did they call you?" Fooly asked, with a glare in his eyes.

"Baldie; which is odd because I was not bald back then," Zayne told, once again rubbing the underside of his beak.

At that point, Fooly8 figured that he would only be eaten if he called Zayne "baldie".

"Hey, maybe you can come and see what we are doing! It is a pretty site, and I heard Amigopen is bringing fresh tea! Wanna come?" Fooly asked.

"That would be very nice" Zayne said.

"HEY GUYS! I CAME BACK WITH DYNAMITE! AND AN OLD PENGUIN CALLED BAL... I MEAN ZAYNE CAME WITH ME! YAY!" Fooly yelled as he got into the area they where practicing.

"Dude, do not shout in my ear" Patrick Tea said.

"Patrick, penguins don't have ears," Star Kirby12 told Patrick.

"In that case, he shouted where my ears are supposed to be!" Patrick answered.

"I think we should focus in the new guest and the firework show." Chub 777 said

"Oui everyone, I got the tea!" Amigopen appeared with a tray of tea in his flippers and gave everyone a mug of tea.


"Hey, X?" Y started. "Remember the Laser Battling ability?"

"Yes, I do," X replied. "We succeeded it after a few tries."

"I don't think you can call 59 tries a few was what they said," Z noted.

"My point is that we could firework the darn thing," Y said.

"We have to think it through. Laser Battling can easily destroy objects, plus you haven't mastered the Sonic Stealth," X replied.

"Oh sure I did!" Y shouted. "SONIC STEALTH!"

"Y, you're half-transparent, was what they said," Z said.

The goal of the ability is to turn invisible and move quickly.

"If you can master the Sonic Sealth by tonight, we will ask The Fanon Character Gang if we can join their firework show, was what they said" Z told Y.

Zayne made himself comfortable on a lawn chair, and watched the younger penguins mess around with tons of explosives. Fooly8 put a big log in front of him, and stared at him until he finally asked why Fooly was doing that.

"Aren't you going to tell the story?" Fooly asked Zayne loudly.

"Oh, right! I was thinking some of your friends would like to listen," Zayne said, as he glanced at Amigopen.

"Oh. HEY! Guys, do you want to hear Zayne's story? It's about dynamite and confetti!" Fooly shouted at the top of his lungs, right next to Patrick, right where his ear is supposed to be, once again.

All of them decided to take a tea break, and gather around. They settled down on whatever they could sit on. Amigopen strangely sat on his Ban Hammer, which only caught the attention of Zayne. Zayne didn't know these youngsters too well, but he did see some of them on the news.

"Alright, can you all tell me your names? I think I know Star boy over there," Zayne said, looking at Star.

"You can just call me Star," Star said to Zayne.

"Oh, okay, Star. And you are?" Zayne asked again, this time at Amigopen.

"What!? You don't know me!? How come no one knows me!?!" Amigopen shouted in anger.

"Calm down, Amigopen. Many people know you," Patrick grumbled.

"Hmmm..You, son, are you Patrick?" Zayne asked, stomping in his cane in the snow.

"Why yes, yes I am. How do you know me?" Patrick boasted, as if being known by an older penguin met you were cooler.

"I knew a fellow who worked at your school. The one you got that terrible picture taken, of you in clothing with a star painting!" Zayne answered.

The others didn't know what Patrick used to wear, and looked at him stunned. Patrick blushed, and was embarrassed.

"You were saying, Zayne?" Patrick said, trying to get the topic off of him.

"Oh, right, let the story begin!" Zayne said, stomping his cane even harder into the snow.

Chapter 1: Flashback[edit]

Some time ago, Zayne had become a bounty hunter. Zayne was academically smart, had ninjas skills, and was brave. He became well known across Antarctica as a bounty hunter, and was hired police force after police force. Nearly all criminals feared him, but they grew smart. They realized that instead of facing Zayne, they had to avoid him. Zayne made friends with two other bounty hunters, Randy Smith and Destructo67. They formed an alliance, and had parties whenever they caught a series crook.

It was December, and the Doom Bandit was on the loose. The Doom Bandit, more commonly referred to as DB, apparently had great resources. He would be on side of Antarctica, then on the other in days. It was believed he was working for the Frankish mafia: Malheur Équipe. DB was robbing banks, bombing capital buildings, and derailing trains. Ninjas, military, any type of law enforcement was after him. Prizes were made across Antarctica for whoever caught him, and brought him to law enforcement dead or alive. The highest price on DB's head was 50 million currency. Every bounty hunter was after him. Except Zayne and his friends, for the new year was close, and they were celebrating.

It was December 27, Zayne had invited Randy and Destructo67 over for a early new years party. The two wanted to light fireworks, and, of course, light some TNT. When the two arrived at Zayne's house, they realized that Zayne had trash bags of confetti in his living room.

"What is this?" Randy asked Zayne, pointing to the piles.

"My wife bought confetti to celebrate Christmas, but she had a whole bunch leftover. I think there's too much for new years eve too," Zayne explained, opening one of the bags and showing the colorful confetti.

"Awesome! My mind is blown, guys. I got some TNT, and you've got let's make a confetti bomb! BANG!" Destructo shouted to the others.

"You know, I did study a little bit of special effects when I was young. That sounds like a good idea, Destructo!" Zayne said, scratching the lower part of his beak.

"Wouldn't the confetti catch on fire?" Randy pointed out.

"Not if we set it up properly," Zayne said, clapping his flippers in joy.

"Sounds rad!" Destructo shouted again.

"Give me a few minutes to draw up a plan," Zayne said, as he ran towards his office.

Randy dipped his cookie into a cup of warm milk, and stuffed his face. Zayne was still drawing the blue prints, and in that time, Zayne's wife had given the two guests some chocolate chip cookies. Randy and Destructo67 were stuffing their faces with the cookies. Like during Christmas they didn't get enough treats. Suddenly Zayne came running down the stairs, and into the kitchen. He placed the blue print on the counter, in front of the two friends of his. Randy picked up the blue print, and looked at it. He soon liked it, and passed it over to Destructo.

"How do you like it, guys?" Zayne asked, as he grabbed a Cream Soda from the fridge.

"Good idea, and it makes sense," Randy complimented the blue print.

"It's very simple. Just put the confetti behind on top of some crates, and connect them together with some more wood. Then cover the dynamite with a sheet of plywood. The shockwave will just rocket the confetti into the air!" Zayne explained the idea to them.

"You want to test tonight, bros?" Destructo asked Zayne and Randy.

Both Zayne and Randy nodded yes, and instantly the trio started taking the needed supplies to the backyard. All of them were anxious, and excited, even though Mrs. Pie looked outside at them with worried eyes.

"Zayne, why does your wife keep looking at us like that?" Randy asked, as he dropped a bag of confetti on the ground.

"She has this weird sense of worry, like whatever I build will become a ticking bomb," Zayne said, motioning his flippers.

"Well, duh, we are using dynamite!" Destructo responded, as he nailed down a piece of ply wood.

The last nail was driven down, and the device was complete. Destructo67 grabbed a stick of dynamite, and placed it inside the thing. He lit the fuse, and the three ran backwards. They hid behind a thick pile of snow, that had formed around a metal trashcan.


The dynamite blew up, and confetti flew everywhere. Only some pieces of confetti burst into flames, but besides that, the scene was amazing. Inside the house, Zayne's wife freaked out from the explosion, and fell off her desk chair. She angrily got up, and stomped towards the window. She threw it opened, and shouted at her husband.

"Zayne, what are you doing!? You scared the living daylights out of me, and probably the whole neighborhood!"

"Sorry, honey, it wouldn't happen again," Zayne yelled back at her.

"I wish you still worked at A+ High,!" she yelled at him, as she closed the window.

"Zayne, you're a lucky dude," Destructo teased Zayne.

"Har har har! Anyways, look, the confetti thingy worked!" Zayne said, pointing towards the "thingy."

"Yeah, I thought it would catch flame. What now?" Randy asked.

"Well, we make more. But light them up out in the old firework field," Zayne answered, waddling over to his confetti bomb.

"You could probably mass produce these things, and sell them every holiday," Destructo said, throwing a handful of confetti into the air.

"Nah, I'm not a business man. Anyways, let's take these supplies to the firework field. We'll construct more for new years eve!" Zayne said, as he waddled over to his garage.

Destructo67 and Randy followed him into the massive garage. As they entered, they saw all sorts of interesting things. There were antique tools hanging from the ceiling, tool shelves covered in dust (and what Destructo thought was raisins), and a car from the 1950's by the large door. Zayne waddled over to a pile of plywood, and boards. The pile was well organized, and, unlike everything else in the garage, wasn't covered in dust.

"Wow, Zayne, this is actually all clean!" Destructo said, rubbing his flipper across a wood board checking for dust.

"Alright, you two grab the boards, and I'll grab the plywood. Load them onto Randy's pickup truck, and we'll take them down to the firework field," Zayne commanded.

Randy and Destructo67 did as told, and took the supplies out to the truck. They loaded them up in the back, and were done in just a few minutes. Zayne took some snacks and drinks from the kitchen, and the trio headed out. The sun had set hours ago, and it was pitch black. Without the truck's headlights, the three would probably never see a thing. Zayne realized that it would be really hard to see the confetti going up, and almost told the others; until he remembered an industrial spotlight that Randy always kept in his truck. The trio soon made it to the firework field, which was a scorched landscape surrounded by hills on all sides.

