Angel Kitten

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Angel Kitten
Angel Kitten.png
Normal appearance on Club Penguin Island
Title Medic of the CP BlackHawks
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction CP BlackHawks
Health Excellent
Level Studying to be a nurse
Status Being a medic, kicking Air Mafia butt
Location Club Penguin Island

Angel Kitten is a medical student and close friend of Railfan1. She hopes to become a Registered Nurse one day, but right now she earns credit by providing first aid to the CP BlackHawks. Despite what one would expect, this nurse-to-be is actually an excellent fighter that can hold her own against their enemy, the Air Mafias. She drives a mobile medical unit (a RV convertible into a mini-hospital when needed) to use in case one of her fellow privatized soldiers needs medical aid.


Angel Kitten's igloo. When not driving along with the BlackHawks, she either lives here or at med school, studying for her future career.

Angel Kitten hatched on a cloudy afternoon in a small Snowzerland village. Nobody can explain how she got her name.

She had a pretty good life until the Air Mafias invaded her village when she was eleven. The town was razed to the ground, and Angel Kitten, her family, and the villagers, managed to escape with their lives. Their possessions destroyed Angel Kitten and family moved to Club Penguin, where she met Railfan1.

The two became good friends, along with his sister, and her best friend. At age seventeen, Angel Kitten applied for and was granted a medical internship at Penguin University. There, she began her studies in hopes of becoming a nurse. It was about a year later when Railfan1 started the CP BlackHawks. There was no need to ask: Angel Kitten joined straight away, ready to exact some proper justice on the Air Mafias.

Railfan1 decided she should be the medic for the army. This would allow her to continue her studies and earn experience and credit abroad. She agreed, on one condition: that she could still get in on the fighting. Railfan1 approved of this.


Angel Kitten's mobile medical unit.

With the assistance of her medical school, Angel Kitten converted an Igloo-shaped RV into a functional mobile medical unit, able to treat wounds, diseases, and pain before they can be shipped off to a real hospital. When the BlackHawks are travelling after their enemies

She is now owning Air Mafias and healing wounded BlackHawks.

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