Andrew K. Rapone

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This article is about a character, Andrew K. Rapone. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.
Andrew K. Rapone
Is he a daemon or not?
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction WPM (affiliated with UPM)
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Running Derbazon
Location Castilla

Andrew K. Rapone is a High Penguin living in Castilla of Freezelandian origin who was well-known as an organized crime figure before reforming and starting Derbazon in 2011 after his exile from Freezeland. Andrew is also an employee of the Department of Computing, working in the Software and Hacking divisions.

While a crime figure, he was noted to be the leader of the Working Penguins Network, and a prominent and infamous Penguin OS user who authored the virus "500 Internal Server Error" for Doors. Since he started Derbazon, Andrew is no longer actively invovled with the the WPN but remains critical in their day to day operations.


Early life[edit]

His birth age is not known. He was abandoned by his birth parents and adopted by parents that had affiliations with the Str00del Force and the Neo-Naughtzee. Therefore, he was extensively tortured and indoctrinated with the belief that he should "not be here". Andrew refused to believe them, becoming a recluse who stayed in the attic and experimented with Doom Weed, crime, and computers.

One day, his "foster" parents decided to abandon him, leaving him little choice but to fend on his own. Andrew celebrated that day with great relief. He entered school, and largely sustained himself on odd jobs and a criminal life. After breaking into a business that used Penguin OS desktops, he began to feel the full force of his remorse. He left and reconsidered everything he had done. He found his birth parents, who apologized to him, but were highly disgusted at the lifestyle he had adopted. They failed to reason with him although he told him the story of his abuse when he was young and had promised never to enter a way of crime again. He attempted to apply for jobs at Peach and Micro Hard and Soft. Both companies agreed he had talent but his criminal life had landed him in a shadow. When Bill Gate$ said that hiring him "would sic the ultimate wraith of the Bureau of Fiction on us", he had little choice but to do something to get some attention.

Criminal years[edit]

After rejected from even Micro Hard and Soft, Andrew decided to enter the world of organized crime. He then utilized his powers to advance himself and his affiliates. He aided in the start of the Working Penguins Network, from which he made a large amount of money that was supposedly wired to accounts in Maverick, but due to its well-known banking system that allows someone to hide money very easily, nobody knows.

Despite trying to fly under the radar by constantly changing his identity and making generous use of Maverick bank accounts, he was still well under the lens of the EPF and several other organizations. In 2008 he was arrested after a trip he took to Maverick, which was connected to Andrew's preferred method of corruption. In early 2009, he was technically exiled from Freezeland and not allowed to come back into the country. Due to his heavy criminal background, Andrew remained in Freezeland for several years until the Hochstadt Family expressed their interest in his skills. Freezeland, desperate to rid themselves of Andrew, accepted the offer.


The Hochstadt family relocated Andrew to Castilla. Desperate to create a new image for himself, Andrew decided to create a new persona and launch a new, legal company building off the practices perfected at the WPM. Andrew used all the money assets he had from WPM operations that were not frozen by Freezeland to launch Derbazon, his cloud computing company. Derbazon became highly successful very quickly, allowing it to become one of the most important companies based in Castilla. Despite the run-away success of Derbazon, Andrew remains affiliated and an active associate of the WPM to this day.

Virus Taser[edit]

After various flame mails, he decided to make a Virus Taser for Penguin OS (Dusty's version only worked on Doors). It is only for EPF agents and requires a key. If you get one and use it without a key, you get tased (electrically and brutally) instead of the target computer.


  • I've got a lot of money. Don't play games with me.
  • How does it feel to have parents that abused you? Because that was precisely my experience.
  • 15+ million hosts! Let's nuke 'em! (Referring to the 500 Internal Server Error virus)
  • Today is a new day for Antarctica. I'm proud to introduce Derbazon, the new cloud computing company for the future.


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