"We're here!" Randy said, as he parked the truck.

"It's so gloomy, and black. Do you think we'll be able to see the confetti, bro?" Destructo asked, looking at Zayne.

"Come on, we're not going to light them off tonight. We're waiting for new years eve!" Zayne explained.

"Makes sense," Destructo replied, scratching his belly.

"Now, Zayne, where should we set up the confetti bombs?" Randy asked, looking out into the field.

Zayne said the middle, so the trio drove out farther. They parked near the center of the field, where the grass was scorched most. The ground was covered in charcoal, remnants of fireworks, and still smelled like fireworks. As the three friends got out of the truck, they got an eerie feeling. There was a thick fog covering the field, and they felt that something was watching them. The slightest noise freaked them out, but neither one admitted their fear. The trio simply set up the confetti bombs. By then it was 11:30pm, and they were tired. They walked back to the truck, and took a good look of the confetti bombs. Then Zayne came up with a wonderful idea, he then shouted in joy.

"We should make one massive confetti bomb!"

His friends stared at him like he was insane.

"How would we build a massive confetti bomb?" Randy asked, crossing his flippers.

"Yeah, man, how would we?" Destructo pitched in, speaking as odd as ever.

"Your grammar and intelligence are hardly alike, Destructo. Anyways, we would just make a confetti bomb five-hundred times bigger!" Zayne described, raising up his flippers towards the end of his loud statement.

Chapter 1.1: Doom Bandit and his Hostage[edit]



Suddenly a faint noise came the line of trees to the friends' left, and then they panicked. Now they knew that something wasn't right, those noises were footsteps and someone running. Unannounced to them, the Doom Bandit was spying on them. He hid in a gorge, behind some trees and bushes. Using hunting binoculars, he watched the trio's every move. DB was plotting to rid Antarctica of the three bounty hunters, he knew that they were really the only ones that could stop him. DB wanted to draw the trio of bounty hunters into the gorge, so they could witness their killer. DB rose up, and walked out into the open. Then he looked down the gorge, at a women tied up. He smiled. He grabbed the lady, and dragged her out into the open. He put her in plain sight, as well as him.

"Hey! You three, come here or the girl gets it!" Doom Bandit ordered, as he pulled out a knife.

"Hey...WOAH! Dudes, look!" Destructo said in shock, as he saw DB with the captured girl.

They all freaked out, and didn't know what to do. Then Doom Bandit shouted at them again.

"Come over here, or the girl gets it!"

Reluctantly, the three walked over to Doom Bandit. They were amazed, and curios about how DB found them in the firework field. But they kept their mainstream focus on the captured girl.

"What do you want, Doom Bandit?" Zayne asked boldly.

"You will call me 'sir', Zayne Pie. You know that everyone is after me, and you probably are too. Listen here, announce to the public that I cannot be defeated, and that nobody should bother hunting me down! I have resources you couldn't comprehend," DB said, keeping the knife close to the girl's neck.

"Listen, ma..sir, no one will believe that," Destructo explained, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Whatever! Haha! New plan, make me more of those confetti bombs. I'll provide the confetti," DB said, pushing the knife's blade even closer to the hostage's neck.

"Alright, alright! That's all you want; confetti bombs?" Randy asked in a confused tone.

"I'll provide the confetti. I want the bombs placed in South Pole City, and to go off during the new years parade," DB demanded.

"In exchange that the girl will not be harmed?" Zayne asked.

"Yes, very much. Don't try anything stupid, too. I am the Doom Bandit, and no one turns on me," DB said, pushing the blade even closer to the hostage's neck.

Doom Bandit suddenly pushed the girl over, and down behind him. He looked at the three bounty hunters, and nodded.

"I want those bombs placed in South Pole City, and to go off at midnight. I got spies watching you, don't do any silly business," DB said, as he backed down the gorge slowly.

Zayne, Randy, and Destructo67 watched as he disappeared into the darkness. Then they climbed back up out of the gorge, and ran back into the field. They jumped into Randy's truck, and drove towards the closest hardware and supply store.

Randy dropped the two boxes of nails into the cart, and Destructo67 came over with the boards. He loaded them into the cart, and Zayne pushed the cart over to the checkout. Each penguin had a teenage daughter, and felt sorry for whoever the hostage's father was. Zayne was hoping to rescue the girl after new years eve, and defeat Doom Bandit. He had a great opportunity here. To be a real hero, and not even for money. But more importantly, he wanted to rescue that poor girl.

Doom Bandit untied the hostage, and ripped the tape off her beak. She screamed, and suddenly stomped his foot.

"AUGH!" DB yelled, as he hopped around in pain.

"That's what you get, I can't believe you, uncle! You did all of this to me, just to nuke South Pole City?!" she shouted in anger at DB, who was apparently her uncle.

"This is how I keep a roof over your head, sweetie. I have no other skills, and have no choice but to do this!" DB explained, towering over her.

"A roof, ha! Half of the time we're sleeping in dumpsters, hiding from officers and bounty hunters, and I we can't even be seen during day! I HATE IT!" she shouted again, this time towering over him.

"Questisbak, calm down, girl. You're freaking out again, so let's work this out," DB coaxed her, as he placed his flipper on her shoulder.

Questisbak shoved it off, and gave him the silent treatment. She waddled away from him, and didn't look back. She crossed her flippers, and mumbled on her waddle back to the RV. Doom Bandit sighed, and followed behind her at a distance. Yes, he was sorry that he wasn't a good father; especially that he treated her so bad. He had no other choice, however; he dropped out of high school, and got involved in crime quickly. He had no other skill, therefore, no other career to choose.

Back in the RV, Questisbak went straight to her bunk. Doom Bandit went into his room too, but not to sleep. He crawled up onto his bed, and opened up a cabinet above it. He reached in, and pulled out a canister of radioactive paint. It glowed a lime green, and has a poison symbol on the the can. He then grabbed a box off the floor, placed on the bed in front of him, and opened it. It was full of confetti, colored blue and silver. He sighed, and took the supplies to a shed behind the trailer. There he carefully applied the radioactive paint to each piece of confetti. What was going to happen on new years eve he could only predict. He sighed heavily as he applied the paint, and worried for his daughter's future. Would she get an education, and make something better of herself? Or would she become like him, and mess up in life? The thought burdened him, and made him tear up.

Of course, Zayne did know this all happened. Because he interrogated Doom Bandit the month after he nuked South Pole City.

Chapter 1.2 New Years Eve Battle[edit]

It was the day before new years eve. Zayne, Randy, and Destructo67 drove back out to the firework field. There they met Doom Bandit again, who had a closed trailer full of confetti. He also held tied up Questisbak at knife point. Under his black ski-mask was a frown, and worried eyes. Randy backed his truck up to the trailer, and Destructo hooked up the two. Zayne kept his eyes on DB, watching his every move.

"I though you guys would never make it," said DB to Zayne.

"We have daughters, and feel sorry for the father of her," Zayne replied.

"You have no idea," DB moaned.

Doom Bandit sniffed, and tried to a blame a cold for it.

"So, are you going to give her up?" Zayne surprisingly asked DB, drawing his attention.

"What? She's mine; you can't take her!" DB shouted, pulling the knife away from Questisbak.

Suddenly Randy attacked Doom Bandit from behind, and caused him to loose his grip on Questisbak. Zayne ran over, and pulled Questisbak away, just as Destructo67 attack DB as well. In seconds DB was down on the ground, knocked out. Zayne untied Questisbak, and ripped the tape off her beak.

"Thank you so much, bounty hunter!" Questisbak said, actually hugging Zayne.

"That was too easy, dudes and dudet," Destructo exclaimed.

"Yeah, too easy..." Randy said, nervously looking around, "Something isn't right."

"What is it?" Zayne asked.



The sudden noise of an approaching helicopter scared the group, even Doom Bandit. All of them looked up, and saw a cargo helicopter hovering over them.

"It's the Malheur Équipe! They must have known that you guys would attack me. They're going to airlift the radioactive confetti to South Pole City! They can't be beat," DB explained.

"WHAT!? We're really going to battle the Malheur Équipe? Awesome, bros!" Destructo exclaimed.

"Wait, Doom Bandit, did you say radioactive confetti?" Randy asked.

"Yes, they wanted me to place a dirty bomb in South Pole City. The capital building will be nuked, killing everyone inside and nearby!" DB nervously said from the ground.

"It's true, bounty hunters," Questisbak said, "Doom Bandit is also my uncle. Please get off him, he's doing this for me! He had no other choice, he had no other skill. We can barely feed ourselves as it is!"

At that point, Zayne, Randy, and Destructo67 were completely confused and appalled. They got radioactive confetti about to be lifted to South Pole City, a girl who claims to be the daughter of Doom Bandit, and the Malheur Équipe invading them. Zayne was really shocked, and worried.

"I will not let you ruin my uncle's chances of feeding me, I have decided," Questisbak said darkly, "Or my work too."

"Your work? What work?" Zayne asked Questisbak, right before being knocked out by the hostage.

"Sweetie, Questisbak, what are you doing!?" DB frantically asked.

"Your skills are nothing compared to mine. Uncle, I am working with the Malheur Équipe to do something big. You were just a tool in our little project," Questisbak explained.

