Andrew Lartenwardenjam Crepsley

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Mayor Crepsley

Nobody looks more crazier than this dude... seriously this guy's completely loopy!
Born Andrew Lartenwardenjam Crepsley
December 21, 1975 (age 41)
Residence Carcery, UnitedTerra
Gender Male
Nationality Terrain
Other names The Grand Controller, Mayor of Carcery
Ethnicity Southern
Citizenship of UnitedTerra
Salary ĎÁÚ: 50,000 per month
Known for Narrating & being a mayor.
Title D'innit
Relatives Mystery ...

Andrew Lartenwardenjam Crepsley or The Grand Controller & Mayor of Carcery, or basically Mayor Crepsley is the crazy Grand Controller of the UnitedTerra & is the mayor of Carcery, a state located in UnitedTerra. He talks strangely, almost a slang & abbreviation accent, and usually ends a sentence with d'innit, which he after revealed is short for "dun't yeh'now', innit". Everybody says he looks crazy & psychotic, mainly because one eye is in the centre and one is higher, but only penguins that don't respect him as their mayor thinks he's weird.


Who could not like Mayor Crepsley? He is one that controls the whole UnitedTerra. All the stories based in UnitedTerra he narrates (he shares the same job as Mayor McFlapp, though McFlapp narrates Antarctica). His light accent attracts everyone that is around when he is speaking. The way he speaks is pretty weird. He leans right (your right, reader) and speaks with his beak wide open (you saw his picture). An example of his speeches can be seen below. Sometimes Crespley doesn't narrate alone. Usually, he pairs up with Mayor McFlapp and the two narrate stories together. Some examples of their work is located here. In his local area, Carcery, he is considered an idol and a celebrity.

Personal life[edit]

Crepsley has a son, who is running for president in the 2016 UnitedTerra presidential election.


  • Dis city 'll be da best city in da world, d'innit, dun't yeh now. I can't talk much abai da city because it sapossed tabee a secret, d'innit? Yeh know . . . . ma ol' homie McFlapp culd get ya sum info from Ninjinian. Yeh, eez a good bud of mine. We're tight! In me next conference I promise dat I'll tell ya more about da new city & da new state, d'innit? Bu' I can tell ya summat right nai' . . . I'm gawna be mayor, d'innit!!


  • Andrew has a slangish accent, along with an addition of "d'innit". Nobody knows how he got that accent, but now just a few others that live in Carcery have part of his accent.

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