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Angel Penguin
A close-up of a typical Angel Penguin. Note that not all Angel Penguins may not look like this.
A close-up of a typical Angel Penguin. Note that not all Angel Penguins may not look like this.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Sphenisciformes
Family: Spheniscidae
Genus: Spheniscidium
Species: Penguin


Angel Penguins are a subspecies of penguins, which are very genetically close to Demon Penguins. However, unlike Demon Penguins, Angel Penguins are benevolent and have a strong sense of justice and want to do good for the world. They are tied to the governance, and help them out.

Angel Penguins are characterized by having pastel feathers and a metallic ring around their head which is held by an electromagnetic force that generates from their brains.

Angel Penguins live in the flying city-state known as Celestia and occasionally come down to Antarctica to check out on the governance and try to do good deeds. They often make deals with penguins, and the penguins will have to do good works with the promise that they will go to the Paradiso Retirement Home when they become elderly.


Like Demon Penguins, little is known about the Angel Penguins. They appeared around the same time, however, and due to their scarcity, quickly created a simple cloning machine because they have unstable genetic material. The Angel Penguins, for the most part, stayed in Celestia occasionally coming down to Antarctica to do good deeds with their cloud powers. However, after the Governance started to build more buildings, the Angel Penguins came more often.

After some time, however, their appearances became increasingly unusual, and as more and more wars happened, they became more and more rarer to see, let alone talk with. In the 1920s, for example, Angel Penguins were not seen altogether in the real world, for three whole decades; they disappeared again in the 1980s. In 2017, they started making "comebacks" into the penguin realm, but it is still unknown why they suddenly disappeared.


Generally, Angel Penguins have pastel-blue feathers - which no other kind of penguin has - and they wear long, white cloaks, to the extent that you can't see their feet anymore; however, newly-cloned/created Angels wear one which go to their ankles, and to make up for the length, they wear white slippers. They are entitled to the long robes a month or two after wearing this. Continuously clasping their flippers, they carry harps wherever they go.

They always have a quaint smile at their lips, with an equally quaint and smallish beak packed with gentle words, and have golden eyes. To top this off, there is a metal ring levitating above their heads, which is a general sign of how good they may be: the more good deeds that the Angel Penguin in question has done, the more yellowish and shiny the metal ring looks. This ring, however, is not levitating by itself - a forcefield that the Angels generate keeps it in its place. Nobody knows where they get these from, as wrenching it off is fatal.


Angel Penguins are almost always pacifistic, and never fight or harm people unless they really have to. Their fighting styles focus on dodging and blocking attacks. If they ever harm someone, even if it is a small injury to someone dangerous and evil, they show deep remorse. Angel Penguins try to see the good in everyone, and believe that everyone has the potential to turn themselves around, one of their mottos being "Believe in the Goodness Within".

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]

Believe it or not, no matter how perfect an Angel Penguin may seem, they do have weaknesses. In fact, their weaknesses actually out-do their powers in number, but their abilities can make up for it. This is probably why it's difficult to imagine an Angel penguin getting injured.


  • Angel Penguins, like Demon Penguins, have enhanced strength and durability.
  • This means that in extreme situations, they can still (hopefully) survive.
  • Angel Penguins usually carry a harp with them, which can teleport them to places, generate force fields to protect themselves, and conjure up clouds that they can stand on to float.
  • The latter strength is usually used for floating over non-Governance land (see below).
  • They can send blasts to heal their allies if they are injured.
  • If an Angel Penguin dies, they turn into glitter. They can then be conveniently revived with one of their harps and some mayonnaise.


  • If an Angel Penguin steps on land that isn't part of the Telenacle, they turn into glitter.
  • Their security clouds (see above) only last from 30 minutes to two hours and they can be knocked over, making them somewhat inefficient.
  • If you remove the halo from above their heads, their head will explode.
  • Then again, this is incredibly rare and difficult to perform, so that's not a big worry for them.
  • Sending out an electromagnetic force against them weakens them.
  • If you play a recording of the POPE backwards within earshot, their heads will explode.
  • Despite having extreme strength and durability, the newly-cloned/created Angels are quite dainty. Threaten them with a hammer, and they will turn to glitter in ten seconds.
  • Fortunately, as mentioned above, they can be revived. Sadly, they are made weaker than they should be otherwise.

Biological classifications[edit]

Like the Demon Penguins, there is more than one specific type. However, unlike Demon Penguins, the different types coexist without any sort of animosity towards each other.

  • Half Angels - Sometimes called Nephilim, Half Angels are angel hybrids. They do not have many of the weaknesses that full Angel Penguins have, but don’t have the full powers either.
  • Angels - Angels are born to two Angel Penguin parents. Since the genetic code is unstable, they are also very rare.
  • Created Angel - The majority of Angels, these were those who were created by the cloning machine.
  • Undead Angel - Angels that have been brought back to life after turning into glitter. They are weaker than a normal Angel, and could have started out as any of the first three.


  • Angel Penguins like Demon Penguins can retract parts of their body, however they can’t retract their metal ring, so they can’t disguise themselves as normal penguins.
  • Angel Penguins like eating ice cream, smoothies, and other things cold or creamy

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