"UGH! This is happening way too fast; it's like I can't understand a thing going on. Who wrote this trash?" Destructo asked, breaking the Fourth Wall by accident.

"Destructo, stop breaking the Fourth Wall! You'll confuse the readers," Randy commanded, just before being attacked by Questisbak.

In seconds, Randy knocked out. Then it was just Questisbak, Doom Bandit, and Destructo67. Destructo and DB obviously partnered together to fight Questisbak, but they got a surprise. Instead of fighting, Questisbak jumped onto the top of the trailer. Just as a claw dropped from the hovering helicopter, and grabbed the trailer. In seconds it was lifted into the sky, and the helicopter took. Questisbak laughed at the two as the helicopter flew off into the distance.

"Oh poo, this isn't good! They're going to South Pole City, we need to get there as quick as we can," DB said to Destructo.

"Yeah, bro, but first we need to help the others," Destructo explained, as he pointed at Zayne and Randy.

"Oh...right," DB muttered.

After getting Zayne and Randy up, the group raced to the nearest airport. They got clearance to a military helicopter, and took off immediately. They contacted law enforcement at South Pole City, telling them to expect a delivery of radioactive confetti. Doom Bandit mentioned that even if the confetti bombs were rid of, Questisbak would find another way to nuke the city. That worried Zayne and his pals, and they soon really realized that this was no simple paying mission. This was a battle to save lives most likely, if law enforcement didn't evacuate people in time. It took a few hours, but the military helicopter soon arrived on the outskirts of the South Pole City. There was, however, no sign of Questisbak's helicopter.

"It shouldn't be that hard to spot, it's a cargo helicopter!" Zayne shouted to the others.

"Wait, what's that?" Randy said, spotting something hanging on the side of a skyscraper near the capital building.

"It's the trailer, dudes!" Destructo shouted, once he recognized it.

"Oh, Questisbak is plotting to drop the radioactive confetti on the capital building. She must have seen that the confetti bombs were removed; in fact, I'm still surprised they allowed dynamite near the capital building," DB said.

"Well, Doom Bandit, we are very trustworthy citizens. We got the government wrapped around our flippers," Randy joked.

"No time for jokes, this is serious! We need to apprehend that box before it drops, and releases the deadly confetti," Zayne said, pointing to the hanging box.

As the helicopter got close, they saw Questisbak standing on the box. She had a machine gun in her flippers, and a mad look on her face. She raised her right flipper, as if she was waving to them. But she wasn't.


The helicopter was suddenly pounded by bullets, from the Malheur Équipe helicopter they saw early. The pilot swerved to the left, trying to get out of range. He turned the helicopter to face the other, and started pounding them with bullets. But the enemy copter was heavily armored, having bullet proof cockpit windows.

"ARGH! This is gonna be a tough battle. Ya fellows parachute down under, and stop that mad woman. I'll cover ya'll!" the pilot said, puncturing the other copter with a round of bullets.

Zayne was the first to slip on a parachute, and jump out. He landed on top of the skyscraper, and was soon reunited with the others. They raced over to the edge, and looked over...nothing was there. So they raced over to the adjacent edge, and there they founded Questisbak standing on top of the box of confetti. She looked up at the group, and rudely looked at her uncle.

"Questisbak, what are you doing!? Are you insane, you're about to cause the death of who knows how much!" DB shouted at her.

"Isn't this what you would have done, father? You raised me to do this, so I sill!" Questisbak replied, as she aimed her gun at the rope.

"No don't!" All four shouted in unison at Questisbak, but it was too late.



The rope snapped, the box fell, and in nanoseconds crashed into the ground. The box burst open, and the confetti spread all over. Water in a nearby fountain turned green, and nearby plant life suddenly started to shrivel.

"NO! Quick, we've got to get out of here!" Zayne said pushing the others to the end of the rooftop.

"But my nephew!" DB argued as he was pushed.

"She's dead most likely, I'm sorry. If we don't want to end up like her, we better get outta town!" Zayne continued saying.

He signaled the helicopter to come over and picked them up, since the enemy copter had flown away. It zoomed over, and quickly picked them up. It flew away from the crash zone at top speed. The air was polluted with radioactive particles, everything around the crash zone was radioactive. The radioactive particles weren't staying, they were spreading. The mission was a failure, and most of South Pole City had to be evacuated. Zayne, Randy, Destructo67, and Doom Bandit were all saddened by their failure. Especially DB, because he thought his nephew had died.

Chapter 1.3: Aftermath[edit]

After the the radioactive confetti was dropped in South Pole City, a radius of 15 miles was contaminated. Only one citizen died, fortunately, but many had to evacuate the city. Zayne Pie, Randy, and Destructo67 were ashamed about their failure; especially when they were pounded by biased media. Zayne stopped doing much bounty hunter business. He eventually retired in his 60's, and moved to Club Penguin Island. Randy moved to Eastshield, and lived on a family farm. He became a local state trooper, and retired to Club Penguin as well in his late 50's. Destructo stayed moved to South Pole City, and helped out penguins and puffles who became homeless after the radioactive confetti crashing. He has not yet retired, and stays in contact with Zayne much.

Chapter 2: A Foolish Accident[edit]

Zayne finished telling his story to the gang.

"I have an idea! I will build a giant Firework Confetti Thingy, Launch it with a gigantic catapult and it go pretty boom-boom in the sky! YAY! And I will shave Mabel to get her hair in the firework so it is softer and less destructive! YAY YAY YAY!" Fooly shouted.

He waddled away looking for materials.

As he left, Star suddenly got a distress call from X.

"Star, I'm currently being attacked by Raptor Bots. I need assistance ASAP."

Following, Y, Z, EX and W all requested assistance due to Raptor Bot ambush.

"Well, while the fool is running a foolish errand, we have work to do. Amigopen, you stay here to guard the dynamite and give Zayne company." Star said, while motioning the others to accompany him.

"Ok then!" Amigopen replied to Star. After the group left, he was silent for about 4 seconds.

"Sooo, want a waffle?" Amigopen offered one of his waffles to Zayne.

"Ah yes, I would." Zayne accepted the waffle.

Zayne and Amigopen started a waffle frenzy and did not notice that Questisbak sabotaged the dynamite by stuffing them with a fair portion of uranium and plutonium in every single TNT. She then left to control the Raptor Bots again. (Free-roaming Raptor Bots can blow up if not careful.)

"Wait, the dynamite is glowing in a greenish tone. That means..." Amigopen thought for a moment, while Zayne was talking to him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Amigopen shouted in defeat, while Zayne had no idea why he was screaming for.


Zayne went to sleep and did not notice what happened next.

Questisbak grabbed Amigopen by his head

"You say a single word about what I did to the dynamite before tomorrow at 12:00 am and I will cut your head off" Questisbak said.

Amigopen wanted to tell his friends about the nuked fireworks, but he did not want to get decapitated, so he just had to keep quiet.

"Good" said Questisbak, and disappeared in the shadows. Too bad Amigopen is quite a troll, so he would tell them anyway. He has an ultra laser AND a banhammer anyway...

Right after that, Fooly flew into scene and started building a giant crate of plywood around the TNT.

"Hey, Amigopen! Can you help me shave the hairs out of Mabel? It is very tricky," Fooly said

"WHAT?!?" Mabel shouted.

"Ah, sure. But for some reason, Zayne is sleeping..." Amigopen agreed to help Fooly.

The team defeated the Raptor Bots that were attacking X. Next they left to help Y, Z, EX and W.

"AAAAAAH!" Z was being chased by the Raptor Bots while the others tried to fight the rest off.

"How many of these are here?!" EX asked.

"8, 13, 26, 38, 47, 55!" W counted.


"Oh, you want more? Make a wish, get a wish!" Questisbak replied.

She pressed a few buttons and 55 MORE Raptor Bots came.

"COME ON! Where's X?!" Y yelled.

"Y, I'm here," X said. "And so are the rest of the team."


" Think we built this right!" Fooly exclaimed proudly.

"I do not think that it is ok." Amigopen told Fooly

They where staring at a gigantic rocket made out of plywood. Inside, it was filled with tons of the dynamite Fooly had collected before (and a half-shaved Mabel, for some reason. Its sides were coated with a few layers of glue, with tons of green confetti which Fooly found on his errands for materials stuck outside. Somehow, they managed to fit a large number of jetpacks on the underside of the Confetti Rocket. Even though it was just built, it looked like it was about to break down. Strangely, it was glowing a faint green, but no one actually cared.

"HELP ME GET THE *&$^%#&$%#!!! OUT OF THIS ROCKET" Mabel shouted.

Ignoring Mabel, Fooly and Amigopen carried the contraption into a giant catapult.

"LET'S DO THIS!" Fooly shouted.

"Are you sure it's safe?" questioned Amigopen.

"All of my yes! Now, LAUNCH!"

Fooly Amigopen Rocket.png

Back at the place where the Raptor Bot battle was happening...

"There's too many!" Patrick said


The firework crashed right in the middle of the group of Raptor Bots, making all of them explode.

Fooly and Amigopen where tied to the rocket.

"Woah! What are you doing here?" asked Buhc.

"It was Fooly's idea to tie ourselves to the rocket" said Amigopen.

"Yeah, that way we won't have to look for it!" Fooly shouted, again in the place where Patrick's ears are supposed to be.

"Dude! STOP IT!" Patrick yelled in front of Fooly.

"Louder please!" Fooly joked.

