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An illustration of Andreylaur.
Born 2999 BC (age 5010)
Kentesius Dominion, Antarctica
Gender Male
Other names The Loathsome Penguin, The Blood Mage, The Undying Slayer, The Dead Among Us
Height 1.71 meters
Weight aprox. 60 kg

"Andreylaur Psyche-Phoenixlike" is a fire penguin, the last from the species which tried to rule the world several times, but he failed. His is probably in his hideout in Antarctica. No one found it since it was made in approx. 2500 BC. Most of the people consider that the world would be better without such an imminent danger, but the people also think that Andreylaur could help them make the world a better place.



  • Immortality - He gained his immortality in 2979 BC after defeating Malhazax, the protector of the Immortality Rock. Malhazax managed to protect the rock for 70 years, he was old and sick at that time. Andreylaur using this as an advantage, killed Malhazax with a spear on fire. Andreylaur took the rock in his hands and became immortal. He burried Malhazax where he found the rock and he wrote on a pal of wood: "A true fighter until death." He left the piece of wood there and continued his journey.
  • Genius-Level Intellect - His intellect is congenital. In 1851 he disguised as Athelstan Allgaier who was his friend, but he killed him and took his place for the next 30 years. After a year of chess matches, he reached ELO 4156 and became the Penguin Chess Champion. He was undefeated for the next 29 years, but he quit playing chess and revealed himself. He said that it got boring and no one will ever defeat him.


Despite the fact that Andreylaur is immortal and has a genius-level intellect, Andreylaur has a lot of downsides. These are just some of them:

  • Anger - Andreylaur is very impulsive. Everytime something goes wrong, Andreylaur enters a rage state. Sometimes he kills other penguins and animals until he calms down. Andreylaur had thousands of victims, but no one could ever get him. This rage is also caused by a long thirst for blood.
  • Vulnerability to Water Spells - Andreylaur has been defeated hundreds of times thanks to water spells. Since he is a fire penguin, water spells affect him very much and he starts bleeding a lot. When fighting with Water Naga Leader in 376, Andreylaur used his weakness as an advantage. He controlled his bleeding and surrounded Water Naga Leader with his blood until he died.
  • Eternal Thrist - Andreylaur is losing blood constantly and he has an permanent thirst for blood. He needs to kill in order to calm down. He is using razors on his left hand in order to cut and make his viticms bleed. He is getting blood from anyone: penguins, other animals, humans.

Andreylaur's Story[edit]

The Beginning (2999-2994 BC): It happened a long time ago, 2999 BC. No one knew that he will be the last fire penguin ever born. His mother was Crysel, 23 years old when he was born and his father was Slardar, 29 years old at that time. It is believed that he was born in April, because the old thinker, Pugna saw Andreylaur after he was born and said that it was in mid-spring and after 1500 years, when he died, an old stone was found and it was written on it: "Andreylaur, the dead among us - April 18th".

His parents were upset of their child, because after 2 years after he was born, he didn't said anything. But in a rainy day, in the Autumn of 2997 BC, Andreylaur's parents got attacked by the Blood Wolves, the most dangerous wolves from the Kentesius Dominion. Over 10 wolves attacked Andreylaur's mother and his father tried to save her, but it was useless. She died. Slardar was in danger too. Meanwhile Andreylaur has collected a couple of rocks and got his slingshot that he made and hidden from his parents. A blood wolf was ready to jump on Slardar, but Andreylaur shot a rock in his head. The wolf died straight away. Two other wolves, surprised by Andreylaur's heroic act, went to catch Andreylaur instead. The fire penguin shot two other rocks in their heads. They both died. After seeing what the little penguin can do, the other wolves ran away. Andreylaur's father was the most surprised. Even though his wife died, he was proud of child.

Slardar always hidden his magic powers, but showed them to Andreylaur after he was saved my him. Slardar would protect his family from this kind of attacks, but he was powerless at that time. After they buried Andreylaur's mother, Crysel, Slardar started to train Andreylaur to make him even better than him.

In the next two years, Slardar learnt Andreylaur how to heal himself and other wounded persons and how to create a shield, barrier for physical attacks and a technique that will increase his power. Andreylaur used these spells to protect himself from the Great Storm. A lighting could've killed him, but Andreylaur used an advanced shield technique, exceeding his father's shield power.

Andreylaur's intellect was growing everyday. He predicted a plague among penguins and Andreylaur with his father build a shelter underground that will protect them for a couple of months. They suffered from the starvation, but they didn't got sick. Their house got destroyed while gone. Andreylaur suggested to build a house in a mountain, because it will be safe and they will not encounter enemies anymore.

A new house, a better place to live (2993-2986 BC): It was mid-spring and they had time until winter to build a temporary shelter near the location they wanted to build the house. They built a shelter from wood and Andreylaur also built, probably, one of the first versions of the thing we like to call today fireplace. The shelter consisted of an underground cellar too. They stored wood there for the winter which came earlier than expected. They started building the new house the next spring. This year they built a basement and a rock foundation. The next year they dug in the mountain creating several rooms in the heart of the mountain, far away from any danger from the outside. In 2989 BC they continued building over the rock foundation made in 2991 BC. They made walls out of hard rock, but inside they covered the rock with wood, because it was too cold inside. Andreylaur built an improved version of the fireplace they had in the temporary shelter and lived in the new house since then. In 2987 BC already had everything it needed and the shelter which was temporary, still doing well.

The 2987-2986 BC winter was really cold and the two penguins remained out of food. Andreylaur had to go outside to get something to eat. He was away for several hours. When he came back home, his dad was missing. He checked if he was in the shelter. After that he went in the cave positioned in the heart of the mountain. Slardar was there, but not alive anymore. A polar bear killed him and he was still there. He was preparing to take Slardar with him. When the bear saw Andreylaur, he hit the fire penguin with his claw. The penguin fell on the floor and the polar bear started attacking him. Andreylaur pushed him back and took a knife from his backpack and stabbed him. The bear ran in another room, but Andreylaur just got his bow and an arrow and said if he's going to move, he is going to kill him. The polar bear begged Andreylaur not to kill him and said the leader of the Blood Wolves tribe sent him here and that if he wouldn't get Slardar to them by tomorrow, Wrygwyrr Jy'kaze, the leader of the tribe, will kill him personally. Andreylaur knew that he was the one that killed his mother and now... his father is dead because of him too. Andreylaur said to the polar bear that he failed taking Slardar to them, so he killed him shooting an arrow in his head right there, insted of letting Jy'kaze do that. Andreylaur buried both his father and the polar bear that night.

Andreylaur was alone now. He started planning a journey around the nearby villages.

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