Andera Town

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Andera Town
The Flag for the City (same as the former flag of the country of Andèra and the current flag of the island of Andèra)
Country Andèra (country)
Area Andèra (island)
Monuments Cooldude254 Monument
Headquarters Government of Andèra
Neighbourhoods Pointer East, Sunken Ship, Andèra Fun Place.
Mayor Cooldude254
Population 5000
Inhabited species Penguin and Puffles
General information
Native name Andèra Town
Founded 1984
– Founder Cooldude254
Time zone EST
Summer time EDT
Area codes 259,240

Andera Town, also know as Andèra Town, or Andèra Main County Town is the capital of the country of Andèra and the capital and largest city of rhe island of Andèra. It is a very snowy city in the winter, and very rainy city in the summer.

This city is the country's capital. The area is considered a very nice and calm city. It has a lot of resturants, spas, SPAMs, etc. It also has a gift shop that is similar to the ones in Club Penguin City and Club Penguin Island. The population of the city is 5000.


It was found in 1984, by somebody named Cooldude254. He was traveling with his brother at unknown islands and was looking for the myth country, New Antarctica. He then found this forest accidentally while a horrible thunderstorm was passing by. He then built a shelter once he found out his boat was stolen by his own brother. He also built a boat, sailed back to Antarctica and told some other penguins about the island he discovered. The city is now rated the most friendly city in the world.


Extremely cold Temperatures have been recorded, and weather can get extreme. In the summer, it is usually 26°C, but can get to 12°C. In the winter, Temperatures are usually -4°C, but a temperature of 7°C has been recorded during winter. The near lowest temperature ever recorded in Andèra Town is -48°C, in 1981 during a bad blizzard. A Low temperature of -36°C was also recorded in 1984, 9 months before Cooldude found the place, a temperature of -51°C was also recorded. So, the lowest temperature is -60°F. Wind speeds can get up to 80 MPH.