"STOP IT!!!" Patrick yelled even louder at Fooly.

"Is it just me, or are Fooly and Amigopen glowing green?" Lollipop asked.

"Wait, GUYS!" Person yelled. "The flashback. It's the radioactive confetti! We gotta get outta here!"

X, Y, Z, EX and W all transformed into cars and loaded everyone (except Fooly and Amigopen) on, and left ASAP.

"So... wanna play cards?" Fooly asked.

"Sure, why not," Amigopen replied.

Star immediately teleported DaiBouken to the area. "W, we're gonna need some speakers."

"Ice Block!"

W created several ice blocks, similar to the ones in the Christmas Special. DaiBouken sliced them into speakers.

Star connected his Mike Sword weapon to the speakers. W then moved each to different areas.


Soon a bunch of penguins evacuated.

"Got any threes?" Amigopen asked.

All of Fooly's cards were threes.

"No, go fish!"

Chapter 3: No Escape for Star![edit]

"Uhm... Patrick? You're also starting to glow green." Star said.

"It must be the time you shouted in front of him!" Y said

They all ran away from Patrick. Patrick ran into the place where Fooly and Amigopen where

Suddenly, Chub and Buhc started glowing

After an hour, all of the gang was nuked, except for Star.

He saw the other penguins getting contaminated. The puffles, piffles, poffles, paffles and rare puffles got contaminated. Even the X-Antibodies glew and had no energy! Star looked at all the contaminated creatures, but, odd enough, they weren't showing any symptoms. Star scratched the lower part of his beak, thinking hard. He didn't know much about nuclear equations, but he knew that the contaminated creatures would be extremely ill. Then it came to him like a bullet, he needed to go find Zayne.

"Guys, where's Zayne? I need to ask him something," Star asked his contaminated friends, from a distance of course.

"He went home to nap," Amigopen said as he laid down a card. Who knows what he and Fooly8 were playing.

"Ah! Where does he live?" Star cried, as he face palmed.

"HOW THE ∏Йண℗₠☎①t①♞♖怮†¥™ƒ™¶§ ¥†®∂√ß ¶§ §¶™ƒ∂∫ååΩ∑©√ß µ ß√©∑œæ€®†¥ ¶ ß√ƒ∂ƒ¶ ¥† SHOULD WE KNOW?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!" Mabel shouted. She was the first one to get contaminated, due to being stuffed withn the TNT.

"Well, he actually lives in a mansion, in that area." Patrick said.

It was a very dangerous climb, but Star was ready anyways.

"Well, there is no way back," Star said, as he got on W and set off to the mountains.

A few hours later, Star got to the Mansion.

Zayne was not contaminated, so he and Star where the only survivors.

"Zayne, please tell me the story you where telling us a while back!"

While Zayne told the story again, Star took notes.

"So, how come South Pole City was nuked but penguins are still living on it?" Star asked.

"I dunno. It seemed like it never happened. Only a couple of us know. A Time Gun, perhaps. It stopped the effects of radiation after 15 years, for some reason. Some heroic fellow with the surname "Tang". Can't remember his first name, though." Zayne replied.

"Well, I'm off to Nicktang's place. It must be some relative of his. But what should I do with the others?" star asked

"You'll need to hurry" Zayne replied, "Good luck, Star."

(later, in Nick's 3rd Igloo in Club Penguin(he has two others in South Pole City and Margate City))

Star knocked on the door. He hoped Nick was home. Nick opened the door.

"Star? What are you here for? Come in." Nick asked.

"It's the others. They are all glowing green." Star replied.

"That's not good. Uranium. Only a time gun can reverse the effects," Nick said to him.

"Do you have it?" Star asked, "Zayne said a relative of yours had the gun. "

"I should have. Come with me. "Nick replied, pushing a secret button in the wall. Inside was a room full of weapons.

"This is the armory," Nick said proudly to him, "Serach anything you want on the supercomput...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Nick had vanished.

Back in Club Penguin, Clovis Hochstadt and Leonardo di Tremezzo were visiting the island. They were enjoying themselves at the Beach when Clovis's EPF Phone rang.


"Hello, Agent Clovis. It's Gary. I apologize for bothering you on vacation, but your help is needed. We have a mission for you."

Clovis sat up in his beach chair.

"Ok then. Should I report to HQ with Leonardo?"

"No. Not necessary. Just put the phone on speaker so that Leonardo can hear."

Clovis turned the phone on speaker mode, and Leonardo listened to what Gary had to say.

"Agents, just recently our security cameras spotted a criminal named Questisbak steal a large amount of Dynamite from a residential igloo. We need you to capture her and retrieve the dynamite so we can return it to the igloo. Any questions?"

Clovis asked, "Where was she heading?"

"Her direction is unknown. Possibly the wilderness."

"What was her motive?"

"It is rumored to be some sort of revenge plot against the Fanon Character Gang. The EPF is unaware of any other reason or plans."

"And final question, can we use force if necessary?"

"Yes. Take your pistol. This is a dangerous mission."

Zayne sat in his living room, and looked out his massive windows. It seemed like all of Club Penguin was glowing green, just like South Pole City square years ago. He watched boats and aircraft flee the island, avoiding becoming radioactive. Eventually the majority of the populated areas were contaminated, and radioactive citizens were, for the most part, acting normal. Though, there were some freaking out; others started showing symptoms and getting sick.

"Questisbak, what have you've done?" Zayne muttered to himself.

"I got my revenge," Questisbak said behind him.

Zayne panicked, and turned around. Last time he saw her she was reaching puberty, now she was a grown adult. Zayne kept his cool, knowing that a show of fear would ruin everything. Questisbak had scars on her flippers, and a calm facial expression. However, something crazy was about to start.

Chapter 4: Web Surfing[edit]

"Nick disappeared into the computer..," Star said.

He entered it too with X, Y, Z, EX, W, and Ultimate DaiBouken.

"We've entered the computer," X said.

"Yes we are, Sir State-the-Obvious!" a voice said mockingly

It was Nick.

"How did we get here?" Star asked, as he rubbed his head.

"Someone brought us in, maybe to stop us," Nick pondered.

"Can we get out? We need to stop the radiation from....eventually killing all the contaminated citizens!" Star explained.

"We can only get out with someone on the outside let's us out. So...we're in serious trouble!" Nick said, looking around.

Where the group was appeared to be a word document. They were surrounded by words, codes, and some small pictures. Crazier still, they could interact with the things. X started walking around, touring the place; until he accidentally walked into the word 'wham'. He rubbed where the word hit him, and then, in anger, kicked the word. Suddenly the letters of the word disconnected, and floated in random directions. X smiled, figuring out a way to get out.

"Guys, I know how to get out," X said, waving to the others.

The others gathered around him, waiting to hear how.

"How about we send a email to uncontaminated penguin?" X told them.

"Nice plan, but getting to the email program is difficult," Nick told.

"Why?" all the others said in unison.

"Well, I kinda got a virus that wouldn't let me send emails. I've been fighting it since last night," Nick answered, hanging his head low.

"We can battle the virus!" Y said excitedly.

"Good plan. I still have my weapons, but how hard will it be?" Star asked Nick.

"Depends on the power of the virus, and this one is VERY powerful," Nick answered.

"The Super Combo should do it, was what they said," Z said.

"Well, I don't know. Tritan's Super Combo might not be enough," Nick replied.

"Then how's Laser Battling? That thing just smashed about 800 woodchoppers when it worked," Star asked.

"That's not too bad, only Y still can't work the Sonic Stealth, was what they said," Z replied.

"Hey, Z?" Y came up to Z as he spoke.


Zayne casually sat down on his finest chair, as Questisbak dawdled around the living room. She occasionally picked up an artifact, and looked at it. She would then put it back down rudely.

"What are you doing here?" Zayne asked.

"I want revenge. You and your friends ruined my wonderful plan!" Questisbak answered.

"Oh, I remember that. You do realize that you will be defeated, right?" he mocked her.

"Don't give me that, bounty hunter!" she replied loudly.

"I am not a bounty hunter anymore, ma'am," he responded.

"Whatever! Point is, this is just the beginning. I've got multiple groups paying me to nuke the USA's territories, and I shall do it all with confetti bombs!" she stated.

"What? Who is paying you, Questisbak?" he asked, standing up from his chair.

"Can't say; but, I'm not just working with mafias anymore," she laughed.

Back at the place where the nuked part of te gang was resting...

"Say, being nuked is not that bad!" Fooly said.

"No worries!" Lollipop said.

"Is it me or Mabel is turning bigger?" Patrick said in fright.

Everyone stood back. Mabel indeed WAS growing.

Person looked out of a window.

"Everyone else is nuked too! It is safe to run outside! EVACUATE! EVACUATE! QUICK, EVERYONE!" Person shouted.

Mabel was STILL growing…

Inside the computer, the characters fought the viruses.

"Does anyone feel like this is a reference in some other series?" Star asked.

"Uh...yeah..." Nick replied.

"You can break the fourth wall?" Star asked, suprised he could break the fourth wall

"Uh...yes. But I keep it to myself. So now what?" Nick replied reluctantly.

"Hopefully we can finish battling the viruses, or it may be too late," Star said.

Then, all of the viruses dissapeared.

"What was that? X asked Nick.

"I have no idea," he replied.

It was Clovis and Leonardo.

"You're in a supercomputer?" Clovis asked them.

