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The real Android
Title The Living Cyborg
Gender Female
Race Robot
Faction The Defenders
Level Level 500 Supercomputer
Status Hacking Into the Baddies PengTube Account
Location Defenders Mansion, SPC

Android is the sentient supercomputer of The Defenders. It takes the form of a female penguin. Android is also a popular character in SHAZAM Comics, though in the comics it is male, and his backstory, outfit and powers are changed.


Shortly after The Defenders were created, Iron Walrus needed a supercomputer to find more superheroes for the team, and keep track of their villains. So, he built Android, a female supercomputer. This supercomputer was made from scraps of the Bureau of Fiction's old junk, which happened to have some special abilities. Android has been programmed to walk, talk (in most languages), fight, and hack, with Iron Walrus updating her and "teaching" her new things occasionally.

It is unknown what operating system Android uses, Penguin OS, Doors, or maybe Iron Walrus' own private OS.


Android is considered a living being. Her arms can be turned into any shape, and she is able to teleport between the CyberVoid and the USA. Those are just a few of the special abilities that come with old BoF scrap materials. She is also one of the best hackers in Antarctica as well as a great calculator and strategist due to being a supercomputer.

Android has a rivalry with Zapwire of the League of Super Penguins.

SHAZAM version[edit]

Android in SHAZAM Comics and movies.

Android has appeared in SHAZAM Comics since the first Defenders comics came out and has made many appearances in comics and movies since then. The difference is, the Android in the comics is significantly different from the real Android. In the comics, Android was built by Iron Walrus and Gary the Gadget Guy, and takes on a male voice and personality. Not only does he have the powers of his real life counterpart, but he can also "glitch" to teleport through walls, fly, and shoot a beam out of the yellow Destruction Gem in his head (in real life the yellow dot isn't a destruction gem).


  • Android eats metals, and drinks oil.
  • She is one of, if not the most advanced supercomputer in all of Antarctica.

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