"Just get us out. Use the mouse, and open the "Portal" folder. It can only be accessed manually." Nick instructed.

Clovis accidentally touched the folder and he and Leonardo were sucked in.

"Come on, now THAT's bad luck," Star said.


"Oh goodie, a computer!" Welcome00 said. "It even had UGFA 13 installed!" he added.

Welcome played a match in UGFA 13.

"Why is he playing that game when we are trapped here!" Star said.

"Wait a minute, since when Star is a commentator in this game!" Welcome replied.

"We're trapped here, so will you pause that game and help us escape from this supercomputer?" Star replied.

"It's a supercomputer?" Welcome replied.

"Duh, yes. Just get us out!" Nick shouted towards the screen.

"Uh, how do I?" Welcome asked.

"Just get us out. Use the mouse, and open the "Portal" folder. It can only be accessed manually." Leonardo recited out of memory from Nick's instructions.

Welcome nodded and moved his cursor over the folder and right clicked it. He clicked "Open", and immediately the computer began to flash violently as it spat out everyone that was inside. For a moment, there was silence. Then, Nick noticed the two strangers.

"Hey, who are you two? Jester and yellow puffle?" Nick inquired.

"Oh, right. We haven't met before. I am Clovis Hochstadt, and I have been sent with Leonardo here to investigate a crime and capture a criminal." Clovis calmly replied.

"What crime? And what criminal?" Star asked.

"We're looking for Questisbak. Sources have indicated that she has stolen Dynamite from the Fanon Character Gang." Clovis stated.

"Well, the crime happened in somewhere else. I'm not sure why you're in Nick's igloo." Star commented.

"Oh. I apologize. You are the leader of the group, so it would be natural for me to ask you. Do you have any idea where Questisbak could be hiding?" Clovis inquired. He took out a small notepad and a pen.

"Well, on the day that it happened, there was someone new there. His name is Zayne Pie, if I can remember correctly."

Clovis jotted the name down on the paper and asked:"Do you know where he lives?"

"I hear he lives in a mansion on top of one of the mountains in Club Penguin."

"Ok. Thanks. I think this should help. The EPF computers should be able to find his address for me. Anyways, we need to go since our buisness here is done. Have a nice day!"

Clovis and Leonardo left Nick's igloo and made their way to the Mountains.

Star looked out of the window in Nick's house and saw Mabel. But 100 times bigger.

"And everyone said she was scary when she was small!" Nick said

Chapter 5: It's Time for Science[edit]


"I think we need to charge the time guns." Star told Nick.

"And fast!" Nick replied

After they charged their guns, they where ready to go.

"First we will have to get Mabel into her normal size and then cure all the others." Star commanded.

They ran up to Mabel and shot. Suddenly she started to shrink, and stopped glowing green.

"It worked," Nick said.

And then Mabel grew 11 times the size she was when she was big and spread the glow onto Nick and Welcome as well, which made them drop their time guns, breaking them.

"Crap, looks like I'm heading to Gary's office for more help," Star sighed.

Back at Zayne's house, Questisbak was viewing the scene. "The path to the office is longer than you think!"

She pressed a few buttons on her remote and 10 Raptor Bots were on their way. Then, there was a knock on the door.

Instead of opening the door, Zayne asked, "Hello? Who is there?"

"This is the EPF. We're here for an investigation."

"Oh that won't be necessary! I'm not involved in anything! You have the wrong address?"

"Who's at the door, Zayne?" Questisbak asked.

Clovis, who recognized the voice from her criminal records, kicked the door open and aimed his pistol at Questisbak. "Hey! You're under arrest," he shouted.

"And so are you!" Questisbak fired a gun at Clovis and Leonardo, automatically contaminating them. However, Clovis was not harmed. Leonardo was.

"WHAT?!? How is that possible?" Questisbak screamed.

"I was already exposed to radiation. I developed a natural immunity to it after fighting off radiation sickness."

"Wow. Interesting." Zayne commented.

Clovis saw Leonardo lying on the ground. He picked him up.

"Well, Questisbak, looks like you got me this time. I'm going to take Leonardo to the doctor. I'll be back!" Clovis declared.

"Hopefully you won't, jester." Questisbak quipped.

"Raptor Bots!" Star yelled.

And so another battle raged on.

Y, Z, EX and W fought as X and Star moved on.

Star knocked on Gary's door.

"Come in," Gary said. "What seems to be the problem?"

One Chapter 1-4 later...

"So that's the problem. Almost all of Club Penguin has been contaminated with uranium," G said.

"Exactly," Star replied. "But no matter how many people get contaminated, I don't seem to catch the uranium."

"It seems that you're immune to uranium, although I'm not very sure why," G explained.

"Does that mean I can just Spiral Drill straight into a crate of uranium and I'd still be okay?"

"Looks like it."

"One more problem- how can the uranium be cured?"

"Hmm... you'll need a sample of grand titanium."

"Simple enough."

"That's found in the cave full of Frostbites."


"There can't be anyone left to stop me now," Questisbak said.

"Questisbak, you can't do this," Zayne replied.

"You stay quiet, bounty hunter. I'm only sparing you from my uranium gun because you're gonna be my hostage."

"I told you, I'm no longer a bounty hunter."

"I don't care, you were."

"Listen, Questisbak, you are foolish!" Zayne boldly said.

"How am I?" she said in return.

"What, you think I don't have a security system?" he responded with glee.

Suddenly a glass tube dropped onto Questisbak, trapping her inside. She banged on the glass, but it was hopeless,it was bullet proof. Zayne. Laughed at her futile efforts. She got furious at him, and starting shouting and banging on the window. Zayne sat down on his chair, and grabbed the TV remote, all the time chuckling.

A few hours later, Clovis and Leanardo returned.

However, Questisbak was already prepared. She pressed a few buttons on her remote and sent 90 Raptor Bots to Zayne's house. Moments later, 89 Raptor Bots smashed through the roof. (Apparently one flew into the Fourth Wall.) One of them destroyed the tube with its claws, freeing Questisbak. Clovis fired his pistol at one, but to no avail. It grabbed his pistol and crushed it to bits.

Star and X arrived at the Frostbite Cave.

"Oh well, I hope this is worth it," Star said.

Chapter 6: When Frostbites Attack[edit]

As Star appreached the cave, he noted that it was really deep and dark. Star drove X carefuly in the cave.

"Star, there're loosened icicles on the road." X notified.

Star drove at full speed to avoid the icicles.

"I've detected a large number of Frost Bites loaded with freezing snowballs," X said.

Star dodged all of the freezing snowballs thrown at him and soon Frost Bites got tired of chasing Star and X. They began approaching an oddly lit room, with some sort of ice pedestal in the middle. On the pedestal, they saw what they were looking for.

"Found the Grand Titanium!" Star said.

Star checked for booby traps. He could not see any. He got out a jar and a pair of tongs and carefuly took out a rather large sample. It did not activate anything, or so they thought.

As they were driving out, they heard a rumble...

"What's going on?" X wondered.

It was a giant freezing snowball, rolling towards them.

Star drove as fast as he could, but it was no use. The snowball was too fast.

X and Star froze up as the snowball reached them.

As soon as the snowball crashed into a wall, X and Star unfroze

"That was... actually much easier than I expected it to be," Star said

"Well, we have to deliver the sample, and fast," X said.

Chapter 7: Fighting Mad[edit]

"Why do I feel that Chapter 6 is so short?" Star said.

"That's because it is," X replied.

"I do kinda feel that." Welcome said.

"How did you get here?" X replied.

"Is it wrong for me to hide in a car?" Welcome replied.

"Well, no, but you are contaminated... and X is a robot, not a car," Star said.

"Well, that does explain why I feel much bigger." Welcome said.

"You get outta here and we'll get right back to you," Star kicked Welcome all the way to Club Penguin.

"Grand Titanium... it's the very element that every scientist in the world wants..."

Gary studied the piece of GTi while Star and X successfully helped the other mechs defeat the Raptor Bots that had attacked previously.

"Star, may I see your helmet?"

Star took off his helmet and G carefully placed a crystal the same color as the sample of GTi into the center.

"There, now you should be able to destroy both hazards."

Meanwhile, at Zayne's ruins house, Clovis and Leonardo seemed to be no match for the 89 Raptor Bots. Clovis's pistol quickly ran out of ammunition, and he had to borrow Leonardo's until it ran out.

However, there were still 70 Raptor Bots left. Clovis, Zayne, and Leonardo ran for their lives as the raptor bots chased them....until Clovis and Leonardo reached a cliff.

"Well boys, you did make a good effort to stop her, even though we have lost." Zayne declared.

"Thank you, Mr. Pie, but I don't plan for Questisbak to kill us any time soon." Clovis said.

"But how will we escape! We're quickly being closed in! We'll either be blasted to death or pushed off this cliff!" Zayne cried.

"I'm thinking of a solution." Clovis mumbled.

Suddenly, one of the raptor bots was sliced in half and blew up.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!?" Leonardo yelled.

Then, a figure jumped into the air and the raptor bots' attention was diverting towards the surprise attack. It was Clovis's older brother, Fisch Hochstadt, who came to save the day with his blue keysaber!

"En Garde!" Fisch declared as he fought. Almost all of the raptor bots began to focus on Fisch, much to Clovis's fears, but there were still ten Raptor Bots approaching the two penguins and one puffle on the cliff.

Clovis covered Leonardo's eyes, and Zayne started hugging Clovis as the Raptor Bots advanced further. Zayne's Shocktopus was screaming like a girl.


All ten Raptor Bots were on the ground, destroyed. Clovis saw his uncle, Jock Hochstadt, arrive with his machine gun.

"Now Clovis, what did I tell you about always brining enough ammo?" Jock asked.

"Sorry, Jock. I didn't know that Questisbak had an army!" Clovis replied.

"Always be ready for the unexpected. Thank goodness that Fisch and I saw the situation from afar. We've already been suspicious ever since we saw Mabel grow into a giant." Jock said.

Then, Jock gave Clovis and Leonardo more ammunition for their guns. Jock gave Zayne a pistol with ammunition since Zayne left his weapons in the house.

"Thank you, Jock."

"No problem. Let's give Fisch a little help!"

Jock loaded his machine gun and started firing at the rest of the Raptor Bots. Clovis, Leonardo, and Zayne did the same.

"Feels just like old times!" Zayne shouted in pleasure.

However, Questisbak loaded her uranium gun while the fight continued. She then shot Jock and Fisch, knowing Clovis was immune, Leonardo was already shot and Zayne was to be a hostage.

"Destroy all you want, I have hundreds of working factories of them!" She pressed more buttons and 500 Raptor Bots were on their way.

And the remaining ones used all of their weapons including flamethrowers and missiles.

"Leonardo, we won't live if we keep this up." Clovis declared.

"Are you saying that we need to..." Leonardo asked.

"Use Plan B? Absolutely! Can I have the radio?" Clovis interrupted.

Out of hammerspace, Leonardo took out a strange looking walkie talkie and gave it to Clovis. Clovis immediately turned it on and said:

"¡Atención! Tenemos un 998. Yo repito, un 998." (Attention! We have a 998. I repeat, a 998.)

Several moments later, an intense explosion occurred. Questisbak became furious when she saw a large group of Raptor Bots had been blown up by a Ballistic missile. She then looked at the ocean to see several war ships, submarines, and helicopters approaching the island.

"You know what?! Scratch this, I'll kill you all!" She pressed a LOT of buttons and 967823 Raptor Bots came. Several of them crushed every single vehicle. After all, they're masters of the air.

Star noticed one of the Raptor Bots' flamethrowers shoot into the air. "A Raptor Bot battle..."

Titan (X + Y = Titan) scanned the fight. He was able to figure what was basically happening.

"They're gonna need help. You five go ahead and do just that," Star told the mechas.

"It's been a pleasure working with you guys," Fisch said.

The overloaded Raptor Bots began to close in. Fisch tried to scare them away by swinging his Keysaber, but this time, one of them grabbed it, threw it into the air and burned it to a crisp with its flamethrower. None of the others attempted to do that.

Then suddenly...

"Laser Net! Was what they said!"

A Laser Net grasped on one of the Raptor Bots and was swung into 19 others. Everyone turned to see W grasping Z.


EX busted down 15 Raptor Bots with a Power Smash.

Little did Questisbak know that the approaching ships had been decoys, since in reality it takes a while for the Castillan military to arrive. The Castillans arrived discreetly by submarine, and hundreds of soldiers wearing anti-radiation uniforms stormed the beaches with millions of bullets.

Questisbak:"WELL I'LL THEN JUST ADD..."

"NO YOU WON'T!" Clovis screamed. He was right next to her now, with his pistol pointing at her forehead. He had saved one last bullet. Sweat was pouring down his face as he was extremely angry.

"Don't shoot."

"I'll make sure I DO shoot you if you press that button again. Put your flippers up, or else."

"What if I don't want to?"


Questisbak dropped down and kicked Clovis away, knocking the wind out of him. The pistol went off, losing the last bullet. It flew into a Raptor Bot.

"You're pathetic. An EPF agent who can't even fight. I'm surprised that you passed the test when you first joined!" Questisbak taunted cruelly.

Crushed by Questisbak's insult, fury blinded Clovis as he brutally charged at Questisbak like an angry wolf.

Questisbak avoided him, grabbed him and kicked him off the cliff. She then proceeded to send down 2345890735673 Raptor Bots.

The Raptor Bots blasted missiles at the soldiers, and they were forced to retreat.

Clovis lay in the snow with a few scratches and bruises. The words "Don't give up" continued to ring in his head. As Clovis groaned, his head turned and saw the Dojo in the distance. The Sensei State, Clovis remembered. He closed his eyes.

A few moments later, Clovis's eyes reopened, this time glowing white. The air around him began to torrent as he began to rise. Then, in a quick motion, the sensei controlled Clovis bent a large rock out of the ground and blasted it at the cliff like a bullet. Immediately, an avalanche occured, and Questisbak, Jock, Fisch, Leonardo, and Zayne began to fall with it.

"We gotta do something!" EX yelled.

Luckily Titan arrived in time. "Storm Spin!"

Titan's storm attack rewinded the avalanche.

Clovis then surged towards Questisbak and blasted her with an immense amount of fire. Questisbak was flung a far distance and got badly burned. Then, Clovis, approached Jock, who was still ill from the radiation, and put his flippers on him. Using the Sensei State, Clovis was able to bend water and use it to heal Jock.

Afterwards, Clovis flew into the sky and began blasting more fire at the Raptor Bots, which gave him a perimeter to fight.

Jock stood up as if nothing happened, and he realized why Clovis had healed him. Jock drew his sword and apporached the severely injured Questisbak. He stood above her, ready to drive his sword into her heart.

All of a sudden she got up and grabbed Jock's sword. Jock withdrew, the blade slightly cutting her flippers. Despite the intense pain, she ran off. Jock didn't stop her.

Following, the Raptor Bots began to push over the group back to Club Penguin- where the fight for another year would begin.

Chapter 8: MAXIMUM POWERWAVE![edit]

The contaminated Fanon Character Gang saw the Raptor Bots attacking. Questisbak loaded her uranium gun and shot everything in sight.

"Star, the world is counting on you," G said.

"And I'm ready to show it that penguins are stronger than radioactivity," Star replied.

Star exited the office. The first thing that caught his eye was the Raptor Bot army, the second Questisbak's uranium and the third... the radioactive confetti.

"Gotta get more powered up for this," Star noted.

He immediately transformed into his ultimate form (that was seen in Operation Blackout) and flew up to fight.

As millions of helicopters came bearing crates of radioactive confetti, the uranium in everything contaminated was also reaching its limit. Club Penguin was in terrible jeopardy and only Star could stop it.

Star blasted several missiles, which destroyed about thirty of them. He then proceeded to drill more and his cyber helmet automatically destroyed a few. The gang, the mechs, Zayne, Clovis, Leonardo, Fisch and Jock looked above.


All the Raptor Bots charged.

"We'll help you from below!" Fooly yelled.

"Does that mean... ka-smash?" Amigopen asked.

Fooly grinned. "Yes Amigopen... ka-smash."


Amigopen crazily swung his hammer at anything that came his way.

"Alright, it's our turn," Richperson said.

However, half of the Raptor Bots were still on Star's... something that isn't a tail, because penguins don't have tails... feet... back... weapons... you know what, scratch that.

Star had to destroy both threats, but he was only one penguin.


All of a sudden, a huge explosion occurred as Star turned transparent blue.

"NRG Star... his strongest form until now and was first used during the fight against Herbert and Swiss Ninja during the end of Operation Blackout..," Richperson explained.

Star crushed through everything as this song played. Up above, he kept giving advice to the people below. "Clumsy, turn around." Clumsy turned and slipped on a banana peel which fell into an eye of a Raptor Bot, distracting it. "Now Fooly, do you have some fruitcake left?" Fooly reached into his non-existing pocket. "Why yes, I do-" Goody had taken the fruitcake and he threw it at the Raptor Bot, just trying to share. It fell into the other eye, completely blinding it. Plus, the substances in the cake deactivated the system. "Titan, Z, Tritan combination." Titan and Z did as told. "Jock, take out your sword." Jock took out his sword and the blade reflected the light of the sunset, blinding 100 Raptor Bots. "Tritan, Super Combo." Tritan's Super Combo destroyed the blinded 100. A Raptor Bot came flying towards the group. "DJ, do you have the bass drum from the concert?" DJ reached into his rather deep pocket. "Yep, have it!" He pulled it out and the Raptor Bot's toe came into contact, knocking it off-course.

Questisbak ran through the woods, ignoring the burning pains. She suddenly tripped over a rock, and face-planted into the snow. It burned her pained face, and broke her strength. She started to tear, something she never does. She wiped the tears away, and looked behind her. She could see through an opening of the forest the intense battle. She came so close to winning, and then Clovis, Jock, and everyone else got involved. She grumbled, and slammed her fist on the ground. Not realizing the penguin standing right above her: Doom Bandit. Questisbak looked up, seeing her old uncle.

"Uncle, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you. I've been tracking you, trying to talk with you," DB crackled.

"I don't care! Leave me alone, I'm a busy girl," she grumbled back, looking towards the battle.

"Sweetie, you're half dead! Stop this madness, just realize that this is wrong," he boldly stated.

"NO! I am the most powerful penguin on Earth!" she responded, as she stood up.

"Most evil penguin on Earth!" her uncle corrected her.

"I'm just finishing what you started," she responded as she stood up. She tossed an old, black journal at her father. It was his! It was full of ideas to terrorize and bring Antarctica to its breaking point. And where was the book mark? On the uranium page. "Are you really doing this?" DB asked; Questisbak nodded. DB took the journal, and threw it off a nearby cliff.

"Nice try, father, I copied all of it already," Questisbak laughed.


Suddenly Star crashed into the woods where Doom Bandit and Questisbak were. He casually got up, dusted himself off. He grumbled, not realizing that the two others were watching him. DB whistled at Star, and then quickly pointed at his daughter. In seconds Star attacked Questisbak, even though she was already injured. He picked her up, and tossed her into some nearby bushes. She got back up, and angrier than ever. Quickly, Star flew back up.

When Star Kirby12 went into battle, Clovis returned to the ground and the Sensei State faded away. He fell down to the ground in exhaustion.

"Oh geez, what happened?" Clovis groggily asked.

"You helped turn the tide of this battle, thankfully. You hurt Questisbak and she's heading for the woods! Now Star is going to finish off those dragon robot things!" Fisch explained.

"The Castillans have retreated back to their submarines, but I'm going to contact their commander right now and tell them to start a new operation." Jock said.

"What would that be?" Clovis inquired.

"We're going to shut down those factories! Castilla must have them since we can get plenty of scrap metal there and we'll find enough uranium to make some Nuclear bombs! We'll finally rival Snowzerland!" Jock declared.

"But I've extended the limit!"

Questisbak transformed with a burst of energy.

"Questisbak, NO!" DB yelled.


She flew up in front of Star.

"Look, loser. We've been enemies for twelve years. And guess what day today is?"

"3 days from New Years Eve?" Star asked.


Questisbak tackled Star.

"Yeah, but you know? For the past twelve years, 362 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes and 55 and a half seconds I've been fighting, I've learned something. It's that no matter how strong evil may get... THEY. NEVER. WIN!"

Star tackled her back.

"You've attempted world conquest, you mutated an innocent penguin, you roboticized him, you've tried to steal a legend, you've held my best friend hostage, you destroyed the UnderLand, you virused Fanonbot, you did many other evil things, you contaminated almost all my friends, and NOW YOU TRY TO STOP A NEW YEAR FROM COMING TO CLUB PENGUIN!"

"You can't defeat me. You may have for twelve years, but NOT ANYMORE!"

"That's great and all, but the Castillan army is heading for your factories."

"No matter, they can't get past MY CYCLOPS!"


"Correct, but I've copied all the data and revived it!"

"You can't do that! That concept was already used by some guy in another universe!"

"That's nothing I have to care about!"

On the path to the factories, the Cyclops ambushed the army. Everyone shot weapons at it; they even threw bombs, but the Cyclops was too strong for anything that wasn't a mecha. And all the mechs barely defeated it last time. The soldiers ran for cover and tried to bypass the Cyclops.

"Oh, good then. But wait...what happened to Questisbak?!? She ran away?? How?" Clovis asked.

"Well, while you were in the Sensei State, you healed me. I went over and I decided to finish Questisbak off because she was severely hurt, but fate had it that she ran off." Jock replied.

"Oh great! We need to pursue her!" Clovis declared.

"Fine, I'll do it. Clovis, you can go off and give the Castillan commander his orders. Alright?" Jock asked.

"Sure thing."

Jock ran off into the woods.

Fooly popped out of the ground behind the Cyclops.

"What am I doing here? I was digging to find the Pizza Parlor!" Fooly said

He saw the Cyclops.

"Ooooooh! What a nice small red button!" Fooly said, as he saw the "Autodestruction" button that someone has built there by accident, after seeing that it was on the blueprints, on the robot's back.

Fooly grabbed his slingshot a flinged a pebble. The pebble hit the button.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! (make it bigger to make it better!)

"Yikes!" Fooly shouted.

Apparently the destruct was a bluff because the Cyclops stood up not damaged at all.

Back where Star was battling Questisbak... Jock arrived at the scene to see the battle occur.

"I guess I'm not needed, then," Jock said.

"I suppose not," DB muttered.

"Who are you?"

"I am Doom Bandit, Questisbak's uncle,"

Jock changed his stance and spoke in a haughty demeanor. He placed his flipper on his sword.

"My name is Jock Hochstadt! I am here to finish your nephew before I saw that Star is already taking care of that!" Jock declared to DB.

"WHAT!? Are you crazy? I'm not on her side!" DB shouted, throwing up his flippers.

"Oh really? Then why is your name Doom Bandit?" Jock asked coolly.

"Ask my parents, viking."

Jock got angry quick, and attack Doom Bandit with his sword. DB dashed behind a boulder, avoiding Jock's sword.

Just like Fisch, Jock declared: "En Garde!"

"I can bet you that I can defeat you while composing a poem, sir!" Jock claimed.

"What does that have to do with anything!?" DB nervously asked.

"What would you like me to perform?"

"Listen to me, 'Jock'! I mean you no harm. Questisbak has..." DB was soon interrupted by Jock, slashing his sword around.

"I would like to tell a haiku, just before I kill you!" Jock shouted.

Doom Bandit lifted up his cane, which also doubled as a sword. He deflected every single slash at Jock, but didn't try to hit back.

Jock spoke clear as he spoke, and paused momentarily at each line.

"I do not draw blood

From the blade of my rapier

But from my panache!"

Jock slammed Doom Bandit's sword from his flipper, and it flew into a nearby tree. The tip of Jock's sword was at Doom Bandit's forehead.

"I will not kill you simply because you are not Questibak," Jock said.

Doom Bandit sighed.

"But, I would like a favor in return," Jock ordered.

"What happens if I don't do it?" DB asked, with flippers over his head.

"Then I'll kill you."

"Well what do you want?" Doom Bandit nervously asked. Questisbak was too busy with Star to notice the situation that her uncle was in.

"I want YOU to recite a poem; also a haiku," Jock answered.

"A haiku for a haiku? This is your philosophy?"

"Yes. I am a secret lover of poetry and anything that is plainly awesome. Now let's see what you have to offer."

Doom Bandit cleared his throat.

"A book that I lost

Was returned by Questibak

It had evil plans"

Jock drew his back into his scabbard and clapped.

"Good show, sir! I'm guessing that what you recited was also truth?"

"OoOoOoOhHhHhHhHhH! You think? You moron! I'm on your side, it's my fault my nephew is evil, and I'm trying to fix it!" DB shouted in anger.

"Sorry. Where is it, DB?" Jock asked.

"I threw it off that cliff, but my daughter already copied it."

"OK then. That's good with me. Let's watch this fight; I'm rooting for Star," Jock said, sitting down on a boulder.

"Well, I'm rooting for Questibak. I don't want her to die," DB said.

"Oh, do you want to bet?"

"So now we're gambling, eh?"

"I brought a pack of cards! We'll play go fish!" Jock said.

Meanwhile, Mabel was having a rather uncomfortable time...

Star and Questisbak were evenly matched. Nobody was sure who would win.

Tackle by tackle, shot by shot, both didn't seem to get exhausted.

Suddenly, the contaminated... err... nouns turned into a darker green glow.

"Star!" Richperson yelled. "You have to hurry. The uranium is at its limit!"

Star had to think quick. The Raptor Bots and Questisbak wouldn't let him get away, and all the radioactivity was greatly jeopardizing Club Penguin's civilization.

Then he had an idea. As fast as possible, he flew to the center of Club Penguin. Then he focused any type of energy he had into the GTi crystal in his helmet.

"MAXIMUM POWERWAVE!!!!!!!" A powerful shockwave the color of GTi spread across Club Penguin. Anything glowing stopped glowing. Mabel started shrinking again. Club Penguin was free of its jeopardy!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Questisbak screamed, before getting knocked down by the shockwave. The Raptor Bots were scrapped as well.

"I WIN!" Jock hollered joyfully.

"NOOOO!" Doom Bandit screamed.

"All right, it looks like I win the bet! You owe me 1000 coins!" Jock said.

"Dag nab you, Jock Hochstadt!" DB cursed. He tossed Jock a sack of coins.

Suddenly Doom Bandit leaped towards his badly injured nephew. He picked her up, with all his strength, and carried her towards the cliff. All this time Jock didn't notice; he was too busy counting coins. DB looked closely at his nephew's face, and then he started to cry. He kissed her on the cheek, and then looked over the edge of the cliff. He slowly dropped his nephew over the side.

Chapter 9: Dial G for Getaway[edit]

The battle for 2013 was... almost over. The confetti in the remaining crates were intact. And they were dropped by the damaged helicopters.

Quickly, Star thought up of a plan. "Y, Airbag!"

"Star, Y's airbag will only bounce over the confetti. It can't block it," X said.


Y opened up a big airbag and launched the confetti into the air. They then fell again.

Star ran through each and every piece as they were bounced. Although Star was still immune, it was hard to bear the damage. Having destroyed every single piece of confetti, Star crash-landed.

"You know, I think we're forgetting something," Lollipop noted.

Then everyone remembered. "THE CASTILLAN ARMY!"

Cyclops smashed through all the vehicles. The army attempted to shoot ballistic missiles, but Cyclops blasted a Korona beam before they were even launched, dissolving them. Fooly kept throwing random things he could find, like rocks, puffles, anvils, balloons, etc. at the red button, but this just damaged the army's forces more. Luckily nobody was hurt, but all of the submarines, boats, and helicopters were scrapped.

Several soldiers began to evade the Cyclops and began running to the factories themselves. Although the only problem was they didn't know where to go.

"Hey you! Stop throwing stuff, it's a bluff!" someone shouted.

"But I like big red buttons! They are cute!" Fooly responded, as he threw an anvil to the button.

Everyone facepalmed.

"FLAME PUNCH!" All of a sudden, something punched Cyclops.

It was Explorer Pie Tank. But Explorer wasn't controlling him. Nick was.

Sentinel also flew to the scene with Buhc at the controls. Chub was running behind, panting.

"Hey, *huff* w-wait-wait up! *puff*"

He pulled out his Banana Blaster and fired madly without aim. Swinging his blaster up and down, he accidentally shot himself in the face. Some of the shots hit the Cyclops but did no damage.

Tritan, EX, W, and Ultimate Daibouken also arrived.

Last but not least, Richperson was on Ultra Leon.

"Alright, we're doing the Ultimate Combo again," Person said.

"ULTIMATE COMBO!" Ultra Leon used a Turbo Slash, EPT used a Flame Punch, and Sentinel used a kick, throwing Cyclops down. Then Tritan proceeded to Super Combo and grasped the Cyclops, flew up and back flipped. In the middle of the back flip, Tritan let go and landed. DaiBouken flew up and finished the combo by drilling his flaming drill into the Cyclops, and smashed it into the ground. Cyclops was destroyed.

"Does anyone know how we even get to the factories?" a soldier asked.

"We probably can't find them, but we do have all this Raptor Bot metal. You can have all of it, we honestly won't need them. Oh, and I think you could still use the flamethrowers and missiles," Person replied.

The soldier nodded and gestured for some soldiers to pick up the salvageable material. A few soldiers began to pick up the hunks of metal and waddled back to the battlefield.

"So, how's everyone been doing?" asked Chub.

Everyone murmured and nodded.

"Wait...where's Star?"

"...And Questisbak?" added Buhc.

Suddenly, everyone remembered their battle and how Star was injured after saving CP.

"Star is here." Welcome said, who had somehow managed to grow back to his normal size. "But I guess we need to bring him to the hospital." he added.

Everyone was suprised and asked Welcome, "Since when are you here?"

"What, is it wrong for me to hide in the Pie Tank? The pies are tasty anyways." Welcome replied.

"Hey aren't those OxiPies?" Donneye asked.

Welcome began to fart uncontrollably. Then he stopped.

Doom Bandit watched Questisbak fall through the air, and land onto a piece of land down in the sea. Suddenly, it began to fly up, and he realized it was Questisbak's roboticized mutant penguin, Sungae 1. He waved to the robot, who was stationary in the air, waiting for his owner to get up. She slowly got up and yelled to her uncle, "YOU DON'T BELONG TO MY FAMILY!" Sungae then flew off.

"Realize that I have shown grace to you, when others would kill," DB thought in his head, 'talking' to Questisbak.

From then on, any records of Doom Bandit in Questisbak's family was deleted.

3 days later...

"Star hasn't been getting up. Is he okay?" Patrick wondered.

"I'm trying to see, but this darn computer won't work," Richperson replied.

He began to shake the computer.


"Here, let me take a look," Patrick said.

37 seconds later...

Patrick shook the computer.


"I think I should try," Nick suggested.

37 MORE seconds later...

Nick shook the computer.


"Stop saying that, it's overused," Lollipop said.

"You know, he might not even get to see the new year's party tonight," Chub noted.

"Come on! I'm gonna have an AWESOME FIREWORKS SHOW AND I DON'T WANT ANY FREAKING PENGUIN TO MISS IT!!!!!!!" Fooly shouted.

Everyone looked at him.


"I wonder if there's a faster way to get him up?... I wonder if there's a faster way to get him up?" Repeater wondered.

"You could pay more and we'll get to that," a nurse replied.

Everyone turned to Jock and his coin reward from the bet.

"Hey can we use that?" Welcome asked as he popped out from under the bed.

"Y R U UnDaR ZeE BID" Popillol and Annoying asked at the same time.

"What, is it wrong for me to hide under a bed?"

"That's overused too," Lollipop said.

"Okay...I'll pay for it," Jock replied, with a slight bit of reluctance in his tone, handing over the coins to the nurse.

"We'll start right away,"the nurse replied, calling for a doctor.

Chapter 10: Happy New Year[edit]

It had been 15 minutes since Star had gone back to the operation room to speed up his recovery process. Then, the nurse pushed his bed back.

"W...Where am...I?" Star asked.

"You're in the Club Penguin Hospital. RCP server." the nurse replied. "You were hurt pretty bad out there."

Everyone was waiting for Star. They talked, with major silences in between.

"Hey guys. What's with all the silence?"

They all turned to see Star, all better.

"Star!" Welcome popped up over the corner.

"Lemme guess. One of you is gonna ask why I was here," Welcome said.

"And let ME guess. Are you going to say that is it wrong for you to hide in the hospital?" Nick asked.

"True, but that's not it. The reason I'm here is because some robber is around. Get it?" Welcome replied.

"And you know this because...?" Star asked.

"Well, his home is just across the street. Apparently, I think he's gonna blow CP up." Welcome replied. "By using our fireworks."

"And you know this because...?" everyone asked.

"What, is it wrong for me to impersonate as a pizza delivery guy and checked out someone's house? The pizza is a lie anyways." Welcome replied.

"N0P3" Annoying said.

"When there's Annoying, there's Lollipop." Welcome said. "And this lollipop I'm eating."

"Oh, for crying out loud, we are SO NOT repeating the last 9 chapters to get another criminal!!!" Nick yelled.

Nick sighed and teleported away.

Tick... tock... tick... tock... tick... tock... tock... tock... ti-


"X, kill it," Star said.

X was seen out the window. He stuck his Energy Cannon through the window and it blasted a shot that blasted the clock.

Nick came back.

"Wait, that's a Transporter Bomb. How did you get that?" Person asked.

"In my armory. Where else?" Nick replied. He then began to explain to the people who didn't know what it was. "It will transfer anything it hits into and everything in it into the now-destroyed Nothing. Nothing still exists, but there is no way out. And you sometimes become 2-D."

"That is just cruel. Let's not do it," Goody said.

"Goody's right (for a change), if it's a simple robber, we can just arrest him," Lollipop agreed.

"Fine, fine. I guess I'll put this away," Nick reluctantly sighed.

"I'll be busy finding un-glowish dynamite to launch." Fooly said. Once again, Amigopen was sleeping before. He then woke up from being hit by one of the dynamites.

"Oh, my hea- wait where has everybody gone?" Amigopen walked to where the gang are.

Once the ordeal was over, the Hochstadt Gang members on Club Penguin Island, including Fisch and Dave, were immediately transported to Castilla on a private jet. They arrived in Metido, Castilla in due time and were taken to King Carlos's palace in a limousine.

At night, everyone gathered around as Fooly, X, Y, and Z were preparing. Fooly signaled to GGD, who played I Am Fail on the ice speakers (that were shown in chapter 2). GGD then signaled the same signal to his puffle Fire, who pulled a trigger, launching dynamite everywhere. X, Y and Z then performed Laser Battling and the dynamite exploded, blasting confetti everywhere. Fooly signaled to Richperson next, who pressed a few buttons on a remote, replacing the area of ground with an ice rink. Everyone was provided with ice skates, while Cadence, Dancing iPod and Jack Frost led another Cool in the Cold ice show as Fooly, X, Y, Z, GGD and Fire continued the fireworks.

Fooly then looked at you (thinking that you were just a regular bystander) and shouted, "HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have some leftover Turkey!" Fooly threw the turkey at the other side of your screen, wiping out the view of the web browser for a short time.

"HEY!" you shouted angrily.

"No need to thank me!"

A nearby penguin took out his watch. "11:59 PM EVERYONE!"

The countdown began.

"60! 59! 58! 57! 56!"

Star transformed and flew into the air.

"55! 54! 53! 52! 51!"

Fooly strapped on a Turbo-Boost Jet Pack and joined Star.

"50! 49! 48! 47! 46!"

X, Y and Z combined into Tritan and flew into the air.

"45! 44! 43! 42! 41!"

EPT, Sentinel, Ultra Leon and EX used jet boosters to get into the air while W plainly flew up. Nick, Buhc, Chub, Patrick, Donneye, Richperson and GGD were on.

"40! 39! 38! 37! 36!"

Ultimate DaiBouken joined them.

"35! 34! 33! 32! 31!"

Amigopen flew up with his Mechagopen mech.

"30! 29! 28! 27! 26!"

The rest of them strapped on jet packs and flew up.

"25! 24! 23! 22! 21!"

Hundreds of penguins strapped on jet packs and joined the gang.

"20! 19! 18! 17! 16! 15! 14! 13! 12! 11! 10! 9! 8! 7! 6!"

"Let's join in!" Star said.

Everyone in Antarctica or Club Penguin began counting down.


"I can't believe it's actually happening," Person said.


Fooly was still eating fruitcake.

"Isn't the season over?" Lollipop asked.



Down below, Zayne sat with Randy and Destructo.

"Just like the old times..," Zayne said.


"BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! LUL!!!" Fudd yelled.

"It's New Years, you ۝෴আ♞!" Mabel shouted.


The End...?